20 vs 12 gauge for pheasants

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20 vs 12 gauge for pheasants You can also shoot 6 39 s at close range first shot and then go down to 5 39 s for second or third shots. Jul 13 2019 So a 10 gauge is far bigger than a 28 gauge. Depending on how many people are playing will decide how many keepers their are. With geese coming in at 5 14 lbs vs a ducks 1. Clean kills at all reasonable ranges are the rule. Best specialty shotguns in 12 gauge Light smaller framed 20 gauge shotguns will have more felt recoil with heavy loads than 12 gauge guns with standard or light loads designed for reduced recoil. Just because you can fit a 12 gauge payload into the 3 quot shell doesn 39 t make a 20 gauge into a 12 gauge. 62 inches. Because manufacturers make them in larger amounts and sell in bulk they can offer 12 gauge ammo at lower prices. 2 pounds perfect for those long days walking the fields following your dogs and bagging pheasants. Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Shotshells use nickel electroplated high antimony lead shot to minimize shot deformation keeping pellets concentric for tight patterns and increased range as well as superb terminal performance. 5 or 8 in 7 8 oz loads but I occasionally see 1 oz loads or 9 and I 39 m looking for advice. We 39 ve taken snipe woodcock ruffed grouse sharptailed grouse and a few ducks and geese. I usually hunt with a 12 gauge though I grew up hunting with a 20 gauge. SKU GAUGE OR BORE SHELL LENGTH nbsp 23 Mar 2019 The 16 and 28 gauge have always enjoyed a much smaller but passionate following but for many a shooter the choice is between a 12 or 20 nbsp It comes chambered in either 20 or 12 gauge. Share this post The 20 gauge shotgun makes the grade as a top choice for all around upland gunning and waterfowl shooting over decoys. Jul 18 2018 The 12 gauge is simply too large for the 20 gauge to stand a chance in this area as the 12 gauge delivers more speed and power to the target. 410 bore and more at SCHEELS. Plus 20 gauge and new 28 gauge and . May 06 2020 I been hunting for 50 plus years starting with a 20 gauge then moved up to a 12 and even a few 10 gauges. One of the key differences between duck hunting and goose hunting is the size of the game. The load variety is high and despite a small premium in cost for some load options over the comparable 12 gauge loads the options for upland birds Shop shotguns in . It has a 20 inch vent rib barrel and adjustable fiber optic sight. May 25 2018 A 16 gauge would be fine for all reasonable shots. Either way I go with the lightest load that 39 ll do the job efficiently. Sep 04 2019 My 20 gauge o u is the same model as the 28 but with 30 barrels and I tend to use 1 oz. Apr 03 2020 Specifically designed for 12 gauge hunting Cons. But then I ve also heard 12 gauge is overkill for clays and will beat your shoulder if you have a long day at the clay range. Then a few years ago a major manufacturer delivered a case of ultra high speed 3 inch 12 gauge shells loaded with number 2 steel. Sep 27 2002 Sisley likes Franchi autoloaders 20 gauge for early season and 12 gauge for late. AA 39 s and the extremely fast for a 20 gauge Kent Tungsten Matrix 1 1 8 ounce three inch loads I decided on for pheasants. Taking the gun to the range. A chart is provided which depicts the best shotgun gauge choke barrel length and shot size for hunting game and waterfowl. Finally Barks. I 39 ll discuss the 20 and 12 gauges together. The last time I hunted with Duffey he shot a 20 gauge Red Label. Have you never made roast pheasant before Start with this Wine Marinated Pheasant dinner and you ll be pleased with the tender flavorful results. S. For example a handloader could load a miniscule amount of pellets in a 2 3 4 inch long 12 gauge shell to give it a lesser payload the amount of lead pellets measured in ounces than a 20 gauge shell. Weatherby Element Deluxe Shotgun EDX1228PGG 12 Gauge 28 in Vent Rib BBL 3 in Chmbr Semi Auto Grade AA Walnut Stock High Luster Finish 4 1 Rds 20 Gauge 26 Feb 06 2010 12 or 20 gauge will just do fine but i prefer the 20. The most popular gauges for upland hunting are 12 and 20. sharptails prairie chickens and roosters I 39 m a fan of the 12 gauge. Remington STS Primer Remington 209P Powder 17. It s important to keep your tires properly inflated not just for safety but also to optimize your gas mileage. Works just as well as a 12 gauge and doesn 39 t weigh as much. The loads I usually use on pheasants illustrate the compromises I have chosen. This makes the 12 gauge bigger than the 20 gauge. I carried a 7. Sixteen gauge shotguns use a shell slightly smaller than the 12 gauge shell but there is not a significant difference in the perceived recoil. I switch to a 12 gauge a few years ago and did not shoot more birds just carried more weight now I use the old 20 gauge again Dec 11 2019 The 12 gauge shotgun is the most versatile effective one gun solution for all hunting but that doesn t mean it s ideal for all shotgunning. Other factors like gun weight pads recoil reduction systems gun fit 3 inch shells vs 2 inch shells action of the gun and more contribute in a big way. The 16 gauge is absolutely the perfect shotgun he explains. Your dinner will earn rave reviews Home Recipes Ingredients Meat Poultry Wild Game Ready to try your hand at something new Then explore our elk recipes pheasant recipes and other w This recipe for crockpot pheasant with balsamic marinade will surprise your dinner guests and will especially be a hit with poultry lovers. Think of a large diameter water hose vs. Cheap 12 Gauge Ammo In Stock by Remington 2 3 4 quot 1 1 8 oz. 28 gauge a fairly low powered shotgun that s used commonly to hunt upland game like quail Nov 14 2011 Over the years I 39 ve learned that pheasant require a much different shell than other upland game birds. 5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews 2 ratings Current Price 9. Mojo 12 Gauge Choke Tube by 20 and they perform with lead or metal similarly well. 54 per round. While twenty gauges are good for grouse chukar and quail you re better off with a 12 gauge if you re hunting pheasants especially later in the season. A ring neck s determination to survive lies in the pheasant s favor. There is nothing the 16 gauge can do that the 20 can 39 t do as well in a lighter package. com 25 Rounds Apr 12 2020 Has anyone got a stocking of these shells in 3 hid away I know federal stopped making these. Possibly friendlier to smaller shooters. Guns specifically made for high birds. During that period he started out with a . I e killed thousands of quail with a 20 guage wild and pen. Just how I d planned it. It boasts more pellets than the 20 gauge and delivers far denser Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge 26 quot bbl w Simmons Rib GI 101521936 Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge 26 quot bbl w Simmons Rib Milled Steel Receiver Here is a used Remington 870 Wingmaster pump 12 gauge shotgun 2 3 4 quot chamber 26 quot barr Click for more info Aug 17 2017 Offered in 12 gauge 3 quot and 3 quot as well as 20 gauge 3 quot . I will use heavier shot for wild pheasants especially in the late season when they have been hunted and don t tend to hold tight once pointed. Brezny Shot size matters a whole lot. I use 7 1 2 loads or 6 shot loads. I bought 6 s this time but 5 s are great too. loads for pheasant and grouse species. 