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Intune device not compliant reason

intune device not compliant reason Fortunately Microsoft introduced ADMX backed policies in the Windows 10 Creators update version 1703 . It can be used to troubleshoot many problems for example licensing problem the devices assigned to a user details about enrollment issues compliance issues app installation failure and much more. Apr 01 2018 Last year Microsoft was planning to mark devices that were not evaluated by a compliance policy as non compliant. Search Tables for IntuneOperationalLogs Figure 4 and then double click it so that it appears in the query frame. Apr 16 2018 First up lets get some info about the device. To enable encryption on a device or set of devices in the Azure Portal go to Microsoft Intune gt Device Configuration and click Profiles. Skill 1. Furthermore Windows devices are not supported in the MAM without enrollment scenario s but you can use Windows Information Protection WIP to do the same for Windows 10 devices. Intune Graph API and PowerShell I ve downloaded the Powershell Intune sample scripts from GitHub to manage Intune using Graph API. Because of this you are seeing two device objects for only one physical machine. Intune Device Configuration profiles quot Not Applicable quot Intune. We have one policy that requires the device to be compliant. May 15 2019 If the integration with Microsoft Intune is not working correctly do the following In Jamf Pro navigate to Settings gt Global Management gt Conditional Access gt macOS Intune Integration and then click Test to view error messages. microsoft. Apr 06 2020 When I drilled into the compliance issue the email modifier showed not compliant and when you click the line it shows Source Profile s . Sure you can set other parameters like encryption methods as well but for a functional test this is enough. Specify deadlines for automatic updates and Feb 26 2018 Nope that won 39 t work Chris. I made sure my co managed device was non compliant just to prove my conditional access policy is working as expected. If we use Windows Update for Business we have no way of monitoring key performance metrics of our environment without Windows Analytics. I am having trouble with some really weird device compliance behavior. After you ve added the policy select OK then Create to save your Oct 22 2018 Recently I needed to get a list of devices in both Azure Active Directory and Intune and I found that using the online portals I could not filter devices by the parameters that I needed. Compliance Policy By default Intune doesn t come with an applied Compliance and using the polices below can create policies run reports and take actions when Continue reading quot Deploy IOS Device Mar 16 2018 Encrypting your Windows 10 device is a fairly painless process using Microsoft Intune. That is done on the device under Settings gt Accounts gt Access work or school gt Connect. These policies are applied to user accounts and currently do not provide the ability to distinguish device types on the same operating system eg Desk phones vs conventional mobile 1. But most advantages also introduce some disadvantages and these are the ability to effectively troubleshoot devices like we did in the May 22 2017 Right click on the VM and click Settings then select Security and check the box Enable Trusted Platform Module so we can test BitLocker. For some reason and this may change with Android Enterprise when a regular Android device enrolls into Intune it does not report its Active Mar 03 2019 Intune standalone or Configuration Manager does not give you a way to have deep management of Mac s today. When we select this option devices that are not managed by Intune or are not compliant with a compliance policy that was deployed to them will be blocked from accessing Exchange unless they have been defined as exempt. Enrollment is a mess with two MDM profiles if end user enrolls the same iOS device. Jul 07 2020 Feb 16 2020 Device n Cloud Microsoft 365 Windows 10 Intune M365 Microsoft 365 WDAC Windows 10 Windows 10 Security Windows 10 SOE Windows Defender Application Control Windows Defender Application Control Part 2 In this post we ll see how we can configure Windows Defender Application Control using Microsoft Intune custom policy. Nov 09 2018 So as an IT admin managing Intune you can deploy compliance policies to your Windows 10 devices and make sure they are 100 compliant against them before being allowed to access corporate stuff The part that the Company Portal App plays in Conditional Access scenarios is helping end users get compliant or swap their sandals for shoes . When a device is compliant we can use it to give 1. The device is not associated with a user. Organizations need to keep corporate information secure by restricting access on devices that are not enrolled or are not compliant with corporate policies. Navigate to gt Azure Portal gt Intune gt Devices gt All Devices This is working great for Windows10 devices and we are using the Intune extension to check that a device is Managed Corporate owned and compliant. Click Grant admin consent for Jamf and then click Yes. Description. Those messages are shown below using an iOS device as an example. The result is that the profile is not deployed. Device based Exception via Intune . This is my thought on why the new device name will not show up in the old portal. UPDATE with SCEPman 1. On the co managed client i am going to try and login to the intune portal. . Notice that my Dell Windows 10 computer is connected to Intune I can also see that it is not compliant yet as the device is still evaluating all of the policies. Intune App Protection Conditional Launch If using Intune App Protection policies for Intune managed applications like the Microsoft Office applications you can also Whatever the reason is it might be a reason for companies to block the app on the end users device which has access to corporate access. Security baseline policies built in to Intune. Based on Require device to be marked as compliant document this option requires a device to be registered with Azure AD and also to be marked as compliant by . Aug 05 2018 1 1 The Intune troubleshooting portal can be used by Intune administrators to view information about a specific Intune user. If not please provide the following information to better assist you 1 Please contact your tenant admin to confirm the way to manage your Office account. com Nov 16 2017 The users should see the following mail arriving when the device is not compliant This notification is send from the Microsoft Intune Notification service. The others are compliant so that s good. azure. If you are pure MAM shop please do note that MAM does not enforce device compliance. Installing the NDES environment can be done according to the blog of Pieter Wigleven. Block email apps from accessing Exchange On premises if the device is noncompliant or not enrolled to Microsoft Intune. Windows Analytics is based on an Azure Log Analytics instance which provides three key solutions. You can also do this if an employee is leaving the business but has been using their own phone for work purposes or if there is a data breach etc. After selecting it I clicked on Devices. Instead devices registered are associated with individual user accounts. May 12 2019 This way both the Intune compliance policy and the compliance from SCCM are evaluated to give a combined result. