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dexos 2 01 BMW LL04 GM LL A B 025 Parametrai 5ltr 5W30 Description of Opel Vauxhall Dexos2 5W30 Motor Oil Opel Vauxhall Dexos 2 5W30 is a 100 synthetic premium engine oil for latest generation petrol and diesel car engines. Opel 5W 30 dexos 2. This specification details the materials and performance requirements of Dexos D 0W 20 and 5W 30 diesel engine oil. Kostenlose Lieferung f r viele Artikel JUAL SPECIAL G LONG LIFE 5W 30 UNTUK CHEVROLET CAPTIVA FL 2011 2016 ALL SPIN ALL NEW AVEO ORLANDO COLORADO TRAILBLAZER 2. VW 502. Sinopec. The following Valvoline motor oils meet or exceed the requirements of GM standard dexos 1 Gen 2 SynPower 0W 20 5W 20 5W 30 Durablend 5W 20 5W 30 Full Synthetic High Mileage with MaxLife Technology 0W 20 5W 20 5W 30 Motorov olej 5W 30 Dexos 2 zaji uje mimo dn istic v kon sn en opot eben a celkovou ochranu motoru v kombinaci s dal m zlep en m spot eby paliva. 1 . Label says Dexos 2 and also says Made for Diesel. Now when most people think of consoles they think of playing games that is true but these very same console can just as easy be used for web browsing interfacing with electronics writting supper fast apps etc. Otherwise Dexos 1 Gen 1 is ok for daily driving. Approved dexos1 oils will be mandatory for both factory fills and service fills starting with 2017 and 2018 GM models. 5 Color ASTM D1500 2. Recommended by ACDelco for use in GM dexos1 Gen 2 0W 20 5W 20 5W 30 Available in the following oil grades 0W 20 5W 20 5W 30 10W 30 Dexos 1 Gen 2 Full Synthetic Motor Oils. SAE 5W 30. I got this off the internet GM dexos quot General Motors is committed to designing building and selling cars that perform well and last a long time and to making the experience of owning a GM vehicle highly rewarding. Many of our 0W 20 oils carry the dexos 1 approval specified for General Motors vehicles. Dexos2 melbu LiveJournal Dexos2 5w30 . Motorno olje Opel GM Dexos 2 5W 30 je polno sinteti no in ustreza vsem bencinskim in dizelskim motorjem vozil Opel. 0 out of 5 by 2. For Best Performance Follow the Manufacturer 39 s Recommendations in your Vehicle Owner s Manual. 050 196 18 06 097 877 93 71. Ulei low SAPs low Sulphur Ash and Phosphorous content full compatibil cu filtrele de particule de ultima generatie DPF si catalizatoarele de benzina CAT . . This site will list all the approved oils. 3 One oil to cover both street and track use. 3 and 6. Lurrus 2 or more Birth of Meletis Dexos Hollow Priest is awesome. 2 . 0. SAE 5W40 That info means if you use anything on that list GM won t void your motor warranty. 5W 30 Full Synthetic DEXOS 1 GEN 2 Motor Oil Extend the life of your engine. 12. Noteworthy items not covered in the support materials linked below New product will be available as a rolling change starting July 1 2017 which means that Chevron will sell through existing inventory before fulfilling orders with the new dexos1 2015 product Oct 02 2020 Moreover since Supertech Motor Oil is a licensed dexos 1 brand your vehicle warranty will not be void if you use the brand. oil filter PF2262G. C 161. Free Walmart shipping. 51 VW 502. . 8 2014 GM GM Dexos2 . Posts 34 62. It is recommended for both domestic and foreign made gasoline powered engines. GM LL A 025 GM LL B 025. Pat k MidSAPS olej m se sn en m obsahem sulf tov ho popela fosforu a s ry. This is the deals for you. You can get Quaker State or Penzoil or Mobil 1 that meets the spec I think check out their web sites. Manufacturers and Marketers of engine oils must certify and obtain a licenses to produce or market a dexos1 Gen 2 engine oils. 8L DIESEL DURAMAX ENGINE. GM Dexos2 nbsp 8 2019 GM Genuine Motor Oil dexos2 Eni i Sint MS 5W 30. 0T X LGT engine and they are really pushing the DEXOS Approved standards to comply with warranty and the maint schedule. Product Description. Interesting that Dexos 2 is a synthetic blend and not full synthetic. Oct 02 2010 Like the GM specific dexos 1 oil GF 5 oils deliver better performance but cost more. The Gen 2 is a full synthetic and if I was using GM supplied oil I wouldn 39 t be opposed to using it. 01 Trieda ACEA ACEA C3 Trieda API API CF API SN Balenie 5 l Tis ce Motorno Ulje Opel GM Dexos 2 5W30 5L Pakiranje 5 L Standardi SAE 5W30 API SM CF ACEA A3 B4 C3 GM LL A 025 GM LL B 025 BMW LL04 MB 229. 5L quot F quot Eng 141 cast block NV4500 crewcab dually Diamond Eye 4 quot Turbo Back Exhaust w 2. General Motors. 000 Harga OLI Q8 5W 30 Special Dexos 1 GEN 2 Very High Performance Botol 1 LTRRp179. preces 1358 interneta veikalos I have been doing the oil changes at the dealer with their dexos stuff on my 2012 2. This Dexos2 is backwards compatible for engines where GM LL A 025 GM LL B 025 specifications is recommended. Racing specific engine. 00 nbsp Oil Dexos 2 5W 30 205 1942006 42000 BochkaOil nbsp . Use only engine oil licensed to the dexos2 specification of the proper SAE viscosity grade. GM dexos II GM dexos2 is the new oil specification for for all EU GM group vehicles from May 2010 onwards. DLAv8r Member. Do not use dexos2 5W30 synthetic blend motor oil in Duramax diesel engines. My local Vauxhall dealer only has Dexos 2 5W 30 in stock at present. If you are unsure whether the oil is approved to the dexos specification ask your service provider. Look closely and you will see a quot 1 quot in the box with the swirl. . Being low SAPS engine oil it is suitable for use in diesel powered vehicles with exhaust particulate filters EGR systems and provides exceptional cleaning power Beli Oli Dexos 2 Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2020 di Tokopedia Pembayaran mudah pengiriman cepat amp bisa cicil 0 . . High Temperature High Shear Vis at 150 C cP ASTM D4683 3. Add to cart . 999 dari toko online gallery_fatihah Kab. Customers who bought this item also bought GM dexos2 GM dexos2 oils are Top Tier lower SAPS lubricants designed for use in high performance gasoline and light duty diesel engines where advanced aftertreatment systems such as Diesel Particulate Filters DPFs are used. Motor Oil 5W 30 Premium Synthetic GM dexos 2 This premium synthetic Long Life Fuel conserving Dexos2 motor oil is specially developed for GM Opel petrol and diesel engines from model year 2010. Variklio alyva GM DEXOS2 5W30 5L internetu gera kaina greitas pristatymas platus asortimentas kokybi kos prek s pigiau. I don t know about ordering DEF online DEF containers get beat up and leak. Dexos is General Motors Corporation international standard for engine oils suitable for use in their ranges of fuel efficient low emission engines. Developed for GM Ecotec engines. Brand Name Supplier Specification Viscosity License Number Region ABRO Omni Specialty Packaging LLC dexos1 Gen 2 0W 20 ACDelco dexos2 is a high performance low ash engine oil engineered for modern diesel engines including those fitted with a diesel particulate filter. 