23 caliber . Also a remington pump that looked and functioned like the ithaca. Definitely not a 20 gauge is my favorite gauge for pheasants and upland birds. You hunt pheasants with a 12 gauge the old curmudgeon Jim Zumbo said waggling his big Mossberg Model 930 Pro Series Sporting semi auto right back For my purposes 1 1 8 oz. you 39 d better be selective with your shots or really good if you want to avoid a nbsp 6 Dec 2018 The Silver Reserve II also had two barrel options 28 and 20 gauge. It took a lot of years before I could afford that gun years in which I used 12 amp 20 gages. Now I may try my 20 this year but I am going to take the 12 as back up. Available in 12 or 20 gauge the Vittoria comes in 26 28 or 30 barrels for women of different heights and lengths of pull. In Grouse amp Woodcock A Gunner s Guide Johnson gives a partial list of the grouse guns he has owned over the years. I had a couple 12 39 s that I liked but my son 12 yr old at the time didn 39 t want to shoot the 12 39 s so I bought that 20. Jan 17 2013 We had a 20 ga. 410 and 12 Gauge MiniShells. Open cylinder chokes will put 80 percent of the shot pellets into a 30 inch circle at 20 yards and the pattern will be widely dispersed. I 39 m in a dilemma. Alliant Unique Wad Orange Duster Shot 7 8 oz. 357 Magnum as the default handgun round for personal protection. Ammo Board is your trusted online source to fulfill all your bulk ammunition needs. Shop for Best Price 12 Or 20 Gauge Shotgun For Pheasant Hunting And 12 Vs 20 Gauge Shotgun Recoil . Stoeger Condor O U in 12 gauge. 410 and comes with five interchangeable chokes. Since 1944 The Hunt Begins Here The 20 gauge features a 6 shot capacity and is chambered to 3 inches. He remembered liking the 16 gauge although for the bigger part of his life he shot 12 and 20 gauge. I tried several different recipes before creating this one using our favorite ingredients. We recommend the use with quot steel shot quot approved shotguns . The all around best pheasant load for shotguns might be 1 1 8 ounces of 5s exiting the muzzle at approximative 1200fps. 29 16 . If you start two 2 steel pellets down the barrels of two nbsp 30 May 2016 Shotgun Selection For high birds most Guns will opt for an O U 12 bore with 32 quot who are talented enough shots to tackle high pheasants with a 20 bore. 24 22 long rifle 20 ga. It s lighter and slimmer than the 12 gauge which makes it a faster handling gun and a more comfortable one to carry in pheasant fields and through briar patches. Recoil Because of their smaller size and low recoil both the 20 gauge and the 28 gauge are common choices for women and youths inexperienced or recoil sensitive The 20 gauge shotgun makes the grade as a top choice for all around upland gunning and waterfowl shooting over decoys. The number of pellets in the shot can cover a nice 10 to 15 inch diameter of kill zone at this range after patterning and penetrates up Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Shotshells use nickel electroplated high antimony lead shot to minimize shot deformation keeping pellets concentric for tight patterns and increased range as well as superb Page 1 2 Non Toxic Pheasant Loads by L. While 20 gauge guns provide an advantage to those planning on using them for sporting purposes ie carrying them all day in the field as defensive tool they just have less to offer Dec 05 2018 The 20 gauge shotgun features a smaller bore diameter of . When I think we are approaching pheasants cover I reload with 3 quot with 1 1 8 oz. 6 shot was the best of No. Aguila Target Load 20 Gauge Shotshells 25 Rounds 2 3 4 quot 7 8 oz 9 Shot 1CHB2039 Aguila Target Load 20 Gauge Shotshells 25 Rounds 2 Our Low Price 19. This gun does just what it should and looks just as it should . I liked them for doves too. if im pheasant turkey or waterfowl hunting i go with the 12. Most of the ammo that I 39 ve found has been 7. 2 3 4 quot 71 2 39 s. 6 on late season sharpies as well as for ring necked pheasant or blue grouse. This difference is due to the mass availability of 12 gauge shells. Apr 11 2014 It 39 s kind of punishing to shoot though. 45 ACP and . Pheasant Loads Non Toxic Bismuth Nice Shot 12 Gauge 2 quot 2 1 2 quot amp 2 3 4 quot 16 Gauge 2 1 2 quot 20 Gauge 2 1 2 quot amp 2 3 4 quot 24 Gauge 2 1 2 quot 28 Gauge 2 1 2 quot amp 2 Mar 06 2017 I also weighed twenty Winchester AA 20 Gauge 7 8 Ounce shells to see how they compare with the . Oct 11 2010 It has the weight of a 20 gauge but the pattern of a 12 gauge. 20 30 browningammo. If you buy from a link we may earn a commission. I use a Remington 870 shotgun and a Model 94 . Obviously the 12 gauge is the default for shotguns and for good reasons but the 20 gauge might actually be the better choice for home defense. It is also a deadly Pheasant gun as well especially when loaded with Kent Tungsten Matrix 5 39 S. 4 Ammo Federal Prairie Storm 20 gauge 3 6 shot. For my 20 gauge I often use 2 3 4 quot baby magnums which pack 1 1 8 ounces. I used to hunt pheasant with a 20 gauge OU and know it works Each box of PF ammunition that leaves the Federal plant will have a portion of the proceeds donated directly to Pheasants Forever. 5 killing circle with the 12 gauge and a 24 killing circle with the 20. Carlson 39 s Choke Tube Beretta Benelli Mobil 12 Gauge Flush Mount Replacement Stainless Choke Tubes Imp Mod Silver 16615 4. The Royal Pheasant range has copper plated lead pellets and will be available in a wide range of gauges 12 20 and 28 as well as magnum gauges 12 and 20 . 5 3. May 10 2019 Mossberg Bantam Super Turkey 20 ga. I m looking to find some in 20 gauge. Aug 24 2016 Half a century ago when a Montana kid just started hunting 20 gauge shotguns were considered appropriate for women and kids. I see federal has made Hevi Shot Hevi Hammer 12 Gauge Ammo 3 quot 1 1 4 oz 2 Shot ammo review offers the following information These shells feature 15 bismuth pellets layered over steel pellets to deliver more down range performance at a price you can use to fill your freezer and not need a second mortgage. buy the Pheasant loads amp save the money . A shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms but you need to match your shotgun shells to what you are shooting. Baschieri amp Pellagri Upland Oct 30 2010 Ithaca Model 37 pump in 16 gauge. Oct 12 2016 Though the 12 gauge with its wide selection of loads is king for many a lightweight 20 or 28 gauge is a better pick. Perfect for special occasions and even better served w Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Shotshells use nickel electroplated high antimony lead shot Cartridge or Gauge. One load fires 15 16 ounces of 7. The 20 gauge shotgun is a favorite of many shooters due its excellent handling and in guns of similar weight much lower felt recoil compared to the 12 gauge. load of 6s from a 20 gauge is no different than a 1 1 2 oz. or at nbsp 12 Nov 2011 A lightweight Remington 20 gauge was more than enough gun to bag with his beagles and his trusty Remington 12 gauge automatic shotgun. 20 gauge shotshells have a distinctive yellow hull to help prevent accidental and dangerous loading of shells into the wrong size shotgun. I 39 m betting that those 3 quot shell beat the h ll out of you too As the bore size gets smaller the center pattern density gets less and the effective range of the pattern gets shorter. If you ve got a 20 gauge that you like and it s working for Jan 18 2017 For several years before I started reloading 16 gauge shells I had the best luck with Fiocchi Golden Pheasant loads they are 1 1 8 oz at about 1310 fps. Since 1944 The Hunt Begins Here 12 gauge 20 gauge 10 gauge 16 gauge 410 gauge Shop all shotgun Optics. The weather was great even though the winds were building all morning and had reached almost gail force gusts by high noon. What 20 and 12 Gauge Load for Squirrel and Rabbit 3881979 12 25 12 01 18 AM Joined Sep 2010. A couple guys I hunt with a lot use a 28 gauge. What i remember about those older Ithacas was they could be slam fired and they had 2 and 3 4 inch chambers. May 25 2015 Great shells for use on Chukars and Pheasants out of a 20 gauge shotgun. Kansas pheasants don 39 t like the 20 I grew up in Eastern Colorado pheasant hunting and moved to Kansas about 12 years ago and I have killed many pheasants in both states with a 20 gauge. Pheasants Forever is a not for profit conservation organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasant and other wildlife populations in North American through habit improvement land management And although you might get an extra 10 to 20 yards using a larger steel shot in a 12 gauge for the most part you ll have the same firing distance with a 12 gauge or a 20 gauge. From my experience I would say A cylinder is designed for use when a pheasant is only 15 to 20 yards away. Twelve and twenty gauge shotguns are easy to find. The copper plated shot increase pattern performance and improves results in the field. 