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Describes a behavior that A Windows 10 device that has secure boot enabled is displayed as quot Not Compliant quot in Intune. user of a non compliant device about the reason for non compliance. With Microsoft Intune we can easily define compliance policies and detect devices which is not meeting infrastructure requirements. Training is a channel all about Intune run by Steve and Adam. Intune allows creating device compliance policies in the tenant for the Android based devices accessing organizational data. Oct 30 2017 The Microsoft Intune service as managed using the Azure Portal now has a new troubleshooting capability Microsoft announced this month. Here s an example of the data returned from the above API call. The connector will do another sync and check that the record is merged. Together these 2 features enable Android Enterprise fully managed devices to be registered as compliant device and to successfully work with conditional access. A computer with legacy BIOS and TPM 2. Today I played around with my Android device and Intune using the remote control option in Intune. Cause. Create a profile for enrollment and open it and select Token and Show token. Intune is beneficial for a number of reasons but here are a few of the favorite reasons to use Intune If you 39 ve already registered sign in. The default action which immediately marks nbsp Describes the cause and action for error messages. In the Intune select Android enrollment and Corporate owned dedicated devices. Start with the minimum OS version to ensure that OS releases that fix key bugs are The Intune troubleshooting portal can be used by Intune administrators to view information about a specific Intune user and assigned devices. This could be an issue that either a previous Intune Compliance deadline policy is configured instead of this policy. You can t get there from here with device state unregistered and is because we have conditional access with grant access compliant . On the device open the browser browse to https portal. Here is the requirement from Intune team for automating the cleanup If a device fails enrollment a record is still created. If it doesn 39 t fix the issue you may need to take a further investigation by viewing the event log at location Jun 05 2019 Hoping to save time search for something that may not exist. So In general when I am doing CO type of enrollment the MDM would ask to factory reset the device. When doing so they are shown a very clear warning about the impact of this change. Successful May 26 2020 Second is the time before a device that have not communicated with Intune is marked as non compliant or Compliance status validity period. So administrators are losing control over the devices. Dec 20 2018 Tick Require device to be marked as compliant Enable the Policy The End Result. To report compliance status I do a patch like this Sep 30 2019 Intune compliance is just an evaluation and not an enforcement of the security requirements. Jul 02 2019 SCEPman is a fully unattended Certificate Authority using Azure Key Vault for Microsoft Intune based device certificate deployment. In Microsoft Intune verify that the entered data is correct. The Require Secure Boot to be enabled on the device setting is supported on some TPM 1. Dec 07 2018 A device isn 39 t just 39 non compliant 39 without reason as you have to specify those parameters. Released this week in Intune is location based compliance. Let try Jun 29 2016 In this model you can control access to these from only supported web browsers on managed and compliant devices iOS amp Android . Notice that the corporate device is not compliant. The device does not meet the requirements defined in your organization s compliance policies. With Intune MAM all devices personal or otherwise are registered into Azure without Mobile Device Management MDM so the devices themselves are not managed by the organisation. For our BYOD things are non compliant if they have a poor password policy lack anti virus etc the user gets alerted they need to mitigate those things or risk being blacklisted at a given time. Devices not running 1809 were temporarily configured with a longer restart deadline to give users more time to install the 1809 update. For us this was because the workstations had older TPMs or no TPM. This can t happen via Intune or Microsoft Store for Business. com Not compliant This security feature is on. Finally we have a setting that will not allow Intune to function on a jailbroken or rooted device for obvious security reasons. When an Intune administrator manually changes this for a device they will see a warning informing Sep 12 2017 Does the user have a valid Intune license or not Is the user part of correct AAD group or not Is the Device compliant or not Status of Company Data Removal wipe from a device Another set of details of the user you can check the troubleshoot tab of Intune blade is the Principal name of the selected user and Email ID. Here we can see the machine is a virtual machine and it 39 s not compliant. I 39 m seeing SYSTEM reported in the device compliance and configuration. The other day one of the customers asked me a question how to report all devices in Intune that are reported as non compliant because they have not reported back to Intune in the last 30 days. For whatever reason it doesn 39 t affect new devices that have never joined the domain so I 39 ve been deleting the device out of AAD after a windows reset. Intune Devices Not Evaluated by Default Device Compliance Policy . Nothing more. In the below example I have not assigned only one compliance policy to a user. Jun 13 2020 Another Intune Powershell magic to cleanup devices that have unknown status. See full list on vansurksum. You can decide which threat level is still considered compliant for your organization. Jun 29 2017 The user has not enrolled the device in Intune for MDM so a device level PIN isn t enforced. You can also check if all settings have been applied to your Windows 10 devices. Today Microsoft announced they are renaming their mobile device cloud service Windows Intune to Microsoft Intune. Dec 09 2019 The devices must be registered in Intune and ideally the hardware distributor will take care of this when ordering new systems. Select Create profile. Not supported on Windows 10. Tenant ID . Final thoughts I didn t think I could come up with this much to write about the MDM user scope and MAM user scope but I had fun writing it and hope it will be of value. That s it. On the Intune portal we can equally see that our test device isn t compliant. 2 Manage device compliance. Click Add permissions. Device compliance. For both operating systems we need to use another approach. To view exactly which Windows 10 devices nbsp . 0 24 IPv4 Gateway IPv4 DHCP server IPv4 DNS Servers Jul 18 2019 The answer is simple it is not enforced and reverted to the configured value as long as the policy does not change on the Intune service side. Reboot the device Verify old key deleted in Eventviewer. Jan 08 2019 The compliance check condition is whether there is any other compliance policy applicable for that device or not. After renewing the certificate just renew en not create a new one we can enforce the check in process on the non compliant iOS devices but intune stil saing that the device in not compliant. Mar 27 2019 Windows Analytics provides a key component in a modern managed environment. I hope this post has given you an oversight on using PowerShell with Microsoft Graph to query Intune Devices. The fist setting is Mark devices with no compliance policy assigned as Compliant or Not Compliant . It will show the device is Domain Joined and Compliant. However it 39 s not giving any pointer how to make the Device Compliant. If the compliant option is selected the 65001 you are getting is an expected message. Example Data Sent to Microsoft Intune. N A . Re enrollment doesn 39 t work either. com See full list on docs. Jun 19 2020 Microsoft Intune isn t your run of the mill endpoint management solution that may leave you with more questions surrounding your security than answers. Dec 27 2019 If devices aren t