4 fwd slt1 with 25 000 kms . The formulation with reduced ash content protection filtering devices and those of the particulate after GM dexos is a new generation of oil specification for a new generation of vehicles. 17 2014 Dexos 2 GM 3 nbsp GM LL B 025 GM LL A 025 GM dexos2 MB 229. 1996 K3500 6. Bogor. Mobil 1 ESP X2 0W 20 carries the dexosD approval for diesel engines. 5w30 Gold Dexos Gen 2 Synthetic Blend 6 1 Qt . 085 Phosphorus wt. GM Dexos2 5W30 5 nbsp GM DEXOS II 1942003 5 . Failure to use the recommended engine oil or equivalent can result in engine damage not covered by the vehicle warranty. 00505. 4 Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 168 176 164 174 145 167 171 168 155 Pour Point ASTM D97 F C 49 45 49 ILSAC GF 6 API SP amp dexos Making Sense of New Oil Specifications Andy Arendt May 01 2020 7 41 AM AMSOIL synthetic motor oils meet or exceed the latest performance specifications including GM dexos1 Gen 2 ILSAC GF 6 and API SP. All they want is so much per quart of oil sold from that company to put GM 39 s Dexos symbol on their containers THAT 39 S IT. Earlier GM suggested Dexos 2 for mass use but recently they discovered that this oil blend does not cover LSPI. What you 39 re referring to is a blend that many GM dealers use and call quot Dexos quot but that 39 s not actually the oil it 39 s the specification. LML Jump to Latest Follow 1 6 of 6 Posts. Kendall GT 1 dexos1 Gen2 Full Synthetic 5w 30 12 1 quart case. 122. Performance Plus Full Synthetic dexos1 TM Gen 2 5W 30 SP GF 6 is specially engineered with premium state of the art performance additives and high quality superior base oils using cutting edge technology to meet the latest licensing requirements for General Motors and their global engine oil specification dexos1 Gen 2 . SAE 0W 20 viscosity is used to maximize its contribution to fuel economy improvement Motorov olej GM Opel 5W 30 Dexos 2 zaji uje mimo dn istic v kon sn en opot eben a celkovou ochranu motoru v kombinaci s dal m zlep en m spot eby paliva. In Stock. Paprastas ir saugus pirkimas vienoje vietoje Part 3102301 Product Performance Plus Full Synthetic dexos1 TM Gen 2 5W 30 SN Plus GF 5 Premium full synthetic engine oils engineered using cutting edge technology to meet the latest licensing requirements for General Motors and their global engine oil specification dexos1 Gen 2 . 023 Molybdenum wt. I drive a 2017 Chevy Cruze with the 1. Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil achieved 100 percent protection against LSPI 1 in the engine test required by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification zero occurrences were recorded throughout five consecutive tests. As of version 5. Plazo de entrega 2 3 semanas desde que se env a el pedido. The upgraded formula DEXOS 1 5W30 full synthetic oil is a high quality robust formulation developed specifically to meet the most rigorous specifications in the industry while helping the environment through the reduction of emissions in addition to the below benefits to your GM vehicle. 5cP SAE 5W 30 and 5W 40 based on API Group III base oils. I don t know what oil you were using before but my advice to you is to pick a particular type and brand and stick with the same oil every time. Once Lurrus is up play Birth of Meletis which gets you a plain then a wall token then heals 2 of you life before going to your graveyard. . nbsp 25 2016 GM Dexos 2 5W 30 nbsp GM Dexos 2 General Motors. P ikl d me jeden origin ln esk t tek Opel pro informace o v m n oleje samolepic nebo visa ku . gm ac delco 5 litre dexos 2 5w 30 engine oil part 19375049 part no 19375049 price 51. 01 502. GM Dexos 2 5W30 5 . Trabant for example . Performante Aprobari ACEA A3 B3 B4. item 6 Mobil1 123875 ESP Formula Dexos 2 Engine Oil 0W 40 6 Quarts 6 Mobil1 123875 ESP Formula Dexos 2 Engine Oil 0W 40 6 Quarts. Europe and UK. 3L and 2. GM dexos 2 oils are fully backwards compatible for older vehicles and replaces both the GM LL A 025 and GM LL B 025 engine oils specifications. 51 505. Not all GF5 spec oils will meet GM dexos. Vascozitate 5W30. . 3 percent compared to the older ILSAC GF 4 specifications. 2 litres and produced 127. email protected 2897498 said Science today has been hijacked somewhat by people who put blind faith in the findings of some of the most politically vocal scientists. Joined Sep 10 2012 95 Posts . This move from the more standard 5W30 viscosity may add to the confusion but follows the lead of other manufacturers toward thinner oil. GM Dexos 1 Gen 2 Specific Engine Oils You 39 ll find a comprehensive selection of engine oils and lubricants that meet GM Dexos1 Gen 2 at Opie Oils Getting the correct oils fluids for your vehicle is vital so ensuring the correct spec oils fluid ensures the right lubrication cooling cleaning and general protection thus maintaining peak The mechanic I use for my vintage GM vehicle 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible tells me the 2. 2. I have just bought 2 x 5 liters of GM DEXOS 2 oil. Jun 04 2010 Vauxhall has announced the launch of dexos2 General Motors own engine oil brand. st n kaliteli sentetik baz ya lara ileri teknolojili kat klar n ilave edilmesiyle nbsp Magazine i pre uri Uleiuri motor GM Dexos2 5W 30 5L de la 79 80 RON Dexos 2 5 W 30 5 L Producator GM Model 5w30 Dexos2 5 L Caracteristici nbsp GM Dexos 2 5W 30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5 Litres. Kendall GT 1 dexos1 Full Synthetic Motor Oils are premium quality automotive engine oils specially designed to meet the performance requirements of the GM dexos1 Gen2 specification for gasoline fueled GM vehicles. Onliner GM Longlife Dexos 2 5W 30 5 . In Stock Dexos 2 is backwards compatible with GM LL A 025 and GM LL B 025 and as clearly defined by GM Dexos 2 replaces GM LL A 025 and GM LL B 025 Typical test data Test Test methods Results Viscosity Grade SAE 5W 30 SAE 5W 40 Shelf Life 60 months from date of filling indicated on the product label Mar 12 2012 1. ACEA API SN CF OEM BMW Longlife 04 GM Dexos 2 GM LL A 025 GM LL B 025 VW 502. nbsp . . Millers Oils EE Longlife 5w30 C3 SN LL04 Dexos 2 225. 5W 30 and 0W 20 now meet GM s latest most demanding dexos1 Gen 2 specification. Understanding how we got to dexos can shed some light on the future of OEM specific oil specs. Know you are using dexos1 Gen 2 dexos1 Gen 2 motor oil is identified by the new dexos1 logo below. 5 10 10. 01 GM Dexos 2 5W 30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5 Litres by Vauxhall. Engine oil in OEM quality with OE number dexos2 from the leading manufacturers VAICO CASTROL to fit your OPEL vehicle buy now online at low prices Origin ln olej Opel dod van v robcem vozidla. Wrong way round dexos 1 Gen 2 supersedes dexos 2 my last Mokka had Dexos 2 put in now the dealer has now changed to Dexos 1 gen 2 as recommended by GM Owned a 2015 Mokka 1. 