22 Feb 2017 Whether you hunt pheasant quail chukar or looking to try them all you It is available in 28 and 20 gauges and features beautiful engravings This exquisite piece is available in 12 gauge with either a 26 or 28 barrel. Sep 13 2011 I am a beginner when it comes to hunting and I 39 ve been looking at both 12 and 20 gauge shotguns for quail pheasant hunting here in Oklahoma. Rene Lalique 1860 1945 was a jewelry designer who worked in Paris betw Have you never made roast pheasant before Start with this Wine Marinated Pheasant dinner and you ll be pleased with the tender flavorful results. I know of a guy in Utah who decided to put himself out of his own misery with a shotgun. Apr 20 2018 The 20 gauge is probably the best choice seeing as how they dont make many 24 gauge guns out there lol. Privacy Policy Rene Lalique 1860 1945 was a jewelry designer who worked in Paris between 1890 and 1945 Country Living editors select each product featured. 5 lbs for a Mallard duck. 410. It s the bird hunter 39 s choice for wing crushing performance available in a range of gauges and shot size options as wide as the land you hunt. 99 Available The Official Carlson 39 s Choke Tubes web site if you are looking for the superior quality choke tubes and shotgun magazine extensions to help you perform in the field and on the range check out our web site for a complete line of Carlson 39 s Shotgun Choke Tubes and accessories. It s strong enough to take down waterfowl and light enough to handle smaller game like quail. I reluctantly did so and after seeing how those birds flushed and absorbed hits I am a believer in the 12 for pheasants. There are some limits to a 16 or 20 gauge but pheasants aren t one of them. 95 20. Model Number. An inveterate iconoclast from an early age I chose for my first shotgun a 12 gauge but with a 26 inch barrel and modified choke. 2 Jan 2019 Late season pheasant hunts can test the character of the hunter his or even 1 7 8 ounces of shot in 12 gauge or 1 ounces in 20 gauge. Sep 22 2015 For ducks though the 20 gauge is nearly perfect especially in the early season when smaller fast flying ducks like teal are numerous and before the regular goose season has begun. Also a preferred shotgun for bird and sport shooters it generally sells for less than a 12 gauge and is an adequate gun for the beginner. A year or more ago in these pages I made the suggestion that sometimes less Now I 39 m not going to ask you to trade your 12 gauge for a 20 gauge for a 7. 28 92 quot vent rib barrel 3 chokes trophy slugster rifled barrel with scope . Dec 02 2019 So what it is about the 16 gauge that has kept it alive all these years The standard saw is that the 16 carries like a 20 but hits like a 12 making it beloved among upland hunters putting in long hard miles every day. 5 Semi Auto Shotgun 12 Gauge 2 3 4 quot 3 quot and 3 1 2 quot 41095 28 Black Synthetic Jan 23 2016 I want a 20 gauge for doves and would like to also use it on pheasant. 12GPX5. 49 at Academy. The 20 gauge shotguns are light usually weighing one or even two pounds less than their 12 gauge counterparts. Jul 29 2019 The 20 gauge can be highly effective home defense gun and there are a variety of options available. I didn 39 t notice a lot of difference between the kick of the 12 and the kick of the 20. Pheasants 6 12 16 20 28 2 3 4 vs 3 vs 3. Purist one gun hunters that want a shotgun that can do more than just hunt ducks or deer. We d hunt quail pheasant doves he said. Here is a guide for upland loads that fit most situations. These are guns like the Perazzi HPX with 34 Aug 02 2018 The Instinct SL Over Under shotgun from Franchi is a fine gun to bring into the grouse woods. Probably more upland game has been shot in the last 40 years in America with a 12 gauge Remington Model 1100 than with any other autoloader. The biggest factor in my opinion is what gauge will you be using. Squirrel Hunting season is here and I wanted to do a breakdown of my squirrel hunting shotguns. lead Our Kansas hunting lodge is located just north of Kinsley Kansas. See full list on doublepranch. Certainly they are the most popular. There are many types of thickness gauges to choose from. 29 20. The alloy receiver keeps weight to an absolute minimum the 12 gauge version of the gun weighs in at just 6 pounds. We were pheasant hunting last fall on Scattergun Lodge s superb preserve east of Pierre S. I loves my 28 s but I loved my LT 20 1100 and 1187 s on the same or very similar frame size in my youth days. Henry Golden Boy Lever action . 410 bore. Today he favors a 28 inch Browning Cynergy Field 20 gauge over under style His go to firearm for pheasant hunting is a Beretta 686 Onyx 12 gauge over under. But a shotgun s pattern also depends on the load or shell chosen. Can a 20 gauge bring down a pheasant at 30 yards Can it be done with a 2 3 4 quot shell Can I do it I 39 m a little insecure about a switch from the reliable 12 ga with its 1 1 4 oz loads in 2 3 4 quot shells to a 20 gauge shooting loads as light as 1 1 8 oz or 1 oz. Available in either flush or extended lengths Stoeger choke tubes designed for their double and single barrel guns like the Coach Gun Condor or double defense amp semi automatic and pump shotguns like the M300 M3500 P300 amp more. For example the Federal Premium s 2. It s decked out in Mossy Oak Obsession camo weighs 7. As you can see in the photo below comparing 12 gauge vs 20 gauge shells 20 gauge shells are considerably smaller than 12 gauge shells. CZ 712 in semi auto 12 gauge. This sporting model gives people multiple length options in 12 and 20 gauge models 26 inches and 28 inches and a new 16 gauge 28 inch version as well. Do not try to mix the 12 gauge shells with a 20 gauge gun or vice versa because it could damage the weapon as a result. the 20 is a good gun and i prefer it over the 12 for rabbits. Contact Form P. I am leaning more towards the Benelli only because it has the shell release feature that the Remington does not but either seems to be a good choice. When choosing a choke for quail more open is usually better. Other than for Goose hunting I prefer that 16. 45 70 factory loads it becomes obvious that the 20 is plenty for the biggest buck in the woods. Browning Belgium Shotguns Over Under Side by Side Double Automatic O U Superposed O U Superposed Diana O U Superposed Exhibition O U Superposed Midas O U Superposed Pigeon O U Superposed Pointer O U Superposed Presentation A5 Semi Fiocchi Golden Pheasant in 5 early and 4 later in the season. P. 20 gauge for grouse and woodcock. If you hunt birds without a dog or hunt ducks you 39 ll want the 12ga. 5 . 20 Gauge Pheasant Loads Compared. 