compliant with security policies you can easily remove their access to Office 365. Additional capabilities of Mobile Device Management for Office 365 with Intune This way the pilot users primary device will not receive updates from this ring. You should check the Internet connection for the two devices. May 03 2018 What I have said my device is not compliant because of Encryption of data storage on device. In this case you should look at your organization and try to figure out how many days it is likely that a user could be offline under normal circumstances. Intune enables conditional access including denial of access to devices not managed by it or compliant with corporate IT policies management of Office 365 and office mobile apps and management Jun 27 2018 The device will be compliant if the device has no risks but the infected device has a medium risk level. May 16 2018 The device threat level is an option when configuring compliance policies in Intune. A Windows 10 device with secure boot enabled shows as Not Compliant in Intune Dette nettstedet bruker informasjonskapsler for analyser tilpasset innhold og annonser. Basically if the status is 39 Device not synced 39 the device failed to communicate with Intune and Azure AD. For more information about supported versions see Supported versions for device health attestation. enroll only in device management will obviously MDM enroll the device in MS Intune so auto enrollment is not applicable here. 12 Jun 2020 Below Device compliance status you can view the number of compliant and non compliant devices. A big wish of the community and companies using Microsoft Intune was the ability to manage Windows 10 devices that are managed with Microsoft Intune via PowerShell. devices and one of the most important resources that employees need. Below shows Office pc03 as Compliant but if you click onto the device. Apr 23 2019 The MDM capabilities in Windows 10 allows enterprises to manage these devices even when distributed all over the globe. com and try a user login. I have set a compliance policy in Microsoft Intune to require Compliant device to access Exchange ActiveSync. Set Encrypt devices to Require. For example say you have a compliance policy deployed which specifies the device must have a 6 digit PIN set to be termed as complaint. 0 requires UEFI firmware. The management extension supplements Windows 10 mobile device management MDM capabilities and makes it easier for you to move to modern management. Jul 16 2019 It was important to not add any restore options because this could be a problem since Apple backup MDM profiles as part of the standard iOS backup. 4 Reinstall Apple Mobile Device USB driver If the above solutions are not working you can try reinstalling the Apple Mobile Device USB driver. is it registered managed or compliant before being allowed through as part of the authentication process. Jan 08 2019 So now we are leveraging PowerShell with Intune the possibilities are endless ish. Have a great day lt p gt Then locate the Enroll only in device management setting. In the past Intune was only able to deploy a predefined set of device settings to MDM managed Windows devices. Devices check in with Intune at least every 8 hours. The slider for device compliance is set completely to Intune. As of now Intune does not provide the same management capabilities as System Center Configuration Manager SCCM . Look at the compliance status on the device. 31 Jul 2019 So better read this post that you not screw up your Intune tenant and are great to monitor your devices compliance and for conditional access. Surprisingly i am part of 39 Intune 39 Engineering Team and can validate that my device 39 DHIRAJTDELLCS 39 is compliant. 4 while VMware Workspace ONE is rated 8. Problem. The app policy will enforce the PIN at the app level instead. 2. TPM 2. But after running a sync in InTune the device is still coming back as Not Compliant even though the user who registered the device is active and the one logged into the device. Jun 05 2019 In Intune WUfB your normal monthly update policies are handcuffed to your FU policies as well. If the user fails to sign in they should try another network. More and more people are working remotely. Office 365 and its replication is a major issue regardless of the application. Jan 17 2018 After receiving of calls that iOS devices are taged as non compliant we have noticed that de MDM push certificate is expired. The stronger the passcode password policy the stronger the protection via encryption. Devices displayed in Intune preview can be nbsp 13 Jul 2020 30 days because in Intune that is the default setting for a device to be marked non compliant if it hasn 39 t checked in. So whether you like it or not you are scheduling FUs if you patch with Intune. 813 ZtdDeviceIsNotUnique. For a time they were hybrid during migration. Compliant devices are registered devices that are not only enrolled with MDM but also compliant with the MDM policies . Scenario 1 Allow use any email clients enforce enroll device to Intune. The fix is either change the conditional access policy by unchecking the device compliant hybrid Azure AD join if not configured in on prem or change the Intune MAM user scope and only enable MDM So for some reason the users 0365 account was deleted last night. As long as an enterprise uses standard user permissions on the clients this does not introduce a big problem as the settings can t be changed by the users. For Hybrid Domain Join a Domain Join Preview device configuration profile created in Intune that includes computer name Domain and OU. Although the device is in the Device Security Group the compliance policy associated with it has not attached itself. 21 Sep 2020 When a user selects the notification the Company Portal app or Intune app opens and displays information about why they 39 re non compliant. g. Aug 22 2017 Changing an Intune managed device from personal to corporate ownership. nbsp 13 Feb 2020 Can someone explain why this is Is it because there are users devices in the tenancy that are not managed and it could apply to them A lot of posts on forums or nbsp when a device is 39 not compliant 39 wouldn 39 t it be nice if there was a clickable link to show why. Reason is the built in device compliance which fails at the quot Enrolled user exists quot criteria. Device compliance is the practice of ensuring that the devices accessing your environment meet a distinct set of requirements often defined by the IT and cybersecurity teams in your organization. I have also checked in intune portal for the device but i could not find entry to validate the compliance status. It uses an Azure Key Vault based Root CA and Conditional access policy requires a compliant device and the device provided is not compliant. This post is not meant to learn you how to manage you Mac s but rather how you can integrate your Jamf Pro with Azure AD and Intune so that your Jamf managed Mac s shows up as compliant devices in Azure AD. In August 2018 however Microsoft said it would start deprecating hybrid Intune MDM and permanently end the service in September 2019. More on this later. Step 2 Configure Microsoft Intune to allow the Jamf Pro integration In the Microsoft Azure portal navigate to Microsoft Intune gt Device Compliance gt Partner device management. After this setup the deployment of the certificates did not work entirely. I was able to add the email account read emails send and receive emails from the iPhone. Jun 17 2019 To support this functionality Microsoft introduced a new app named Microsoft Intune app and a new profile type for device compliancy policies for the Android Enterprise platform. Resolution would be check for any device with compliance status of not evaluated with an enrollment date of greater than 7 days and Based on Require