00 50. GM quot Dexos 2 quot nbsp GM Motor Oil Dexos 2 SAE 5W 30 Fuel economy Longlife. If the oil was for diesel engines the small number to the right of the swirl would be quot 2 quot . 00 MB 229. . viscosity an grade information. But I buy Mobil 1 on sale and have for quite a while C6 and C7 habit and while my GM dealer does the oil change I do supply him the oil. MB Approval 229. 00 nbsp 24 2019 GM Dexos2 5W 30 nbsp 20 2019 GM Dexos2 5W 30 9000 . 00 . Also buy 2. Dexos 1 and Dexos 1 Generation 2 are the new approved oils for most of our carsDexos 2 is for Diesel motorsfollow the minimum your owner 39 s manual recommends and adjust for what you feel like using Dexos 2. 00VW 505. The question many have is why GM developed their own oil specification. 34 They were used in World War II in flight engines and became commercial after World War II until the 1990s. Performance Plus Full Synthetic dexos1 TM Gen 2 0W 20 SP GF 6 is specially engineered with premium state of the art performance additives and high quality superior base oils using cutting edge technology to meet the latest licensing requirements for General Motors and their global engine oil specification dexos1 Gen 2 . Parts are just part of what we do. This oil is generally recommended for GM vehicles manufactured after 2011 but in most situations will be applicable for use in all modern GM vehicles. Dexos 2 . This product is made of high quality components to meet and exceed strict quality requirements. T kla en ucuz dexos 2 se enekleri aya na gelsin. GM dexos approved oils require proprietary tests that are not included in current industry standards. com dexos 1 vs dexos 2 Dexos1vsDexos2 The swirl in front of Dexos is not a quot 2 quot . 71 Oil manufacturer recommendation Chrysler MS 6395 Fiat 9. 6 twinport. They came out with Dexos 1 Gen 2 oil to combat a problem GM was having with their small turbo direct injected engines LSPI Low Speed Pre ignition which could cause catastrophic engine damage with LSPI. 17 87 bez DPH. If you are looking for dexos 2 for the 2019 Corvette you should be looking for Mobil 1 ESP 0W40 this is not on our website but we do carry it. 98. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . nbsp GM 5W 30 dexos2 Low SAPs nbsp Dexos 2 GM Chevrolet Opel Cadillac GMC . 4T Tech Line a 2017 Mokka 1. 132 0897 85 22 29 Viber 0878 22 57 34. ACDelco dexos1 Gen 2 is General Motors and Holden service fill for petrol powered engines and must be used in Holden petrol turbo engines. 51 OPEL GM LL A 025 OPEL GM LL B 025 VW 502. Alyva GM DEXOS 2 5W30 5L Originali Opel automobili alyva. Magliozzi. . nbsp GM Dexos 2 GM LL A 025 GM LL B 025 502. Tip Sintetic. Jun 23 2016 5W30 Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic API SN GM Dexos 1 Approved 117 799 PSI Zinc N A Phos N A Moly N A Tested end of 2015 2 5W30 Pennzoil Ultra API SM 115 612 PSI Zinc 806 ppm Phos 812 ppm Moly 66 ppm Calcium 3011 ppm TBN 10. Dexos 2 is more of a stout lubricating oil than Dexos 1 Gen 2. API CF SN ACEA C3 GM Dexos 2 MB 229. The receipt I got also shows DEXOS 1 because apparently DEXOS D isn 39 t showing as an option in the service computers for these trucks yet. AVAILABLE VISCOSITY GRADES 5W 30 5W 20 0W 20 0W 30 5W 40 10W 40 Edit I just read that dexos 2 is FULL Synthetic oil. However I did confirm they really used DEXOS D when doing the work. 9 10. Dexos 2 is appropriate for General Motors diesel and gasoline. 3 No Longer Available See 23 below for newer version. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next gt Aug 22 2017 at 4 08 PM 1. Sep 21 2017 88865635 AC Delco Motor Oil is rated 5. 75 . Thus recently this oil is being used only for diesel engines. There are plenty of threads in the diesel forum on different oils but the Mobil 1 ESP and Penzoil Euro Spec are Dexos 2 the former being more expensive and less available than the latter. GM part 88863417 OIL Mobil Super 3000 Dexos 2 5w30 NEW PART NUMBER 88864041 We are Open amp Shipping GM Parts Due to an Executive Order by the State of Michigan GM Parts Now Support Team will be working remotely please EMAIL for all inquiries. So don 39 t lose it. 000 Harga oli total ineo 5w30 API SN CF DEXOS 2 kemasan 1 LiterRp115. If it has the Dexos seal it good enough for your Mustang. My owners manual for my pickup truck specifically states that if you don t use dexos in my case it was part oil and part synthetic my warranty is void. 50 off 1 months ago Sands Chevy Oil Change Coupon ephovlanarro. For use with Light Duty Diesel EnginesSuperior Oxidation ResistancePromotes a Longer Seal LifeDO NOT us in Feb 21 2013 2 Feb 22 2013 GM plans two distinct categories of Dexos Dexos 1 for gasoline engines and Dexos 2 for diesel engines. 51 5 . 0L 2. Origin ln motorov syntetick olej OPEL GM SAE 5W30 Super Synthetic je pi kov syntetick lehkob n motorov olej kter byl speci ln vyvinut tak aby p ekonal n ro n po adavky nejmodern j ch motor koncernu GM a poskytoval jim jedine nou ochranu. Sometimes it is on sale. Cod MoS 2 particles can be shear welded on steel surface and some engine components were even treated with MoS 2 layer during manufacture namely liners in engines. Protects Turbochargers Our unique synthetic formulation is inherently stable to resist oxidation and neutralize acids. cam2. 50. Shop for STP Dexos Full Synthetic 5W 20 5 Quart Engine Oil with confidence at AutoZone. What do the numbers in 0W 20 mean The numbers refer to the weight and thickness or viscosity of Aug 14 2019 Dexos 2 certified oils meet requirements for gasoline and diesel engines and it was previously a more stringent test for the European Opel Saab etc. 38. GM Dexos2 5W30 1942003 DNS. To meet the dexos requirements an oil must typically be synthetic or a synthetic blend. 58 cart. Hello Mr. 99 qt when I ordered. 2240 . GM Dexos 2 The GM Dexos 2 specification is meant to be the replacement for both GM LL A 025 gasoline and GM LL B 025 diesel specifications for the European market. middot middot 0. This is an oil engine sae 5w 30 dexos 2 for bulk supply for Opel and Vauxhall automobiles. Item information GENUINE BRAND NEW SPEEDO SENSOR AUTO SUIT HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2. GM 5W 30 dexos2 Low SAPs nbsp dexos General Motors. Modes. 50 May 10 2019 Dexos 2 this may not be a absolute is for the EU market for gas and diesels engines. 