500 12 ga. Eight different twenty gauge shotshells were given a rough pattern comparison at a laser verified forty yards. In the beautiful rolling hills of Oregon I spent several days enjoying some of the best hunting for pheasant chukar valley quail and Hungarian Partridges. My hosts thoughtfully provided me with a Ruger Red Label shotgun in 28 20 GAUGE 28 GA 410 GA A gas operated 12 gauge shotgun the Mossberg 930 is available in several variants and boasts a rugged build and dependable performance. Jan 22 2015 It s a no nonsense and no brainer 12 gauge O U. The 20 gauge 39 s lighter weight makes it a popular choice among hunters who cover a lot of ground and its recoil is minimal to nonexistent. 28 Nov 2018 Now we are into the pheasant season just what is the perfect cartridge For the 20 bore game shooter we recommend the 28g No. The 20 gauge shotgun is the next most popular size being favored by shooters uncomfortable with the weight and recoil of a 12 gauge gun and is popular for upland game hunting. 410 20 and 12 gauge for grouse. See full list on orvis. 410 Hunting Discussion. Refine by Gauge 16 Gauge Upland Pheasants Forever High Velocity 12 Gauge. They were good quality guns. The most economical steel shotshells in 12 gauge are those that come in one ounce payloads and that is what the CONSEP pheasant test investigated. I used the fives. The Red Label was primarily intended as a sporting shotgun for waterfowling upland game hunting as well as in skeet and sporting clays . While that s definitely a solid option to tote around in the woods with you there isn t any reason you shouldn t consider a 12 gauge for grouse hunting. But the 12 gauge is the most commonly fielded gun period. Nov 14 2014 WORLD 39 S BEST TREE FELLING TUTORIAL Way more information than you ever wanted on how to fell a tree Duration 45 25. We re doing it Letterman style 10 to 1. Well maybe not so much but we ll take it Mossberg Mod. I know they game wardens use magnets to check to see if your ammo is in compliance. First pheasant trip I carried it and exploded numerous roosters that flew off. 15 pounds with 28 inch barrels it is one of the lightest 12 gauge over unders available. When I was out on the East Coast I got involved with Turkey shoots. If you are hunting on a pheasant farm where the pheasants have never flown before or were made dizzy and placed in a spot you can use anything. Box 171073 Kansas City KS 66117 Monday Friday 9am 4pm Central 800 955 4486 Nov 22 2013 If I have a choice and am going to hunt pheasants a 20 gauge is my first choice. Shot a ton of pheasant with HB Winchester 5 in my 12 and 20 and 6 in the 16 39 s . Beretta recently introduced an over under with its receiver scaled perfectly for the 28 gauge shotshell and if I were in the market for a new gun it is the one I would buy. High end Browning shotguns for sale. Why are 20 gauge shells yellow 12 and 20 gauge are by far the most commonly used shotgun gauges. These can further be classified based upon the size and number of pellets included in them. The sixteen gauge lacks the power of the 20 gauge and you have the same size package. Benelli s M2 Compact 12 gauge comes in a 26 inch barrel and the 20 gauge model comes with a 24 inch Just before the season opened I managed to get my hands on a good supply of the new Kent ammo in 12 and 20 gauge loads. If you miss you won t wish you were using a 20 but if you miss with a 20 you might well find yourself thinking you stood a better chance with a 12. Designed for pheasant and the perfect solution to increased non toxic shot requirements on public hunting grounds. What else are you The most commonly used and suitable gauges for home defense are 12 and 20. load of 6s from a 12 gauge other than speed and a turkey will never be able to tell whether it was shot with a 12 gauge or a 20. Available in No. 662 The 16 gauge is an upland classic squeezed ballistically speaking into a tiny overlapping niche between the 3 quot 20 gauge and the 12 gauge. 410 I 39 ve seen nbsp 2 Feb 2013 In my estimation pheasant hunters are largely gear junkies and that gear in priority of importance 2 Shotgun Beretta 686 Onyx 12 gauge over under with skeet chokes in both barrels 1 Bird Dog Labrador retriever . My wife even shot a scotch double ON GEESE with her 20 gauge loaded with 5s Product Title Mtm S25D41 Shotshell Box 25 Round Flip top 12 20 Gau Average rating 4. I would rather use more shell than is needed and drop the bird like a rock than deal with cripples and runners. boresighters scope mounting kit bubble level accessories Shop all mounting tools mounts and bases. _____ The last thing your 20 gauge O U should feel like is a 12 gauge semi I have used it for pheasants quail chukar grouse ducks geese rabbits and squirrels The 20 gauge features a 6 shot capacity and is chambered to 3 inches. Ive heard 26 is much too short to have a smooth swing and it makes the gun too snappy. inch compared to . 410 for most of Mar 30 2002 in your opinion what is the best gauge shotgun for pheasant and why i have both a 12 and 20 that i use. It is available with a 26 28 or 30 inch barrel. shotgun in truck at all times survival gun Later produced CNC cut engraved 28 gauge gold Woodcock 20 gauge gold Grouse 12 gauge gold Pheasant and 12 gauge All Weather gold Duck. From what Apr 15 2018 I have an 20 Gauge CZ Drake over under . or any dog that loves to hunt. 10. 1These findings are derived from testing 3 20 gauge 2 quot 3 and 3 quot 12 gauge and 3 10 gauge steel loads plus 3 20 gauge and 2 and 3 12 gauge HEVI Shot loads. 5 The pheasant rises from the cornfield in a startling explosion of beating wings. Shop our selection of 20 gauge steel shot ammo and 20 gauge ammo with prices you can 39 t find anywhere else amp get free shipping on orders over 99. Apr 22 2020 Similarly people will use a 12 gauge for small game hunting like rabbits and squirrels. 6 mm or . Sep 23 2010 I enjoy early season pheasant hunting with the 28 gauge and the Improved Cylinder and Modified chokes of the AyA make it a better choice for that. 5s or 6s. How do you find the right tire gauge There are so many options that it can be tough to choose but the The Pheasant Game 584 4 4 So basically it s a move then stop game. Sometimes a 20 gauge and even a little 28 gauge can be the better tool. In any given outdoor store you ll find the widest spectrum of 12 gauge shells and it s likely that 2 out of every 3 hunters you come across in the upland field will be lugging 12s. Quote nbsp 6 Sep 2016 What 39 s a pheasant hunter to do in the middle of spring Both styles have advantages over other types of guns and versus each other. Ship to Address 12 Gauge K123UFL50 5 BOX 5 Lead 1330 3 quot 25 Rounds The hardest lead we make for hunting stays rounder flies truer patterns tighter for greater penetration. Please remember where I hunt few pheasants sit long enough for a pointer to work. Eight different twenty gauge 12 gauge combinations we 39 ve evaluated in the past. 4 pounds the Featherlight 16 gauge is oddly only an ounce or two shy of the 12 gauge model s weight. This recipe is terrific. 410 bore 12 gauge 20 gauge and more. So my favorite shotgun for most of the pheasant hunting that I get to do is a 20 gauge over and under choked improved cylinder and modified that I May 14 2016 12 gauge is such a popular shotgun shell that most of the time when people are talking about their pump action or semi auto shotgun the gauge is completely left out. D. Joan Mihalko Elkton South Dakota My husband hunts so we have a freezer full of pheasant. the choke for that gun is modified. If my dog finds quail I 39 ll shoot that load on the covey rise then put in a spreader load and go after the singles. 20 gauge ammo shotgun can be used for everything from hunting and trap shooting to self defense. 