device to be marked as compliant document this option requires a device to be registered with Azure AD and also to be marked as compliant by . Feb 19 2019 All devices are registered into Azure. Set regulations and settings for personal and company owned devices who and what has access to data and networks. This usually turns into a situation where we have to guide the user through recovery mode restore since we disable the option to erase all content and settings. After you have configured your compliance policy you can deploy it to your devices. I click on the Sync button for each machine and start it but nothing happens afterwards. Jul 08 2019 I 39 ve been trying to figure out what exactly happens when that admin privilege is stripped and one thing I noticed is that it looks like SYSTEM becomes an identity for config compliance from Intune 39 s end. Once the node is visible launch Log Analytics and open the workspace selected in Figure 3. Local User Accounts category Computer Azure Active Directory ID . More posts will follow with real world examples. Once this is done the device will show up both in Azure AD Devices as in All devices in Intune ready to be assessed as compliant or not Now in one of my first test runs while writing this post my device only showed up under Azure AD devices . com and reach out the Intune 92 Device Compliance 92 Policies configuration blade Then create a new policy for Windows 10 devices or edit the existing one if you already have one and enable the Configuration Manager Compliance option available in the Settings section The user device does not meet the minimum operating system intune requirements. The Intune Troubleshooting portal can also give suggested Mar 20 2020 Enroll a fresh device to Intune. Nov 29 2019 You can get devices registered joined with Azure AD to automatically enroll with intune you do this by logging into Azure Intune Device Enrollment Windows Enrollment Automatic Enrollment then specifying the scope of who should be enrolled members of a group or everyone. For this reason we created the Conditional Access feature of Intune. After creating the policy we then need to go into the policy settings and configure an assignment to target the policy to a security group. In this scenario users can setup any email clients to access Office 365 email. Under ALl Devices in Intune I had one entry for name_AndroidEnterprise_date. The problem was in the conditional access policies which hadn t changed but weren t working as expected anymore. by Captain Murphy. Mar 08 2016 Device Health. If the Internet connection is OK you try to restart the device. We have users that have EAS instead of the Intune MDM. While Intune MDM protects at the device level Intune MAM and App Protection policies protect at the application level. A location can be based on the following IPv4 variables IPv4 Range eg. Only admin users can enroll. I 39 ve assigned this to one user for testing and then added the exchange account to my iPhone using the manual setup. 192. For whatever reason this test iPad was pulling the PRODUCTION policy as well even though the device is tied to a user that is only part of a test group that isn 39 t assigned to the iPhone Production policy at all. 3 user certificates are supported in a limited fashion SCEPman is a . We configured Intune with a BYOD policy that only allowed devices connected to Amaxra 39 s network to use managed apps instead of being able to use unmanaged apps. If you don 39 t see the data the reason is probable that the the Agent is not configured to harvest it. You 39 ll configure your MDM or mobile device management authority so that devices will use Intune for mobile device management. Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an See screenshots Jul 13 2020 The main issue is that the device sync up to the Intune cloud is not immediate. Jan 30 2019 To enable the co management compliance state go to your Azure portal https portal. In Intune our 39 second wave 39 of test devices is somehow marked as quot non compliant quot because a violation of our rule that quot Require the device to be at or under the machine risk score clean low quot . In Endpoint Manager the Recovery Key should now be changed to a new Key ID I 39 m an engineer on the Microsoft Intune team specifically working on the integration between Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Intune. Enabling Conditional Access for SharePoint Online works the same way easy to configure like shown below and the user experience is the same way. Whatever the reason is it might be a reason for companies to block the app on the end users device which has access to corporate access. Not compliant This security feature is on. Nov 23 2016 There are numerous reasons why you might want to enforce the use of the Outlook App but some of the key reasons we often see are ActiveSync mail clients do not support Selective Wipe if the email profile is not managed by Intune. Make sure you make that a requirement for access company data. Jamf Pro Computer Inventory Location and Attribute. Last Check In Time May 28 2018 When it comes to mobile devices management Microsoft Intune offers Device Compliance policies that allow us to manage and make sure devices running the latest IOS version password policy etc. First step is to ensure that the workload in Co Management is moved to Intune Next we need to create a compliance policy in Intune and ensure we add the setting Require Device Compliance from System Center Configuration Manager . Jan 17 2016 access to company data is not allowed until the device is compliant. xyz which is the same as the one on the Azure AD portal once the device succesfully managed. Jan 20 2019 I see more and more customers that are allowing Azure Active Directory join of Windows 10 Devices also with automatic MDM enrollement into Intune and many are concerned about letting personal devices getting into Intune and there for having the possibility to be complaint. Oct 03 2016 In an Intune SCCM hybrid configuration with certificate deployment based on Network Device Enrollment Service NDES there are some issues. Manage devices with Intune device only subscription Lower your TCO with the Microsoft Intune device only subscription to manage resources that aren t associated with a specific user identity such as kiosks shared single purpose devices phone room resources collaboration devices such as Surface Hub and certain IoT Internet of Things devices. However there s no additional warning provided to the user of the device so they would not know when a device has been changed from personal to corporate owned by an administrator. According to Microsoft you can use Intune and Autopilot to give new devices to your end users without the need to build maintain and apply custom operating system images to the devices. For instance a 4 digit code is found easier via a brute force attack then a 6 digit code but a 6 digit code is found much easier than a 6 character password. Here we can see our demo user has an iPhone and a desktop PC managed by MDM. Intune provides data into the Microsoft Graph in the same way as other cloud services do with rich entity information and relationship navigation. Jan 26 2019 One of the reasons why this is happens is because as soon a device is reinstalled and joins the Intune management system it creates new DeviceID. 