2 Improved wear protection. All Products Find Your Vehicle FIND YOUR OIL. Our products are guaranteed to meet and exceed the latest and most stringent requirements from Ford Honda Opel and General Motors Dexos 2 engine oil specifications and include many tests which are not included in current industry standards. dexos1 Gen 2 The most current dexos1 specification dexos1 Gen 2 was released in 2015 to provide even Aug 03 2013 Dexos engine oil specification is designed by GM Powertrain engineers and is intended specifically for GM engines. Considering no tax free shipping with a 100 order and delivered to your door it 39 s a good deal for a full synthetic oil . Mar 28 2020 4x Image E Getty Images According to Edmunds. I can t believe the dealer won t soon be getting in a supply of Dexos 1 certified oil call around to other GM dealers . . Mobil 1 advanced synthetic motor oil is designed to deliver outstanding engine protection from the five factors that can damage engines over time and protect critical engine parts for up to 10 000 miles between oil changes . GM OPEL 100 Synthetic lubricant designed for GM OPEL and SAAB models fitted with Gasoline or Diesel engines. Apr 14 2020 The dexos specification is exclusive to General Motors and any oil carrying the dexos logo is suitable for meeting GM warranty requirements. The dexos specification and trademark are exclusive to General Motors LLC. 45 shipping From United ENGINE MOTOR OIL 5L DEXOS 2 5 Litres of Genuine Saab Fully Synthetic Engine Oil with the following spec SPEC ACEA A3ACEA B4ACEA C3API CFAPI SMBMW LL 04229. 871 nbsp dexos 1 dexos 2 Opel nbsp LongLife. Sinclair Full Synthetic GM dexos1 . It is also suitable for use in naturally aspirated petrol powered vehicles. 2 Noack Volatility loss ASTM D5800 10. 2859449 nbsp GM Dexos 2 SAE 5W 30 1 5W 30 kaskadauto. Take a look at the link posted above. They also exceed ILSAC GF 5 warranty requirements for use in other vehicles. cf. Dexos is a spec not an oil and there are lots of full synthetic oils that are Dexos certified. DexOS has two modes for interaction the graphical user interface GUI or the command line interface both of which are available to user from boot. 63. Napredna sestava in kakovostni aditivi pa zagotavljajo odli no za ito motorja in optimalno delovanje ter podalj ano ivljenjsko dobo filtra trdih delcev GM DEXOS 2 MB 229. If you are attempting to find with the fair price. 80 description ac delco 5 litre dexos 2 5w 30 engine oil part 19375049. GM DEXOS 2 5W30 Low SAPs . Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for Vauxhall GM Dexos 2 5W 30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5 Litres at the best online prices at eBay Free delivery for many products Sep 27 2019 Personally I wouldn 39 t use the Dexos 1 original as it was a blended oil and only part synthetic. It is a high quality synthetic blend oil. GF 5 is tested to meet API specifications. Valvoline is in court with GM because GM doesn 39 t even test the oil 39 s to certify that they are Dexos quot compliant quot . 3 newton metres per liter N m L of specific torque. i alyva u tikrina i skirtin valymo j g variklio apsaug nuo d v jimosi ir bendr apsaug bei padidina kuro ekonomij . The new product will be used for servicing all Vauxhall vehicles produced from the 2010 model year onwards in Dexos1 GEN 2 API SN RC Motorov olej ur en v hradn pro p movst ikov benz nov motory. Aug 04 2017 These performance upgrades are significant and MAG 1 0W 20 and 5W 30 Full Synthetic API SN GF 5 oils will be dexos1 Gen 2 licensed when production begins September 1 2017. It is designed for coders that want direct access to all hardware including CPU and graphics with well commented code and documentation. VW 502 00 505 00 505 01. GM OE dexos1 Full Synthetic Motor Oils are designed with high quality synthetic base stocks and top of the line additive technology to provide maximum protection for today s modern engines. products. Designed to meet the accelerating demands of modern engines May 30 2019 Mobil 1 meets Dexos 2 specs and is stamped on the bottle. Longlife engine oil and was nbsp GM 5W30 Dexos 2 5W30 5 . Where you 39 ll find these item is by on line looking stores Read the review on GM 5W30 5 30 DEXOS 2 FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE MOTOR OIL LONG LIFE 1 x 5 LITRES Now it is spacial price. Page 2 Revision Date 05 16 19 SDS Safety Data Sheet GulfTEC Full Synthetic Motor Oil dexos1 Gen 2 The highly refined mineral oil contains lt 3 w w DMSO extract according to IP346. approved motor oil is a state of the art advanced technology motor oil providing the highest level of engine protection available even under the most severe operating GM DEXOS 1 RB1A1214031 GM 6094M GM 4718M Honda HTO 06 suitable for use Turbo Charger Specification APPLICATIONS Hartland dexos1 Synthetic 5W30 meets the highest GM performance specification. Desmos offers best in class calculators digital math activities and curriculum to help every student love math and love learning math. May 23 2020 En el manual que debe ser dexos 2 el cual no existe en 0w20 es decir pasan de actualizar el manual aunque bajes la versi n 2019 43 que valen los 5L de 0w20 juas 43 euros en las web en la casa oficial te meten un estacazo que no veas. Balen 4 litry v plastov m kanystru DEXOS 2 5W30 FUEL ECONOMY LONG LIFE Spl uje n sleduj c normy Dexos 2 VW 502. 1942003 General Motors SAE 5W 30 Dexos 2 5 API SM CF nbsp Dexos 2 GM LL B025. dexos2 is designed for use with light duty diesel engines. 214 Sulfur wt. The dexos specification has gone through an extensive developmental and testing Mar 29 2018 I recently purchased a new GM vehicle 2018 Equinox w 2. dexos1 Gen 2 is the best option for your GM spark ignited gasoline engine regardless of make model or year. Supplier. Vhodn k pou it ve vozech s filtry pevn ch stic DPF atd. pz550042582. Oil thickening could lead to problems in pumping the oil through the lubricating passages of the engine resulting in engine damage. Now with all of this said using a standard automotive 0W 40 oil will not hurt your engine. V ko ku 0 ks Celkov cena 0 K Product line FLIUID TITANIUM TECH Version C5 Content litre 5 Specification ACEA C5 API SN ILSAC GF 5 Manufacturer Approval dexos1 GEN 2 MB 229. All GM engine oils are transitioning to this new formulation throughout 2017. Programs. turbo 4 cyl GM calls for Dexos synthetic blend 5W30 oil and we drive this car about 5 500 miles per yr I read a previous article that said that full synthetic may be more durable Kendall 39 s GT 1 dexos1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil NXGN meets GM 39 s dexos1 Gen2 specification. I bought the oil for my petrol 1. Olje izpolnjuje specifikacijo Dexos 2. ASTM Find the best oil and filter for your 2015 Gmc Trucks SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 5. mrtonneau. Designed to provide enhanced performance in turbo charged engines. In 2011 GM introduced their own stand alone specification quot dexos quot to meet the stringent requirements for their engines. STP full synthetic dexos motor oil contains a premium additive package scientifically formulated to help insulate your engine from the damaging effects of wear. Je vhodn pro automobily vybaven filtry pevn ch stic DPF . 00 nbsp Xenum OEM LINE GM DEXOS2 5W30 GM Dexos 2 MB 229. Product Details. 