410 models are also offered all under 5 pounds. If you move and he she sees you you re out for a certain amount of tim Find pheasant recipes videos and ideas from Food Network. I too went through a 20 gauge low pressure binge quite a few years ago and found the following load to be about as low pressure 1 200 fps load as I could come up with in an STS case for the 20 gauge at that time. Jul 22 2018 Even comparing standard 12 gauge hunting loads against standard 20 gauge hunting loads lighter felt recoil in the 20 is still only a maybe. I to am highly educated with a PHD Public Highschool Diploma . Set up with the ShurShot stock and a 20 inch barrel the SPS holds well against your shoulder and is rock steady in your hands. 6 as the tighter 12 bore pheasant load would be a 30g fibre wad in either a 5 or a 6 shot. Most of the older guns Parker Foxes Ithaca and Smiths made 16 gauge guns and most were chambered 2. May seem expensive on the surface and may seem to be not specialized enough for some hunters This is best for. Wholesale Hunter has a full selection of everything from bird to buckshot and even specialty shells like breaching rounds or blanks in . Jan 04 2011 When it comes to hunting deer with a shotgun 12 gauge sabot loads deliver a heavier blow but when we consider that some 20 gauge loads are not too far behind the performance of 300 grain . As tested and used it produces approximately 85 40 yard patterns meaning an average of 12. 615 inches. I waggled the little 28 gauge semi auto under my old buddy s nose. For Ready to try wild game recipes Then explore our elk recipes pheasant recipes and other ground wild game recipes. For this reason they are also the most likely to get mixed up. Sep 18 2014 If the vital area of a departing pheasant is 4 x 4 just a guess you have a 26. Best of all this Kent shotshell is a nbsp A 12th birthday gift from my grandfather a twenty gauge shotgun in the form of a become my go to gun for skeet sporting clays doves chukar and pheasant. Refine by Gauge 20 Gauge 16 Gauge. Sadly I knocked down a lot of birds but 80 were runners a broken wing the main injury. 729 inches. 8 grains each. Nickel Plated 25 Rounds available at a great price in our 20 Gauge Shells collection I use Rio Game Loads in 20 gauge 5. They run like the wind and jump when they get about 40 50 yards away from you. Like the 12 gauge 20 gauge owners also have access to a wide variety of shells for any situation. A few months later I added a second shotgun which was a 20 gauge. 729 for the 12 gauge the 20 can be a joy to carry afield. The bores are bright with no dings dents rings or bulges. Mar 15 2014 The Pheasants Forever Facebook page had an article today from the Shotgun Life website about the capabilities of the 28 gauge killing pheasants. The de facto standard heavy field load shotshells contain 1 1 4 ounces of lead in 12 gauge 1 1 8 ounces in 16 gauge and 1 ounce in 20 gauge. I shoot a 20 though but when I used a 12 for pheasants it was the same. Dec 28 2016 The last observation might be the difference between 12 and 20 models though. Like the 535 this gun features an adjustable stock delivering the perfect rig for big and small shooters alike. What I think the author Ron Spomer suggests is that in his experience the 28 is as capable as the 20 or the 12 in cleanly killing pheasants and maybe more so. 8 foot Oct 12 2014 20 guage for quail and a 12 guage for pheasants. Available in a variety of 12 16 20 and 28 gauge loads. mounting tools. E. The remington was a 12 ga. 5 2 9 16 2 5 8 etc It is a tremendously effective cartridge reduced recoil with a great pattern on upland game. To view this site you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript capable browser. The smaller bore was better suited for grouse woodcock quail and other smaller birds. in 12 or 16 gauge and 1 oz. 410 3 4 oz shells and Aguila 12 Gauge MiniShells I d like a 20 gauge in a 28 barrel but their only option in 20 gauge is a 26 . a full choke the pattern would be significantly smaller the full choke pattern reduces your chances of hitting the bird. Since it 39 s large enough to successfully kill at a range of 50 yards or more when used in a 12 gauge shell 5 lead shot is a very popular and widely used load for pheasant and duck hunting around the world. The 16 and 20 gauge models are options. Definately keepi The pheasant marinade for this recipe is full of flavor. Winner In essence the . Ac Click for more info Fiocchi Golden Pheasant Ammunition 20 Gauge 3 quot 1 1 4 oz 7 1 2 Nickel Plated Shot Box of 25 Our price 19. 1 ounces the 20 Gauge shells were 6 ounces heavier than the . With a buckshot load the standard 20 gauge shell will fire 20 pellets of 3 buckshot approximately . For Oregon mixed bag hunts for quail and pheasants over dogs I use a 20 gauge O amp U. 5 shot is my personal favorite for pheasants regardless of the gauge of the gun. I normally load up with 8s for quail with imp cyl under modified. All shells were fired out of a six pound 24 inch barrel Benelli M2 20 Comfortech autoloader. The 28 gauge also has been my go to gauge for trap and sporting clays. I can 39 t see 1 1 4 oz of 4 or 5 2 3 4 quot shells not clobbering ducks at the ranges I plan on shooting. Here s how the 20 vs 12 gauge discussion breaks down Spread The 12 gauge certainly wins when it comes to spread. StockFood Getty Images When Americans think of poultry chicken is far and away the first thing that comes to mind followed by turkey. Dead bird. It s worth looking at some of the differences between the world s most popular shotgun shell the 12 gauge and the more slight 20 gauge. Comes standard with auto ejectors barrel selector auto safety and a set of choke tubes. That made a huge difference to the balance. It depends on the shotgun gauge you are using. 410 each gauge built on its own size frame. Available in both high velocity and magnum loadings in either 12 or 20 gauge Nitro Pheasant gives you the maximum pattern density and lethal energy needed to bring down these tough birds. Jul 17 2020 Whether shooters are using a 28 20 16 or 12 gauge shotgun pheasants seem to be able to take a good hit of pellets and keep moving. Jul 13 2011 Pheasants If You Can 39 t Use Lead Shot KENT TUNGSTEN MATRIX WATERFOWL 23 4 INCH 12 GAUGE 11 4 OUNCE NO. A Weatherby W embossed in the middle is another touch of class. 75 quot 250 Rounds 1 oz. I don 39 t go any smaller than that even on the pen birds here in WI. handheld scopes Shop Item Number Barrel Length Stock Overall Length Average Weight MSRP Affinity 3. We also have a 2 bed bunkhouse for more room in needed. Sportsman 39 s Guide has your Fiocchi Golden Pheasant 20 Gauge 3 quot Shells 1 1 4 oz. The 20 gauge is the best of both worlds enough shot to bring down the larger upland species but still lightweight enough to carry all day long. And a compromise is what all shot size load selection is as to have the maximum effective spread at 50 yards with a shotshell necessarily means we have a Oct 13 2018 When choosing Shotgun Shells for Pheasants there are many factors to consider. The video below shows the effectiveness of hunting pheasant nbsp . The 10 Gauge lodge now has 6 bedrooms 2 lofts 6 bathrooms comfortably sleeping up to 22 guests. About the only time I want to use my 12 gauge for pheasants is when I hunt in waterfowl areas and have to use non toxic shot. A 1 1 2 oz. To the extent that a 20 gauge helps you be more ready it is an advantage. I 39 ve been using leftover Pheasant loads though Feb 26 2018 Those are some of the reasons why I typically suggest a 12 gauge with low recoil ammo rather than a 20 gauge for anyone who s in the market for a home defense shotgun. Sep 15 2018 Just this one time. com Backridge ITX13. I know that I need to pattern the load I 39 ve patterned the stuff I 39 m running and I don 39 t see much variance . 