168. Microsoft recently announced something else that caught my attention. Accordingly all enrolled devices in Azure has a compliance status even if there s no assigned policy. May 19 2020 Simply means that Windows itself can t report back to the Intune agent for Code integrity BitLocker or Secure Boot. That is why the device is not compliant. This thread is locked. Jun 17 2020 The reason for this is obvious Intune is now the authority for compliance policies rather than ConfigMgr While the following is not a change after enabling the workload per se it s important to note that you have the ability to use ConfigMgr compliance as a setting for your compliance policies in Intune. quot Addresses an issue with Microsoft Intune that causes devices to be incorrectly marked as not compliant because a firewall incorrectly returns a 39 Poor 39 status. This means that the Conditional Access does not allow the device nor user to connect to Exchange Online. 30 days because in Intune that is the default setting for a device to be marked non compliant if it hasn t checked in. Therefore in order to achieve this F5 VPN setup you will need to push MDM compliance policies so that device state can be marked as compliant or non compliant. So even though devices will automatically be considered compliant when no policy is present the device must at least be in our inventory of enrolled devices in order to gain the compliant status and have access. Two actions are available once a device is deemed noncompliant. I restored it this morning. Can I read the compliancy status of windows 10 devices using only intune Jun 07 2017 I would check what the Device displays as in Azure AD and confirm it is what you intended it to be. Mar 05 2020 From the Intune portal go to Device Enrollment gt Enrollment Restrictions and then click Default under Device Type Restrictions. Client VM devices connected to BOTH the local LAN and the internet. The best example of how this Intune policy worked was that Amaxra employees could not access their corporate email using the native Apple Mail app in iOS or the Gmail app built into Enable Window s Autopilot in Conjunction with Intune. In this scenario if you have any users which have happened to be missed out of the group which is targeted then the device which they have enrolled will be marked as Not compliant until a policy has been deployed. Set password rules choose a minimum nbsp 20 Nov 2017 By default when a device does not meet the device compliance policy Intune immediately marks it as non compliant. As we can see we are not compliant because we are lacking disk encryption. Auditing Azure AD environments with ADAudit Plus ADAudit Plus offers change monitoring for your Azure AD environment with the following features Microsoft Intune is rated 7. The reason being you cannot enforce device configuration policies. Hmm Check Azure Intune. All the other details Apr 01 2019 Microsoft Intune will show a not compliant message for the Require with Require device compliance from System Center Configuration Manager setting and Configuration Manager will show a not compliant message for the specific rule of the compliance policy. Limitations on Android 9 devices. If the device doesn t not meets the specified requirement it will just be labelled as non compliant. Jun 15 2018 Users whose devices are not automatically encrypted are prompted to encrypt their device after it is joined to Azure AD and the Intune Compliance policy is applied. If you have any ideas on nbsp 14 2020 . Jun 24 2019 The most common mistake is just creating a configuration profile and pushing it to all users then never circling back to review profile failures and to clean up the outstanding errors. So I turned to Microsoft Graph to get the data instead. In other words based on your location your device is marked as compliant or not based on the nbsp 13 Aug 2019 Note This will establish a connections to Microsoft Intune for data and risk If any threats are found the device is evaluated as noncompliant. If you see devices pending a full scan or devices with outdated signatures you can look up the device and take action from the All devices blade. In this case it looks like there is an issue with the documentation as deviceCompliancePolicyState entity can not be created it is read only entity that shows the state of a device compliance policy. Then click on Device compliance you will see that the default policy is in an error state and any other policies will show as Not evaluated . She tried to configure her Office365 account and was not able to do so. Jul 07 2019 The device being registered could not be found. Plus it s super easy Simply sign into Intune click Device Compliance then select Policies and Create Policy. Open the Azure portal and navigate to Microsoft Intune gt Device compliance gt Policies to open the Device compliance Policies blade 2 On the Device compliance Policies blade click Create Policy to open the Create Policy blade 3a On the Create Policy blade provide the following information and click Create Name Provide a valid name You can withhold access to resources if a device is not compliant. We should communicate this change to end users and support teams. The user will be informed about the fact that the administrator retrieved the location of the device via Microsoft Intune. DESCRIPTION Based on input parameters 39 management agent 39 39 compliance state 39 and 39 management state 39 39 Days last synced 39 the script is used to perform quot housekeeping quot to keep your Microsoft Intune Azure AD clean and tidy of obsolete stale device objects. This is a major issue and is part of the issue with the platform. Oct 25 2017 Devices should be considered non compliant or untrusted until proven otherwise. Oct 06 2017 Found the device When the device is found the administrator is able to disable Lost mode again which allows the user to access the phone again. Some examples of the data you will find here are Count of devices in each compliance state Compliance by OS Device Detail Delete obsolete stale device objects from Microsoft Intune Azure AD. Under the Intune API click Application permissions and then select update_device_attributes. It would be great if in the future the reason of being Dec 11 2019 A device that does not show up in Intune can t be considered compliant or not compliant it just cannot be evaluated. Aug 23 2015 If we would to check in the Intune Admin console under Groups All Devices Ungrouped Devices we can see that the PC in fact has been enrolled into Microsoft Intune Pretty slick and easy As I ve stated before I think this sort of mobile device management is going to increase within companies with the release of Windows 10. If the device is not healthy or has to high risk score in ATP then the access to the resources will be blocked by MS Intune. Jan 21 2019 You can change these settings to match your requirements but I strongly suggest you change the default behaviour for devices with no compliance policy assigned to Not Compliant. Jan 30 2018 I removed the account from Authenticator forced them to setup the authentication device through the Office. and finally lets capture the script properties from Intune. In fact device not work about a week but not for our user. After creating a connection between Apple Business Manager and Intune you must open it and create a profile for newly added devices. Mar 23 2020 Install apps on devices for both on premises and mobile. One is personal the other is corporate. Nov 23 2016 In short what is happening is Microsoft Intune becomes an additional gate that s sits in front of Exchange Online or Exchange On Prem via a connector that requires devices to provide information on its state e. If you hate the servicing model and many rightfully do you have 365 days to update the OS in some other way. The fix is either change the conditional access policy by unchecking the device compliant hybrid Azure AD join if not configured in on prem or change the Intune MAM user scope and only enable MDM Jan 17 2018 After receiving of calls that iOS devices are taged as non compliant we have noticed that de MDM push certificate is expired. Together Steve and Adam hope to share perspectives and experiences to augment the techni Mar 17 2018 Android device. There are no options to take action from this screen. The nbsp All the devices are set up the same so there should be no reason why some of them are compliant and the two are not. Select which device types are using your MDM by default. 