00 Engine Oil 1 Litre. According to GM it is creating Dexos for the sake of environmental protection increased product performance and greater ease of product management. Original General Motors GM Opel engine oil 5 W 30 Dexos 2 Fuel Economy Long Life successor of the GM 5 W 30 Longlife Super Synthetic. ACDelco dexos2 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the General Motors factory fill and required service fill motor oil for use in GM vehicles with diesel engines beginning with the 2014 model year. 5 gallon DEF which comes with a nozzle at Walmart. in my past cars I have always used and dome my own oil changes with mobil 1 with great success my 1997 grand prix gtp had almost 400 000 kms on it before I sold it And before that my Faz alguns dias que postei informa es sobre o novo leo da GM aplicado em seus ve culos de sua nova frota como tamb m em ve culos tradicionais Celta e Classic que a partir de 2014 j est o saindo de fabrica com enchimento do carter com o lubrificante Dexos 1 SAE 5W30 API SN ILSAC GF 5 Tecnologia Sint tica n mero original 98550154 para tanto at hoje est vamos procurando um The last couple of years we have seen updates to two of the oil specification categories common in the industry dexos and ACEA. Peso m ximo por expedici n 20kg. bad influence Registered. . Volum ambalaj 5L. Dexos1 Gen 2 has all the benefits listed above plus improved oxidation and deposit control. 51 MBOpel GM LL A 025Opel GM LL B 025VW 502. 0 out of 5 stars 1. 00 505. And if one uses the dealer then it is a non issue. 3 8. 8 8. Svi proizvodi Sve grupe Rasvjeta Retrovizori Karoserija Stakla Rashladni sustavi Ovjes i pogon Motor Dodatna oprema Uleiul GM dexos 2 vine cu noi specificatii GM LL A 025 si GM LL B 025 dar si cele vechi ACEA A3 B3 A3 B4 ACEA C3 API SM SL CF. Mar 15 2017 For the 2016 SS the owners manual is specifying using Dexos 2 5w40 for tracking the car. nbsp 16 2019 General Motors DEXOS2 Longlife 5W 30. Mar 07 2017 The Dexos seal means the manufacturer paid GM to get the certification. 2 Premium full synthetic engine oils engineered using cutting edge technology to meet the latest licensing requirements for General Motors and their global engine oil specification dexos1 Gen 2 Jump to navigation . SKU 95599581. Anda bisa mencari produk ini di Toko Online yang mungkin jual Oli Dexos 2. GM dexos2 oils are typically high HTHS 3. Opel 5W 30 ACEA C3 Buy cheap car engine oils amp lubricants GM dexos2. 5. The Dexos 2 oils minimize this problem. Its formula uniquely combines synthetic based oils and modern additive technology achieving excellent quality oil which combines fuel economy with less emission of The short answer is yes. SAE 5w30 SAE . 1 l 3. com PRODUCT BULLETIN CAM2 Synavex Full Synthetic dexos1 Enhance Full Synthetic dexos 1 Gen 2 Motor Oil This motor oil offers maximum protection against wear rust corrosion oxidative thickening acid formation sludge and varnish due to the synthetic base oils combined with carefully selected additive packages. My owners manual for my pickup truck specifically states that if you don t use dexos in nbsp INTERFACE 2 PC Mac DJ DVS DJ CLUB DJ rekordbox dvs nbsp . 51 . Dexos Oil Change Coupon. Not applicable. There are exceptions for track usebut use 5w 30 oil any of those that is Dexos 1 approved will work well in your engine. 00 nbsp GM 5W 30 dexos2 Low SAPs nbsp GM Dexos 2 5W30 5 95599405 TOPSTO. 8L engines used a 0W 40 Mobile One that met GM LL A 025 standards in the US market well before the Dexos certification become required. It 39 s a genuine General Motors part with an OEM part number 93165561 and Opel 92 Vauxhall kat code 19 42 007. 0 litres and produces a specific torque of 200 N Harga OLI Original CHEVROLET BERMESIN BENSIN DEXOS 1 gen 2 SAE 5W 30 GM TECHRp90. 500 Data diperbaharui pada 6 10 What you need to know about dexos The most current dexos1 specification dexos1 Gen 2 was released in 2015 to provide even higher engine performance and protection particularly low speed pre ignition LSPI protection in small displacement turbocharged engines. By developing their own specification they are effectively harmonising several global markets in which they participate . STARFIRE Dexos 1 Gen 2 FULL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OILS are state of the art advanced technology motor oils formulated with sophisticated additives to prevent sludge formation commonly caused by moisture and combustion byproducts. GM nbsp GM dexos . Product Name DuraMAX dexos 1 Gen 2 Full Synthetic Motor Oil s. B. Dexos 1 is for petrol driven engines meeting ILSAC GF 5 Resource Conserving specifications. Dexos 2 Dexos 2 Super S dexos1 provides the ultimate in performance and protection. It s currently a bit busy. Das ge nderte Anforderungsprofil f r Dexos 1 Gen 2 l sst auf eine berarbeitung des Dexos 1 in Richtung hochaufgeladene Benzinmotoren erkennen. 00 VW 505. Cari produk Oli mobil nbsp OEM Opel GM 5w30 Dexos2 . SAE 0W 40Sold as 6 One Quart BottlesMobil 1 motor oils offer a full range of temperature protection For cold starts the oil keeps flowing as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and it can withstand high temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Although Mobil 1 5W 30 motor oil is still recommended for many generations of Corvette ExxonMobil recommends upgrading to Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W 40 to help reduce oil consumption and provide maximum performance. Ulei motor GM Opel Dexos 2 5W30 5L. ASTM D4951 0. 01 Mercedes Benz MB229. zdexos 2 protects diesel engines from harmful soot deposits and is designed with limits on certain chemical components to prolong catalyst life and protect expensive emission reduction systems. API SL CF GM LL A 025 GM LL B 025. STP full synthetic motor oil will help keep moving parts within your engine protected in hot or cold operating temperatures. Dexos 2 is a more stout oil than Dexos 1 Gen 2. . It is a full synthetic formulation utilizing the most advanced additive technology available to meet the latest fuel economy standards while exceeding specifications for wear control cleanliness and sludge oxidation control and emission system and seal compatibility. 1 better cold weather start protection. GM dexos 2 5W 30 5l. This includes the existing dexos1 generation and now the new dexos1 Gen 2 specification. Designed using state of the art technology and with customers in mind. 8 800 nbsp GM Opel dexos 2 . 51 BMW Longlife 04 ACEA A3 B4 ACEA C3 API SM SL CF Olej GM 5W30 Dexos 2 poskytuje v kon a ochranu p i sou asn m sn en spot eby paliva. GM Dexos 2 Compare . Product Grades 0W 20 5W 30 . FOR 2. 99. I use the Dexos 2 rated oils and specifically this one in a Duramax diesel. Dexos II onayl d r. ks K pi 5w20 Gold Dexos Gen 2 Synthetic Blend 55 Gal . 55535 CR1 Fiat 9. 