95 Sep 22 2017 I conducted a quick and dirty experiment by taping two 12 gauge shotshells weighing about 3 ounces to the Ethos barrel just in front of the forend. with the 12o u or at least the 20 as for difference pen or wild not enough difference nbsp 7. Hevi Shot Pheasant Balanced payload packing sufficient power and velocity with a more open pattern perfect for targeting a flushed pheasant. What you are running into is the fallacy of the 3 quot 20 gauge. Many many many rabbits and partridge and pheasants have gone down to the 12 gauge and been perfectly suitable for eating world wide over the last hundred years or so. Mid Priced 800 1 500 16 Gauge . Oct 24 2011 A typical 12 gauge 7 1 2 pound muzzle heavy autoloader does not make for an ideal upland gun. 615 The 20 gauge is a capable upland performer with a 7 8 ounce of shot. As a matter of course you are going to have a slimmer trimmer barrel forearm and receiver with a 20 gauge than possible with a 12 even a 12 gauge of the same weight which most are not. Jan 02 2019 The 12 gauge shell is available at 0. Mossberg 500 pump in 12 gauge. Savage Mod. I 39 ve shot a fair few grouse with a 12ga and it doesn 39 t shred meat like you 39 d think I run 7 If a partridge of pheasant is hit close in the body it doesn 39 t really matter what nbsp 9 Aug 2010 While the 20 gauge double shotgun has historically been Of course the 12 gauge is adequate and then some for all upland situations. Michigan upland hunters walk a lot and shoot a little. So the rules are that when the keeper sees you u have to be still like a statue. com. And if you really want to cut down on recoil take a look at a quality semi auto 12 gauge like the Beretta 1301. 27 per round while the 16 is 0. Rio Royal Pheasant Copper Shotshells 20ga 2 3 4 quot 1oz 1250 fps 6 25 ct. As with the Ruger 10 22 every gun owner should on at least on 12 or 20 gauge shotgun. of copper plated 6. If you want a 20 ga later for quail dove and pheasant you can get one. 410 and passed through a 16 gauge on his way to a 12 gauge. They seldom wait for a dog to jump them. 12 Gauge. All he managed to do was blow his face off. Their high velocity and long range performance are just right for any pheasant hunting situation. For pheasants especially a going away shot where most birds are lost I use a 12 gauge full choke. Sep 17 2020 Note many of the variants tend to be at 100 to 125 of the base cost of comparable 12 gauge shotguns for some models because the 20 gauge shotgun does not sell through as many total units. 5 Shotgun Shells for Ducks and Geese. Dec 31 2014 The Browning Citori Lightning Grade I 20 gauge with 28 barrels carries a manufacturer s suggested retail price of 1 989. And that s how it happened. The 12 and 20 gauge in both brass and steel ship with a Modified Choke using Rem Choke style threads which delivers a versatile shooting pattern for shooting at 25 45 yards ideal for squirrels rabbits pigeons doves partridges grouse pheasant and wild flushing quail at medium range. shooting 1 1 8 ounces of copper plated 5 shot Jan 15 2013 The M2 Compact also comes with a set of shims for adjusting the buttstock s drop and cast. It is available with a 26 28 or CZ Model All American 12 gauge three inch chambers with ejectors 30 quot ported barrels vent matte rib with middle and front white beads. Re 20 gauge vs 12 gauge on Pheasants Re DillWeasel 3033785 05 13 09 20 Gauge Pheasant Loads Compared. The more pellets headed toward your target the better your chances of putting one in a turkey 39 s vitals. Past this you ll start having gaps in your pattern. loads at pheasants I would leave the 20 gauge at home and shoot 12 gauge 1 1 4 oz. 28 Gauge for grouse and woodcock if you are bored with the 20 and live next door to Mr nbsp 22 Aug 2010 If so do you use 2 3 4 quot or 3 quot shells and what sie shot They all use 12 gauges and seem to think the 20 would be okay but none of them have nbsp 29 Aug 2019 For partridge or pheasant Thomas believed that No. This is a simple and delicious grilled pheasant recipe that uses wine citrus and garlic as the base flavor components. com The full choke 12 gauge was the hands down favorite for taming South Dakota s feral pheasants. Posts 339. And the oft forgotten 16 is perfect for the uplands. Yes he survived but he has a tube in his stomach so they can feed him and a little hole where his nose used to be Buy Stoeger Industries chokes online now at the official Stoeger Industries Online Store. for a Gun 39 s occasional foray high bird shooting in Devon or Wales will be nbsp Archive Grouse 20 gauge or . SCHEELS Apr 18 2016 The 12 gauge 870 SPS Super Mag Turkey edition is a longbeard slayer. A duck can easily fly through these empty spaces without getting hit. Ammunition for the 20 gauge is also less expensive which means you can practice more. com Sep 10 2018 With 24 percent greater density than steel and more knockdown power these cartridges feature a new high performance hull assembled with a thicker metal head and a new basewad developed to produce more reliability. 25 pounds and stands at 36. At 692 it s a basic but functional over under. Sep 23 2012 Mag loads are the equivalent to 12 gauge 2 3 4 quot but with a longer shot string. The 3 is needed as the birds are getting up further out and making sure a clean kill occurs is paramount. just 6. Upland Pheasants Forever High Velocity 12 Gauge Important Safety Information WARNING Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects reproductive harm and other serious physical injury. Case 20 ga. Don t miss the latest recipes delivered to your inbox daily. The Alaskans hunched through a rain shower that passed just before a flock wandered in. The next most popular sizes are 28 gauge and . 5 pound 12 gauge this year and it was fine but I certainly noticed the weight a lot more than I did when I was younger. This product is studied for the lovers of this gauge and high performance at long distances. . Some will say the 16 is a dying gauge and currently the least popular amongst most shooters. a smaller one. It really depends on what you 39 re looking for. Without that option I shot three inch loads out of the 20 gauge that were nbsp 12 gauge for pheasants. More about us. 12 gauge 20 gauge . It employs a two trigger system that saves on costs even if it takes some time getting used to. O. Stauton VA. UPLAND LOADS. Javascript is disabled on your browser. Moving on to the 20 gauge some hunters prefer this one because some guns chambered for it feel and handle a lot better. While pheasants have bee Until I met my husband an avid hunter I d never cooked or eaten pheasant. 1 1 4 ounces is a standard 12 gauge pheasant load. 2s or 4s Backridge is also releasing options in 10 16 20 and 28 gauge as well Just about all my pheasants for the last 30 years driven and flushed have been have been shot with an IC choked 20 12 ga with 1 1 8oz of 6 in a premium game load. PF154 7. Opening day of the South Dakota resident pheasant hunt was full of optimism. The 3 quot 20 gauge is far more versatile and a better choice for wild pheasants IMO. Sixteen percent denser than lead the 3 quot ITX13 hits harder than steel or bismuth so if you 39 re shooting straight ducks die with one shot. The 20 gauge has a diameter of 15. 20 Gauge K202UFL28 6 6 Lead 1255 2. Premier Waterfowl Hunting Shotguns from top brands like Benelli Winchester and Beretta. Some places have rules against lead shot. Nov 01 2016 If you 39 re looking to shoot magnum 5 39 s at wild pheasants the 12 gauge is your BFF if you want to shoot 8 39 s or 9 39 s at grouse and woodcock in Michigan reach for a 28 20 or 16 or down load a 12 gauge with light loads. 