0 devices. 0012166F 5DB5 41F7 B832 D8763D641274 . Dec 11 2017 Open up your software center and click the Device Compliance tab. This interactive process prevents users from accidentally having their disk encrypted and locked without having the BitLocker key backed up. The Broad ring usually targets a user group. However these machines are onboarded in Windows Defender ATP and are showing to have no issues. This means you can protect your company data without having to fully manage and control employee devices. Reason in mine opinion Microsoft is sorting to great new features and capabilities like enterprise bulk enrollement conditional access and extended data leak protection DLP which will be expected later this year Q4 . Nov 29 2018 After a Device Cleanup the device is no longer in management by Microsoft Intune and therefor is Not Compliant. It will install Intune but won 39 t let people enroll into MDM. This is because the device does not support it and therefore the device does not in fact pass the test and is essentially simply NOT COMPLIANT. See full list on docs. Devices that haven t received a device compliance policy are considered noncompliant. Aug 31 2020 Now that you ve set up Update Compliance and used Intune to configure your Windows 10 devices to send compliance data to the log analytics workspace the exciting part begins. 2 days ago Check the Device in Endpoint Manager Portal . Intune is Microsoft 39 s mobile device and application Jun 22 2016 After enrolling the device or making sure that the device is compliant according your compliance policies you will have access to in this case Outlook Web App. The initial reason was that my sister was calling me yesterday to help her out with her new Huawei Android phone. You would need to MDM enroll a device into Intune to see data populated under nbsp 11 Feb 2019 Microsoft Intune is a leader in MDM solution and it contains strong security Select Not Compliant at Mark devices with no compliance policy assigned as Why It 39 s the control that allows or block access to cloud services. Some times the key is deleted without a reboot but to check quickly reboot the device. Primary key . There s a button at the top of the Compliance Policies view that we need to talk about Jun 13 2019 This is a very common problem people face where Device Shows the status Not Evaluated even after successfully registering the Device with MDM. Mobile Application Management By using a Compliance Policy and expanding the Access controls in the Condition Access policy with Require device to be marked as compliant you can block all the devices which are not managed by the company with Intune. This is big news as Autopilot can help with Windows 10 provisioning on mobile devices. Navigate to the Azure portal and select the Intune blade Select Device Compliance and then Policies Delete obsolete stale device objects from Microsoft Intune Azure AD. If so it will remove the device from blocked back to allow Where this process gets tricky though is for non Samsung Androids. The user needs to click on it. If the device is not enrolled the device compliance policies will not get in hence conditional access wont let the device to connect to office 365. Besides installing the company portal app on everyone 39 s device is there a way to switch all devices to use MDM. Turn on Microsoft Intune connectio n and click on the Save preferenc e button. quot Hey all I would like some help figuring out why 8 of my 29 Intune devices Windows 10 Pro Dell Latitude 7490 are in a state of quot Not Evaluated quot by the Default Device Compliance policy. Android and Windows. Update Compliance to monitor Quality Updates Features This is to enroll the device as CORPORATE in Intune So though the device serial id is NOT in Intune Intune point of view this is CO corporate owned fully managed device. It 39 s not throwing errors but I also don 39 t have bitlocker policies. Furthermore the status became more important if you don t mark devices with no compliance policy assigned as compliant. Due to this the devices are also quot Not Compliant quot . For example some organizations might be happy to allow access from devices with a Low threat level but not from Medium or above. In other words based on your location your device is marked as compliant or not based on the location you get access to services in Azure or Office 365 or not. App protection in Intune can manage apps that support the Intune SDK without the need for MDM on the device. You can see that there is a notification now on the Windows 10 1703 Pro Enterprise machine that Encryption is needed. Mar 11 2019 Navigate to Microsoft Intune gt Android enrollment and click Corporate owned fully managed user devices Preview Set Allow users to enroll corporate owned user devices to Yes An Enrollment token will now be generated and displayed below. Mar 25 2019 Corporate owned dedicated device locked kiosk mode device can be enrolled to Intune management automatically with KME enrollment process. Since the MDM channel is not supporting deployment and the execution of PowerShell scripts Microsoft announced today at Ignite the Microsoft Intune Management Extension. The Intune management extension has the following prerequisites Devices must be joined to Azure AD. This is a great enhancement as we can configure and check compliance of devices every time. Intune A third party mobile device management MDM system that manages Windows 10 devices via Azure AD integration. com portal re authenticated. 0 or later the policy status in Intune shows as Not Compliant. From a management perspective this is not really a big deal although any device report contains the two objects. It can only happen when registering a device using the Windows Product ID the manufacturer or the model. I refresh but I see no changes. Security baselines. With Intune you can configure Windows Defender ATP as compliance for your environment. When the change is rolled out by Microsoft any customers who are using conditional access policies based on device compliance may suddenly find that previously compliant devices are now unable to connect to Office 365 services. But certainly alot more powerfull than relying on our old buddy Get MSOLDevice. Microsoft Intune supports various Operating systems platforms like Windows Phones Windows 7 8 and iOS It gives IT administrators power to selectively manage apps and any data stored on those devices when a Oct 08 2018 An enrolled and compliant device will give the end user the normal experience. Intune. For devices that don 39 t support TPM 2. If anyother compliance policy is NOT evaluated for that device then the default compliance policy will treat that device as NON compliant device. ISE retrieves compliance information from the SCCM server using WMI and uses that information to grant or deny network access to the user 39 s Windows device. You get this message. Set and manage security policies like device level PIN lock and jailbreak detection. They claim this product allows organizations to operate entirely in the cloud but there are limitations. As a result the affected devices will not receive conditional access compliance approval and may be blocked from access to corporate resources such as email. Intune app protection without MDM enrollment. so device must be compliant with the set of device compliance policies that we enforced. Nov 19 2018 Compliance policies in Intune define the rules and settings that a device must comply with in order to be considered compliant by conditional access policies. MDM or Intune . The ability to configure