50 off 2 months ago Gm Dexos Oil Change Rebate Coupons Code Promo Codes. It 39 s made to preserve the engine wear. There are many oils that meet the Dexos 1 specifications. Agencia de transporte Correos. . . Please select an option from all drop down boxes before continuing. Check the specifications for your car model to make sure that the engine oil has the requirements that you need. 50 off 1 months ago Amazon has sands chevy oil change coupon Schumacher Auto Accessories for 50 off with clip coupon. The actual API rating is what you need to look at for non GM cars but that is part of the Dexos certification requirement. 079 Calcium wt. SAE 5W40 STARFIRE dexos 1 Gen 2 Full Synthetic Motor Oils are for use in all Buick Chevrolet Cadillac and GMC vehicles Gen 2 Full Synthetic Motor Oils are state of the art advanced technology motor oils formulated with sophisticated additives to prevent sludge formation commonly caused by moisture and combustion by products. According to GM the Dexos oil specification will decrease harmful piston deposits by up to 28 percent and improve fuel efficiency by up to 0. 55535 GSX WSS M2C947 A WSS M2C947 B1 dexos 2 is the recommended service fill oil for European light duty diesel engines and replaces GM LL B 025 and GM LL A 025. GM Dexos2 SAE 5W 30 nbsp General Motors Dexos2 Longlife 5W30 5 16. Castrol Edge 5w 40 is also listed as a dexos2 compatible oil. There 39 s Dexos 1 generation 2 and Dexos 2. by Vauxhall. Designed utilizing the latest technology this product by Merchant Automotive features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Discussion Starter 1 Feb 25 2014. The dexos 1 Gen 2 formulations are backward compatible to GM dexos 1 so these are all covered. Jul 02 2016 Test synthetic oils opel Vauxhall oil vs Eneos germany oil synthetic japan oil synthetic opel gm vs eneos multi premium 5W30 oils test Licensed Branders purchase fully formulated dexos oil from a Licensed Blender and repackage the oil under their own brand name s . dexos exhibits improved oxidation and wear performance o Improved oxidation means the oil better resists thickening. CAM2 dexos1 Full Synthetic 5W 30 Motor Oil is a superior quality engine oil specially formulated and licensed by General Motors to meet their new Global Engine Oil specification. Licensed Branders must comply with dexos Artwork Standards for product labels. 3. 0 DexOS has a FASM port text editor image viewer full TCP IP stack many games a web server and support for some sound and ethernet cards and other programs. Compare. No. Over simplified answer but if you Google it there 39 s a set of US standards and EU standards that have additional technical information on both. Para m s informaci n sobre el env o consulte nuestra tarifa de precios. suitable for petrol and diesel engines ExxonMobil s dexos licensed products will provide consumers with a strong product offer giving GM drivers more options when it comes to their motor oil. Aug 22 2017 Dexos 2 oil Discussion in 39 Engine amp Drivetrain 39 started by DLAv8r Aug 22 2017. The new GF 5 and GM dexos oils are superior to Kenne es auch so dass Dexos 1 nur f r Benzin und das neuere Dexos 2 f r Diesel mit Partikelfilter und Benziner geeignet sein soll. Ouch You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. Since dexos1 Gen 2 is fully backwards compatible with all pre 2018 model GM vehicles the previous generation of dexos1 generation will no longer be produced after this full transition. Ryan B. GM 93165557 Genuine dexos 2 5w 30 5 . These Dexos oils were introduced by GM in 2011 as new mixes designed to maximize the efficiency of the company 39 s vehicle motors. Dexos2 Engine Oil 5W40. Quantity. Thanks for the great column in the newspaper for so many years. In addition this new generation protects engines against a severely damaging phenomenon known as low speed pre ignition LSPI . 3 The dexos 2 standard is backwards compatible with the GM approvals GM LL A 025 and GM LL B 025 valid until 2010 meaning that engine oil of the dexos 2 standard can be used in practically all Opel models for which the dexos 1 approval is not explicitly required. MOTUL Specific 5W 30 Dexos2 Mobil nbsp GM Dexos 2 Longlife 5W 30 . 06 cart. 3L 8 cyl Engine Code C L83 2 and get free shipping. Dexos is designed to increase fuel efficiency extend the life of the vehicles emissions system reduce oil changes and extend the life of the vehicle. Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W 40 is the first and only dexos2 approved motor oil developed specifically for Chevrolet Corvettes. Dexos 2 nbsp GM Dexos2 SAE 5W 30 nbsp Dexos2 5W30 General Motors. Dexos 1 is GM 39 s specification for its vehicles 39 standard motor oil performance standards a significant improvement over GF 4 and GF 5 grade motor oils. com. 51 VW502. Dexos1 nbsp GM Dexos2 GM Motor oil 5W30 GM Genuine 5W 30 DEXOS 2 Opel Chevrolet 1 . Specification Dexos2 is also recommended for all cars requiring the former standards GM LL A 025 gasoline and GM LL B 025 diesel . nbsp GM Dexos2 5W30 1942003. Part of the offer will be Mobil 1 the world s leading synthetic motor oil brand with Mobil 1 5W 30 for dexos1 and Mobil 1 ESP 0W 40 for dexos2. 4T Elite Nav a Crossland X Auto Other things you might want to know about dexos1 Gen 2 engine oil So far 254 SAE 5W 30 products are GM licensed 186 SAE 0W 20 are licensed and only about 25 SAE 5W 20 oils have been licensed as dexos1 Gen2. Helps extend engine life even if severe conditions. I fear using Non DEXOS approved fluids with this new fragile turbo engine in case there is an issue whether it s the manufacturers fault or not. It 39 s licensed under a free to use license for commercial and non commercial use. 51 GM LL A B 025 VW 502. GM Dexos 2 5W30 4 93165556 93165556 . Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic motor oil 5W 30 helps to extend engine life for vehicles of all ages. ACDelco SAE 5W 30 Full Synthetic Dexos 2 Diesel Motor Oil 1 Quart 88865157 by Merchant Automotive . . If you have any questions please contact us at 412 365 1032 DescriptionDesigned for use with light duty diesel engines Dexos2 SAE 5W 30 full synthetic engine oil is our go to product for the 2. Dexos 2 fiyatlar dexos 2 modelleri ve dexos 2 e itleri uygun fiyatlarla burada. Contact CCA on how to become a Licensed Brander. 7 AUTO 2000 2006 CAM2 INTERNATIONAL LLC 685 HAINING ROAD VICKSBURG MS 39183 USA TEL 800 338 2262 www. Genuine Holden ACDelco Dexos 2 5w30 Synthetic Oil 5 Litre 19104984. 5 Zinc wt. 50 off Offer Details Gm Dexos Oil Change Rebate Coupons Code Promo Codes. Kendall GT 1 dexos1 Full Synthetic Motor Oils Gen2 are premium quality automotive engine oils specially designed to meet the performance requirements of the GM dexos1 Gen2 specification for gasoline fueled GM vehicles. 5 8. 9 0W 30 5W 30 Sulphated Ash ASTM D874 wt 1. Get yours online today and pick up in store. 2 cSt at 100 C 7. nbsp GM Dexos 2 5W30 5 General Motors. p ihl sit se . viscosity Operation 10 10 Vehicle Care Use of oils that do not oils meet the dexos specification however may result in reduced performance Harga Oli Dexos 2 terbaru Jika Anda ingin membeli Oli Dexos 2 namun masih bingung dengan harga yang ditawarkan berikut ini adalah daftar harga Oli Dexos 2 murah terbaru yang bersumber dari beberapa toko online Indonesia. 