68 hits to a 20 inch square target. 410 is a 39 man 39 s gun 39 but that description was reserved for the shotgun I first bought a 12 gauge. The 20 gauge would offer some weight savings in ammo and gun in whatever action type you prefer. The second most important factor is choke tube choice and barrel length. Some 16 gauges carry like 20 39 s and hit like 12 39 s but other carry like 12 39 s and hit like 20 39 s. For example a standard 12 gauge 4 buck shotshell contains 24 pellets of 20. It s available in 12 20 and 28 gauge and . 12 Gauge vs. 22 long rifle 22 shorts best for small game rabbits and squirrels also quiet enough to not scare Big Blue dog . All the ammunition products listed on our website is always in stock amp ready to ship. 99 0. I always thought if I was to buy a 12 gauge over and under it would be a Weatherby to match my 20. Dripping Martha popped a jake handed the 20 gauge to Elli and she shot another jake. Savage Stevens Model 311B SxS in 20 gauge. Wild birds typically require more lead heavier loads and tighter chokes. The 1 ounce load Roster noted contained plenty of shot for taking ducks in various waterfowl tests and therefore seemed theoretically likely to be adequate for pheasant since they are roughly Jun 10 2011 Pheasants Quail Forever s Pheasant Fest Quail Classic is coming up soon at KC MO see info in right column and just in case you re thinking it s too far or whatever here are the Top 10 really just 10 of many reasons to go. At 3 inches all around performance for taking ducks and steel 2 and HEVI Shot 4 the best all around performance for taking ring necked pheasants. When you think of a typical grouse gun you likely think about a 20 gauge over under that s light as a feather. loads at least 1250 feet per second. Remington LT1100 semi auto in 20 gauge I have bagged gaggles of pheasants with all of them except the CZ which I will use when I get back to the USA. I love shooting my 1957 Browning A5 in 20 gauge. You can add more pepper sauce if you want to spice things up a bit. Sep 02 2010 I enjoy using a 20 gauge on pheasants 2 3 4 quot with 6 shot. When I was a novice I showed up with 20 ga. 53 9 . Featuring top brands like Benelli Browning and more find a high quality shotgun. Jan 16 2013 I am deciding whether to buy either a 12 or 20 gauge for hunting pheasants 75 of time amp grouse woodcock the rest. steel vs lead waterfowl and dove shooting tests published between 1968 and 2014 and one steel only pheasant shooting test 1999 plus lethality data bases owned by ammunition companies for birds taken with nontoxic shotshell loads Roster Dec 05 2018 The 20 gauge shotgun features a smaller bore diameter of . Since then my wife and I have been using it exclusively. For the broadest selection in game specific Upland lead shotshells Remington Pheasant Loads are the perfect choice. Shot Size. This day and age a 20 gauge shotgun may be considered the more popular and widely used of the two if nothing else because of its versatility. I usually shoot that out of a Paradox gun that chokes it like a light modified choke would. Your pattern board will prove it to you. 5 in 2 antimony shot at a velocity of about 1180 fps. For those reasons the sixteen gauge is usually overlooked. Nothing like a light weight 20 gauge auto loader capable be way less weight and recoil compared to the 12 gauge of the same make. He finally settled on a pair of SKB side by sides in 12 and 20 gauge. _____. Remington express Win SX 1oz in 20ga. I have however dumped quite a few pheasants with the 28 and 7. 19 Aug 2010 I have and shoot . The most commonly used and suitable gauges for home defense are 12 and 20. 5 shot. Perhaps for a youth or female hunter these would be good options but the 12 gauge is really a good choice for any nbsp Standard high base payloads include 12 16 and 20 gauge. a 20 gauge autotloader is the gun of choice. Oct 03 2011 The Best 16 Gauge Loads Available Posted by Mike Johnson on 18th Jan 2013 I 39 ve used the 16 gauge F2 39 s in 5 and 6 on wild pheasants for years and can testify that there is nothing that equals them. This is an all in one with legitimate service history. And of course there 39 s still Beretta full size performance. Of course prices can change over time. Prior to that it was the Browning A 5 and Remington 11 and 11 48. Thus the 28 gauge weighs only a whisper compared to the 12 gauge. My favorite Grouse gun is a Browning Citori in 16 ga. 22 Jul 2018 A 12 gauge does not shoot farther or hit harder than a 20 on a pellet by pellet basis. Hevi Shot is a household name in shotgun hunting and when you Thickness gauges are used in the auto mechanics industry manufacturing and maintenance fields. Standard high base payloads available in 12 16 and 20 gauge and feature Power Piston one piece wads. The common lineup of gauges made today from smallest to largest are . I use that as a benchmark he says. 89 QuickView Hevi Metal Pheasant. . 8 out of 5 stars 19 16. I used to buy the 7 1 2 winchesters that came in 4 packs for clay pigeons or light game. The loads also deliver greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards. 5 mm or . 13 Oct 2018 Even when birds are getting up 20 25 yards out my 12 gauge or 20 gauge with an improved cylinder choke is taking more birds than I was with nbsp I have a 12 gauge O U that will see most of the shooting. 5. 26. Here s how to operate a few types of thickness gauges. featherlight when I was a kid because my brother was a lefty. Here are some proven performers for quail in pheasant country. The larger the gauge the more power the gun packs. guns possibly even the same make and model but in different gauge. I have a custom choke for these shells in my 20 gauge and I only have a few shells left. Browning Savage Beretta and more we have 39 em Nov 20 2014 It s not hard to see that it takes more lead balls in 20 gauge to equal a pound than it does a 12 gauge thus the 20 gauge bore diameter is smaller than a 12 gauge. turkey load all with 5 shot. Featuring innovative Shot Lok Technology Rooster XR ammunition offers tighter patterns and longer shot capability than traditional pheasant loads. 14 May 2017 Like the 12 gauge 20 gauge owners also have access to a wide variety of shells beginner bird hunter is going to be either 12 gauge or 20 gauge shotguns. of No. I have my eyes currently on either a Remington Super Mag 12 gauge and a Benelli Nova 12 gauge. 6 for all their general shooting with traditional British 12 bores nbsp Buy the Remington Pheasant Loads Shotshells and more quality Fishing Hunting and Standard high base payloads available in 12 16 and 20 gauge and feature At 30 yards and closer. 1 piece base 2 piece base receiver or side mnt ring mounts tactical Shop all mounts and bases nightvision and thermal. But I didn t use one. Ammo for them is easy to find too. My father and uncle hunted pheasants with my uncle 39 s Labrador nearly every day of the season. Some recommended guns for the 20 gauge would be the Winchester 101 and the Browning Superposed Lightning. Moreover it is an arguably better choice for that purpose for basically all the same reasons that 9mm has eclipsed . 20 Gauge . 5 SHOT Pellet count 196 Muzzle velocity 1400 fps Pellet energy at 40 yards 2. Didn 39 t have enough shell so at lunch I changed to the three inch number 5 shot and the birds started falling. It is suitable for hunting as First and foremost check your local regulations on what type of ammunition you can use. 5 Lead Shot Ammunition by Remington For Sale Online at LuckyGunner. 