separate restart settings for feature and quality updates is new in 1809. See here the demo I did at Ignite. Set Warning for other disk encryption to Block. As far as support You can restrict access to OWA for Exchange 4 days ago Please navigate to Intune gt Device Compliance gt Compliance policy setting and check the first option that says mark devices with no compliance policy assigned as compliant or not compliant. The Company Portal app will then tell you what is causing your device to be noncompliant. The audit and sign in logs also didn t show any issues at first. I m not going to remediate it at this point yet as we want to validate conditional access first. Next select All Devices this will slide the Devices window to the left. During commissioning the device is then automatically configured according to the specifications of the IT department and supplied with the required applications. MS Intune showing not compliance with Secure boot in Windows10 RS4 I appear to have run into an issue where when it comes to MS Intune where even though secure boot has been selected in the BIOS and BitLocker is activated in Windows Intune does not recognise them as being on and as a result of the policy rejects them from joining. Go to the Update Compliance workspace summary at Azure portal gt Log Analytics workspaces gt lt Your workspace gt and then click Workspace summary under General. Side note Device configuration profiles will not have any bearing on Conditional access they are not evaluated as part of compliance . Have asked user to check if the device enrollment is successful or not. EXO powershell Module DeviceAccessState Quarantined The user device does not meet the minimum operating system intune requirements. The devices all have a quot Last Checkin quot time of this morning. . Is anyone aware of a script that will output the specific reason a device is considered Not Compliant davefalkus In the Company Portal app tap Check Compliance. After installing the Company Portal that disappeared and just had the name_Android_date and Not Compliant. The default behavior is that if a device is not evaluated by a compliance policy that it is being marked as compliant and therefor the user has access to services controlled by Conditional Access in Azure AD which could be lead to compliance issues. Prerequisites for PowerShell via Intune. Based upon this Enrollment scenarios not supported Standard users cannot enroll in MDM. 3 Oct 2018 Though the device is registered with Azure AD and Azure Intune your device will show Not Compliant if the Enterprise Mobile amp Security E3 nbsp 20 Dec 2018 In this post i am going to demonstrate the end to end process of why moving the compliance policies workload from SCCM to Intune is nbsp 25 Sep 2019 Why wouldn 39 t you want such a comprehensive MDM solution 0 Simply sign into Intune click Device Compliance then select Policies and Create Policy. The top reviewer of Microsoft Intune writes quot Unified endpoint management that has the flexibility of stand alone components quot . On the other hand the top reviewer of VMware Workspace ONE writes quot Enables us to manage all of the devices on our campus through one central service quot . It seems that recently Intune old portal and Azure Intune new portal are independent of each other. Devices must run Windows 10 version 1607 or later. 1. Nothing under All devices Jul 01 2019 Intune app protection secures the enterprise apps and data while ensuring devices still have the capabilities end users need. Mar 12 2019 7. Feb 14 2020 Remove the Intune Company Portal app from the device. With Microsoft Intune Endpoint Manager we have the possibility to block such apps on iOS and Android. Compliance Use the Compliance report to understand the overall compliance posture of your organization 39 s devices breaking down compliance by device operating system and model as well as drilling down to individual devices. If you use Conditional Access with your device compliance policies we recommended you change this setting to Not compliant to ensure that only devices that are confirmed as compliant can access your resources. Again I pinned the Intune blade as a favorite. During the enrollment I parse the Bearer Token and extract the Device ID e. You can follow the status of your policy and update rings by going to Intune gt Software Updates gt Overview . Aug 05 2019 In Intune you can build a compliance policy that covers key device features for Android Enterprise devices. The difference between MDM and MAM. Jan 30 2019 SCCM plugged holes in some of Intune 39 s shortcomings such as its insufficient automation limited access roles for administrators and lack of integration with tools such as PowerShell. Jan 30 2019 Let s start by looking at the standard behavior settings. If they are not enrolled compliant just like traditional Conditional Access they will be prompted to enroll their device before allowing sign in. Click on Create Compliance Policy Select Compliance rules for devices managed with the ConfigMgr client Because Windows Server 2016 is not available I checked Windows 10 instead. To configure this setting navigate to Microsoft Intune Device Compliance and Compliance policy settings. Sep 25 2019 Intune enables you to create app protection policies. Thanks for your feedback it helps us improve the site. Intune can only manage iOS native mail app profiles. The device is not connected to the Intune service. If you ve configured a Company Logo for the Company Portal this logo can be added to the notification to make it more personalized. Intune will collect the phone number and app inventory of company owned devices for reporting and monitoring purposes but will not do so for personal devices. Compliance Policy Settings. On the devices themselves I have verified the Cause The user who tried to enroll the device doesn 39 t have a valid Intune license. Since the devices are synced with Intune as supervised devices they should get the CP automatically. Apps 4 days ago Intune Device Configuration profiles quot Not Applicable quot I have several devices including my own that show certain Device Configuration profiles as quot Not Applicable quot . The Actions for nbsp 26 May 2020 Compliance policies are used to verify that a device have configured the This does not mean that you need to use Intune to configure a specific setting. Jan 29 2019 Intune Devices. Verify the device is visible in the All Devices node in Intune. If you want to see how you can get started with Corporate owned dedicated devices you can read this post. See details. Also School Administrators can manage Windows 10 iOS devices in Intune for Education Jun 05 2018 Released this week in Intune is location based compliance. For the purpose of this exam device compliance is also referred to as a feature in Microsoft Intune. manage. Microsoft Graph is your nbsp For example the device may be turned off or may not have a network connection . This means that devices are forced to register and enroll themselves in the service and become compliant with policy before gaining access to corporate data. It errors out that my Device is not compliant due to a Intune 39 Conditional Access 39 policy. But this is only for testing purpose. Deployment Profile. Jun 10 2019 Intune Configuration Users devices show as compliant in both Azure AD and Intune Compliant status in Azure AD Ensure that all used platforms have a compliance policy Ensure devices with no compliance policy assigned are handled as Not Compliant Keywords for troubleshooting. In this case the end user get a message that the device is not complaint and on witch build version the device needs to be on with a minimum and a maximum build version. Eventually the device becomes non compliant possibly after 30 days. In my situation we are running Co Management solution so intune and SSCM. If that fails validate that the user s credentials have synced correctly with Azure Active Directory. We can view existing devices and their status. Jan 09 2018 Please make sure that the device is not already enrolled with another mobile device management provider such as Intune. Aug 24 2017 We are encountering a problem where some devices checked in but aren 39 t syncing and thus aren 39 t compliant. I can also see that it is not compliant yet as the device is still evaluating all of the policies. But now it is hard to define infrastructure boundaries as many people use same device for work and personal stuff. During the enrollment of the corporate device this enrollment token is needed in one of the first steps. Apps on the device are fully managed using Intune the Google Play Store is not available. 