0079 Sulfated Ash wt. . SKU 95599581 Quantity Quantity Add to cart DexOS is a 32 bit operating system written in x86 assembly. Order ships free when this item is included and nbsp Partik l Filtresi DFP olan diezl ara lar i in uygundur. 5 TERMURAH Rp540. 51. . ACDelco 10 9129 Dexos 2 SAE 5W 30 Full Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil Duramax Ac Delco original oil filter Condition is New. Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2 what are the difference https www. In the proper weight range all the oils you mention are Dexos approved. When to use dexos You should use the dexos1 specification if you own a General Motors vehicles with a model year of 2011 and up. Hickl said that the engine used for wear tests in the first generation dexos2 which was launched in 2000 displaced 2. But most any quality synthetic blend or full synthetic is going to meet or exceed dexos standards comfortably if it also meets SN and GF 5 standards. DexOS is a x86 32 bit console like operating system coded in 100 ASM by Craig Bamford. You can have a rest and please slide to verify. Dexos1 is a way of ensuring that regardless of where GM vehicles are serviced those vehicles receive the same high quality oils to maximise performance. 5 amp 2. . It exceeds the ILSAC GF5 specification that went into affect October 1st 2010. Case 3 Mobil 1 Truck amp SUV Advanced Synthetic Oil 0w20 3x5 Quarts dexos gen 2. S. Dexos 2 is diesel and Euro gas engine oil. General Motors dexos brand of engine oil has been out since 2011. INHALATION FIRST AID If symptoms develop move victim to fresh air. 102638. Expect to pay about 15 20 percent over comparable GF 4 oils. Synonyms Engine Oil . Genuine GM Opel 5W 30 dexos2 Order cheap engine oil now Synthetic engine oil SAE 5W 30 Dexos 2 ACEA C3 API SN CF VW 502 00 505 00 505 01 nbsp Finden Sie Top Angebote f r Original Opel GM 5W 30 Dexos 2 Longlife Motor l 1942003 5 Liter 5W30 l bei eBay. Grade Class. 00 505. Motorov olej DEXOS 2 SAE 5W 30 5L . BEST ANSWER The product pictured Mobil 1 0w40 is not a dexos 2 product. Applicability. Available in quarts and drums in the following grades GM Dexos Synthetic 5w30 Oil is designed specifically for your GM engine. Product 950250530DX 950250020DX. Tom from Colorado here. The Genuine GM Dexos II 5W 30 is a fuel efficient. Reply Inaccurate Linda D Staff on May 31 2018 Feb 27 2020 At the beginning of the 2019 MY 01 18 the factory switched to Mobil 1 ESP 0w 40 Dexos2 for 3 reasons. 01 ACEA A3 B3 A3 B4 C3API SM SL CF BULK DISCOUNT dexos approved Mobil 1 5W 30 Mobil 1 15W 50 dexos approved Mobil 1 5W 30 dexos2 approved Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W 40 dexos approved Mobil 1 5W 30 Mobil 1 15W 50 dexos2 approved Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W 40 dexos approved Mobil 1 5W 30 Mobil 1 Racing oils must not be used in vehicles fitted with E Rod engines. I never miss any of them and they have excellent advice. 000 Harga PAKET OLI MESIN DEXOS 1 CHEVROLET SPIN 1. Always buy Pennzoil Euro L 5w30 at Walmart online or at store. It also replaces GM LL A 025 specification. 252 Boron wt. 12. 7 8. For pricing please call 847 608 7124. GM Engine Oil 5 W 30 Dexos 2 is a Vollsynthetisches engine oil of the highest quality that offer optimum fuel savings and motor protection. Dexos D 0W 20 and 5W 30 diesel engine oils for use in diesel vehicles. Dexos 1 Gen 2 is for NA market gas engines. Mekl 12 2 milj. I Dexos 2 is latest technology Engine Oil developed by GM for late model GM vehicles with petrol or diesel engines. GM stated that dexos was introduced to simplify oil selection and ensure increased fuel mileage. . GM Dexos 2 nbsp General Motors GM 5W 30 4 . Aug 15 2015 The dexos spec is a little tougher regarding NOACK or burn off rate of the oil and dexos does require some more detergent properties in the oil. 2 liter engines require 0W20 viscosity oil that meets dexos specifications. 2. If symptoms persist obtain medical attention. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost. 2014 Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel 202K Domenic 1986 Mercedes 300E 5 Speed odo broken Rammstein Sold and then repurchased 2017 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback 6M 7K Gordon 2004 Mercedes S430 4Matic 187K Kevin Going to be the daily grinder for now but I still love All Dexos 2 approved oils will have the bare essentials to meet Dexos 2 specs but some brands like Amsoil will have more properties that will appeal to those that might say it will make the engine last longer or they use it to prolong their oil change intervals. The difference in a GF 5 approved oil and dexos approved oil is testing. 5 quot Flo Pro Crossover AirDog II DF165 w tank sock delete TD Max boost controller OPS extension hose Glow Plug Harness Glowshift Maxtow gauges Boost amp Fuel Pressure Bolts 2 0 I only do 10 000 miles per year these days but I am happy to do an annual oil change although the service manual says that a Dexos 2 service interval is 2 years. The 5. Dispones de 14 d as naturales desde nbsp DiPO 2 2017 6 29 nbsp Numark Serato DJ Lite 2 amp DJ nbsp mobil 1 dexos 2 Dexos approved Gen 2. This has recently been updated to Dexos 1 GEN 2 for even better engine protection particularly against LSPI Low Speed Pre Ignition in GM vehicles. Licensed dexos 1 Gen 2 brands. So it looks like I needed Dexos oil and have bought Dexos 2 oil by mistake. 1. 01GM GM LL A 025 GM LL B 025BMW Long life 04MB 229 51VW 502. Our MAG 1 5W 20 Full Synthetic API SN GF 5 will continue to be available but will no longer carry the dexos1 certification after September 1 2017. 8L Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Duramax line of vehicles. GM Original Equipment Dexos 2 SAE 5W 30 Diesel Motor Oil 1 Liter 1. Provides excellent fuel economy while eliminating low speed pre ignition events in turbocharged engines. Symbols. Its special formulation combines the fuel economy in a longer useful life. Oils meeting GM Dexos 2 are required for vehicles manufactured from MY2011 onward but they are also backward compatible with older models. 06 Quarts by ACDelco . Dexos1 Gen 2 is a recent specification created by GM. Free shipping. Dexos is a GM proprietary engine oil specification that has been designed to Further improve fuel economy and fuel economy retention through improved viscometric properties that create less friction in the engine which allow the oil to maintain its fuel economy GM dexos 1 replaced GM s previous and now obsolete specifications GMLLA025 GM6094M and GM4718M. As an oil becomes more viscous or thickens fuel economy is reduced. Features added performance in areas important to its operation. nbsp 30 2018 Motul Specific dexos2 5W 30. I read since on the Internet that VX have brought out 2 Dexos oils Dexos for petrol engines amp Dexos 2 for diesel engines . GM OPEL dexos2 License number GB2A01020701. Dexos oil will have moylbdenum as an anti wear additive which is about 50 60 time more expensive to purchase than zinc which is commonly used at present. Its gradation specification covers Opel Longlife oil changes for up to 30 000 km also covers A3 B4 04 ACEA and API SL CF and then the most stringent and demanding. 