32 45 25 shells kentgamebore. This is based on an optimum sized pattern at the target about 75 to 85 with 6s and using the criteria of an 80 chance of a two pellet strike same as 95 chance of one pellet Sep 22 2015 For ducks though the 20 gauge is nearly perfect especially in the early season when smaller fast flying ducks like teal are numerous and before the regular goose season has begun. not sure why and i don 39 t prefer one over the other just have two the 20 is a ruger red label and the 12 is a browning gold. All Sharp Tails come with a 28 inch barrel only and extractors that lift both shells out for easy removal. It will not be as effective as a 3 1 92 2 quot 12 gauge for a person who shoots at birds flushing in the next county. If I shot a 20 gauge with 1 1 4 ounce of 5 shot wouldn 39 t that basically be the same as a 1 1 4 ounce 5 load out of a 12 Bulk 20 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition For Sale. With a excellent selection of both shot and slug shells finding the right shotgun ammunition is simple Find 20 Gauge over under shotguns from a variety of the industry 39 s top manufacturers at Cheaper Than Dirt. 5 inches. The recoil pad is of the modern looking with rounded edges. Oct 29 2015 In places where I might encounter either species my first barrel is usually loaded with a 12 gauge 2 inch load with 1 or 1 oz. in 20 gauge using 7 1 2 shot with 65 or better pattern efficiency roughly improved modified performance is a good compromise. Both the 10 gauge and 16 gauge while less commonplace are still available in the United States. Jan 01 2020 Further the CZ Sharp Tail is offered in 12 20 28 and . Best specialty shotguns in 12 gauge Oct 18 2012 about loads here but wonder why you would only be shooting 1 oz. The Benelli M4 is an excellent choice for a gas semi automatic. The number of pellets in the shot can cover a nice 10 to 15 inch diameter of kill zone at this range after patterning and penetrates up The 28 gauge is suited for birds up to the size of pheasants and small game the size of rabbits inside 25 yards and is usually used when working in close range with hunting dogs. Previous column Next column. I advise against 3 quot magnums in any gauge for chukar hunting. I d recommend you shoot with a 12 bore. Until recently Brezny s go to pheasant load was oh so very conventional number 5 copper plated lead. This table summarized Tom Roster 39 s analyses to date of the lethality data bases for certain of the 16 U. Bulk quantity available for 20 Gauge Shotgun ammunition. My free utterly unsolicited advice to Benelli is to offer a 4 ounce weighted magazine cap for those who want a bit more forward heft. With duck you can get by with 2 or BB shot in steel while you ll want to go BB or BBB for geese. Back when fixed chokes were the norm a 12 gauge was a bit much for small game in close so the 16 20 This shell is a 60 yard capable 20 gauge pheasant shotshell based on the fundametals of pattern density combined with sufficient penetration. A 20 gauge for early season when they fly sideways is a good choice but for late season birds its a 12 gauge with a good shell. Winchester and Federal turkey loads along with the Kent 1 1 4 oz. In 12 gauge just adding more shot as you see in several super pheasant loads does not necessarily mean a better load. However you risk ruining the meat of these small game animals when hunting with a 12 gauge. See site for current pricing. 53 This becomes a numbers game. The version in gauge 20 with tungsten pellets allows performance similar to lead cartridges in gauge 12. In my experience released pheasants generally hold tighter for the dogs and fly a little slower than the wild ones. 80 per round Our Price Jan 03 2011 However my fondness for the 20 gauge was severely challenged when I visited the magnificent Highland Hills Ranch. At 7. I chose that shotgun for use on clays pheasant turkey and waterfowl. The three best patterning 20 gauge lead loads I 39 ve used are the 1 5 16 oz. Oct 30 2015 Choose a 20 bore and you ll need to be at the top of your game. Browning Belgium Shotguns Over Under Side by Side Double Automatic O U Superposed O U Superposed Diana O U Superposed Exhibition O U Superposed Midas O U Superposed Pigeon O U Superposed Pointer O U Superposed Presentation A5 Semi Mar 20 2011 The Inflex pad equipped Euro Field Cynergy is softer shooting to be sure both with 1 oz. Unfortunately more power means more recoil or kick. Nov 13 2017 A 12 gauge bird load is commonly 1 to 1 1 4 of an ounce of shot at close to 1300 feet per second. 20 Gauge. Jun 23 2015 Stevens 555 provides an affordable alternative and at only 6. While originally built in an early 1900 s as an old schoolhouse. 25 caliber which will penetrate to about the same depth at about the same pattern width as the standard 12 gauge urban load of 4 buckshot which comprises 27 pellets about . At 25. Grown men primarily used 12 gauges because everybody knew any shotgun with a smaller hole in the muzzle wasn t enough for tougher upland birds such as pheasants or any sort of waterfowl. Sure you can use it for ducks it 39 s what I used as a youngster. I 39 m sure this topic as been discussed at length amp many times in various formats so here 39 s my stab at this dilema. Option WINCHESTER 12 Sort By Featured Best Selling New Arrivals Savings High to Low Price Low to High Price High to Low Best Rated Filter 1 1 12 of 12 May 14 2017 20 gauge the second most popular hunting shotgun. I have wounded birds with every caliber at one point or another but with the . Haven t had any luck find any for sale anywhere. There s much to be said for this even though it sports only a 2 inch chamber. Sep 19 2016 Shotguns come in different gauges including the 10 gauge 12 gauge 20 gauge 28 gauge and . Custom blended powder balanced payload and moderate pattern. A tire gauge is a handy tool for making sure you know when to put air in your tires. We can shoot loads designed for high flying birds or for crunching close flyers. 5 gr. 7 grains each whereas a 00 buck contains 9 pellets of 53. Guilty of Treeson Recommended for you Less shot than 12 gauge shells Most manufacturers release new 20 designs after their 12s so the latest and greatest will always lag. 75 inch shells loaded with sabot slugs in 12 gauge and 20 gauge have noticeable differences in ballistics. Went back to a 16 gauge 20 gauge and now my preferred shotgun is a 28 gauge for Quail and Pheasants. If it flies soars or dives in America s heartlands there s a Remington Upland load made to match. 410 bore again not actually a gauge but a common shotgun chambering 28 gauge 20 gauge 16 gauge 12 gauge and 10 gauge. Some bird loads have up to 1 3 4 ounces. Chokes. A 20 gauge will shot up to 40 yards. Like WyoChukar suggested If I were in your shoes I 39 d buy a box of about 3 or 4 different factory loads you think will work for your hunting needs and then pattern them at Aug 20 2019 2 3 4 quot vs 3 quot in 12 gauge is the biggest debate I 39 m having with myself. it for miles a day is a breeze compared to many heavier 12 gauges. The 16 gauge is a great gauge but not one of my choices in this conversation. Shot Density 12 g cc Jan 25 2016 The 12 gauge has a diameter of 18. If you look hard you can take one home for around 1 600. 12 gauge is what I use for ducks and geese now but I still use the 20 gauge for pheasants and Blue Grouse. But the Vittorias feature dedicated ergonomics to ensure a smooth comfortable and precise handling that is designed for smaller frames. Available in a 28 inch gloss black chrome barrel with silver satin finish receiver the Mallard is a handsome if not beautiful gun that you won t be embarrassed to take to the field or shooting club. But even the 12 gauge is no heavyweight at 7 pounds 3 ounces. I have seen 20 gauge semi autos recommended for smaller shooters. 20 vs 12 gauge for pheasants