30ish of our total 200ish devices managed by Intune are being marked as non compliant. Device last seen 11 17 2019 new intune 1911 update 11 18 2019 and new device requirements. 6. User will receive an email redirecting them to download Microsoft Intune Company Portal then guide them to enroll the device to Intune. Confirm devices and apps are compliant with company security. Mar 18 2019 Remember to select Default device assignment settings from Apple Business Manager under Device Management Settings. Now this might not be the end of the world. The MSA service could not uniquely identify the device given the hardware hash. Opened Outlook and it asked for the login entered and it stepped through the Intune Compliance setup again though nothing downloaded installed as it was already configured this resolved the issue. Now i am going to make my device compliant and try again. Apr 23 2018 By policy Intune will collect a little bit more information about corporate devices. Troubleshoot problems such as licensing enrollment and compliance issues even app installation failures. It never pushes Intune configurations it is never evaluated for compliance it only pushes win32 apps but not store apps and it cannot access any cloud apps as it 39 s not compliant and cannot become compliant. What can I do to remedy this A secondary problem on Intune is that some of our devices are not Azure AD registered. Verify in initiation in Event Viewer on your managed device. Click Properties gt Select platforms select Block for Android select Allow for Android work profile click OK and then click Save to save your changes. Check that Last Check In shows a recent time and date. It can take as long as 30 minutes for you to see Apps available the device in the console etc. As always with users Yerstoday device work but today 11 29 2109 not working. 2 and 2. Used in Compliance. For example one of the profiles is a Windows 10 Nov 14 2016 Intune compliance policies deliver complete visibility into users device health and enable IT to block or restrict access if the device becomes non compliant. For more nbsp See a list of all the settings you can use when setting compliance for your Android Enterprise devices in Microsoft Intune. A not enrolled device or a not compliant compliant device will give the end user a message based on the status of the device when the end user is trying to access Skype for Business Online. Navigate to gt Azure Portal gt Intune gt Device compliance blade and click on Threat agent status. Oct 23 2018 Go to Microsoft Intune gt Device configuration Profiles gt yourpolicyname Properties gt Endpoint protection gt Windows Encryption. May 09 2020 End user experience The end user can go into Company Portal and and see the device compliance status on the device. Set up enrollment for macOS devices in Intune Use shell scripts on macOS devices in Intune macOS settings to mark devices as compliant or not compliant using Intune macOS device settings to allow or restrict features using Intune Add macOS system and kernel extensions in Intune Add a property list file to macOS devices using Microsoft Intune Jan 04 2020 Among these products is Microsoft s mobile device application management MDM MAM solution Intune . We have device that are reporting quot not evaluated quot . 0 won 39 t work as expected. This means you can give the device access to your corporate resource by the status of Windows Defender ATP based on risk scores. It is similar how network policy nbsp 16 May 2018 Non Compliance Notifications. Dec 04 2019 In the sample script below we have one section for getting information for all the Applications thats been assigned and then we have one section for Device Compliance Device Configuration Device Configuration Powershell scripts and Administrative templates. Dec 20 2016 Go to Assets and Compliance Compliance Settings and Compliance Policies. The Intune Graph API enables access to Intune information programmatically for your tenant and the API performs the same Intune operations as those available through the Azure Portal. Device AAD ID . Device compliance policy configured. IT administrators also have the option to install device settings that perform remote actions such as passcode reset device lock data encryption or full wipe of a lost stolen or non compliant device. Conditional access based on device compliance. Customer Environment. We have setup MDM auto enrollment now but this EAS predates us turning that on. Jun 17 2018 Overview Microsoft Intune provides the ability to push applications to devices managed in an organisation whether these devices are domain joined or not. No rhyme or reason the device is left in an unmanaged state. Next using the device id captured above lets grab some info about the registered user of that device. Users can continue using the device but apps aren 39 t being updated and compliance stops. That can only be achieved via MDM. Define the policy by adding items to the list Next you 39 ll need to set your tenant location so that your data is stored in the correct country to meet any legal and compliance requirements. May 07 2018 Go to MS Intune portal gt Device compliance gt Windows Defender ATP Click on the link Connect Windows Defender AP to Microsoft Intune in the Windows Defender Security Center. We are having an issue with Android devices registered in Intune they are visible in Intune and are showing as compliant etc but for some reason the extension isn 39 t able to find them. The device is marked as Not compliant. Aug 24 2020 There were no good logs describing the reason behind the incorrect user name or password. 21 May 2019 Integrating with Intune device compliance service CEM will be able to Those statements involve a number of factors that could cause actual results to provided is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment nbsp API does not support creation of managedDevice. Instead it s easy to grasp and even if you have any technical queries we can help you out super streamlined and extremely relevant in the current WFH work from home environment that Covid 19 has brought to the corporate world. I have no TPM on my device I must change the compliance otherwise I can t go further with the configuring and testing MS Intune. Error Message English . If the device is not able to connect to the local LAN your local domain login will fail. Navigate to Microsoft Intune gt Device compliance gt Compliance policy settings On this page you can configure conditions to mark a device compliant or not. Sep 15 2015 Setting. Not every employee may need access to every business app. Ask the user to enroll their device with an approved MDM provider like Intune. Prevent noncompliant devices from accessing corporate email and data from the cloud. See lost and found in action. net core C based Azure Web App providing the SCEP and Intune API. If the device shows as Compliant in the All devices section then the device is truly compliant. intune device not compliant reason