1 Quote Share this post. ASTM D5185 0. Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W 40 is the first and only dexos2 approved motor oil developed specifically for Chevrolet Corvettes. 00. They are staying cutting edge adding engine tests and advancing their motor oil requirements to provide protection for the carm anufacturers who depend on them. dexos represents a high quality robust oil formulated to some of the most rigorous specifications in the industry. Oct 16 2017 Altra SHL dexos1 Gen 2 delivers enhanced performance in the areas of wear cleanliness and fuel economy in the latest TGDI engine designs exceeding the capabilities of market GF 5 oil. If you have an older car that you want cheap and reliable engine oil for Supertech is a great choice. 0 Phosphorus ASTM D4951 mg kg lt 850 Sulphur ASTM D4951 mg kg lt 4500 Evaporation loss NOACK CEC L 40 while Dexos 2 is for diesel engines and especially those with particulate filters and comes in 5W 30 0W 40 and 5W 40. All Dexos 2 approved oils will have the bare essentials to meet Dexos 2 specs but some brands like Amsoil will have more properties that will appeal to those that might say it will make the engine last longer or they use it to prolong their oil change intervals. 12 2020 1 2 3 GM Dexos2 5W 30 nbsp 10 2018 GM Dexos2 5w30 nbsp API API PERFORMANCES SN CF. They require the Dexos 2 for the same reasons to protect the residue of ash and sulfur from hurting the Diesel Particulate filters. 21 44 s DPH. Pln syntetick origin ln motorov olej pro automobily Opel. Rated 5 out of 5 by WillE from Decent price Was 3. 34. 4 ltr. Dealer service departments still apparently don 39 t have a lot of info in their computers for the LM2 yet. 8 nbsp Jual AC DELCO DEXOS2 SAE 5W30 dexos 2 Fully Syntetic dengan harga Rp129. 4L Ecotec IS a good engine but it must be filled with DEXOS and the oil change intervals MUST be Motorov olej Opel GM DEXOS 2 5W 30 5L. API SM CF ACEA A3 B4 ACEA C3 BMW LongLife 04 VolksWagen VW 502. Apr 26 2011 Dexos oil helps deliver increased fuel efficiency and reduced engine emissions. nbsp Cumpara Ulei motor Opel Dexos 2 5W30 5L de la eMAG Ai libertatea sa platesti in rate beneficiezi de promotiile zilei deschiderea coletului la livrare easybox nbsp Mobil1 123875 ESP Formula Dexos 2 Engine Oil 0W 40 6 Quarts made by Mobil 1 for as low as 54. com Dexos1 is an oil blend that General Motors created for gasoline powered vehicles and Dexos2 is the blend GM developed for use in its diesel engines. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of other makes and models. 2014 and newer Chevy Cruze diesel cars will require dexos2 motor oil. OPIS IZDELKA. There are two Dexos certifications which are confusing. Valvoline is still in court with GM over the whole Dexos thing. Application Passenger Car Light Duty PC LD Engine 1 0. Today s harsh driving conditions combined with modern turbo engine high temperature demands require top notch lubricant protection. nbsp 4 2015 gm dexos 2 longlife 5w 30_5l . 2017. ZEPRO 0W 20. Mar 21 2017 Generally speaking Dexos 1 is GM 39 s standard for gas engine oil. To confuse things further the local Vauxhall dealer service centre recommend a yearly not 2 yearly service even for Dexos 2 and also informed me that Dexos 2 is fully synthetic. Was Previous Price C 215. quot Selecting the Right Engine Oil Selecting the right engine oil depends on both the proper oil specification and viscosity grade. It fits for Opel and Vauxhall vehicles which were sold in the U. ZAVOLEJTE N M na 731 153 943 nebo si zbo rychle vyhledejte . MaverickZ71 575 MaverickZ71 575 Dexos 2 cena interneta veikalos ir no 5 l dz 34 kop ir 107 preces 25 veikalos ar nosaukumu 39 dexos 2 39 . GM dexos exceeds all current conventional and most synthetic blend oil specifications. Link to post Share on other sites. 51 VW 503 01 502 00 505 00 BMW Longlife 04. Buy It Now C 33. Engine oils approved to the dexos specification will show the dexos symbol on the container. Here 39 s what you need to know about GM 39 s motor oil spec. LSPI affects smaller turbocharged engines that are prone to deposits and pre ignition problems. Click to view Product The mark consists of a square containing a swirling design and the number quot 2 quot in the lower right corner of the square next to the word quot DEXOS quot . The 2017 Vette owners manual calls for Dexos1 oil except for the dry sump engines where they recommend Mobile 1 the GM4718m is an old spec. So I this found this fun combo. 8 2018 gm dexos 2 5w30 5 gm dexos2 oil Gmdexos2 2018 2 5w30 GM Dexos 2 5w30 1942000 93165554 1 . It is the ideal high quality chemical product for your GM and non GM vehicle and is manufactured to meet your expectations for quality and function. Brand Name Supplier Specification Viscosity License Number Region ACDelco General Motors dexos2 5W 30 GM201014530 Global ACDelco Diesel General Motors dexos2 Dexos 1 works for gasoline engine and Dexos 2 is for diesel engine and in some cases for gasoline engines as well. IMHO Requiring Dexos 2 for tracking seems like another hurdle in the warranty coverage program. Saabs 2. Dexos 2 2 Cycle and 4 Cycle Oils. In contrast the engine for the new wear test in dexos2 which was launched in 2013 displaces 2. ACEA C3 API SM CF GM DEXOS2 MB229. 5W 30 dexos 2 a fost proiectat pentru a asigura o putere de curatare marita o protectie mult Dexos 2 Dexos2 vs API CJ 4 Dexos 2 GM Dexos 2 Compare . FWIW The Dexos Gen 2 list seems to be oriented for the 2018 MY releases since it is effective Sept. Possible viscosity classes for dexos 2 are SAE 0w30 SAE 5w30 SAE 0w40 and SAE We retain the right to modify the general characteristics of our products in order to offer to our customers the latest technic al development Pace Performance offers the best pricing on products offered by GM General Motors . BMW Longlife 04. The more stringent dexos1 2015 standard also referred to as dexos1 Gen 2 sets forth the requirements for developing oils that can be used with today s advanced engine technologies. That is dexos1 which is recommended for gasoline engines. As inventory is depleted on this product it will be replaced by the newly formulated Kendall GT MAX Motor Oil that now meets GM s dexos1 Gen2 specifications. Buy on the merchant 39 s online shopping and read reviews. Including 19354306 ACDelco dexos2 Engine Oil 5W30 1 quart. dexos1 Approved. dexos 2