10 of swords reversed relationship outcome

10 of swords reversed relationship outcome The Outcome the ultimate outcome your question. He should feel the start of a new idea or a new speech he wants to give but there 39 s nothing Ace of Swords reversed . A relationship that is not built on love and emotional fulfillment but built on security and money. 28 Sep 2019 The Ten of Swords tarot card is in general not a good omen Reversed finding new ways to cope persevering forgiveness rising above enemies mishap and use it to ensure future projects don 39 t have the same outcome. The Knight of Swords shows a fierce well dressed ironclad ready for any fight type of knight with a raised sword darting into the heart of action on his equally fierce horse. If you normally use reversed tarot cards in your readings then using them in your yes no tarot questions makes sense. Goals may be unmet. Release yourself from whatever has been pinning you down. The pain is easing up. Rider published in December 1909 by the publisher William Rider amp Son of London England and are therefor public domain The 10 of Pentacles reversed signifies the need to live thoroughly for your own benefit. The Outcome Page of Pentacles Aug 9 2020 Meanings and interpretations of tarot cards major arcana minor arcana and court cards. You re free to go. You have served your time and you have finally found a way to cope and get out of the rut that you are in. May 26 2019 We start with the ten of swords reversed crossed by the two of pentacles which is also read reversed here. In relationship reading 3 of swords as a outcome means that you have to be the peace maker. The Ten of Cups in Tarot stands for joy peace and family. Divinatory Meanings Apr 11 2014 Whatever relationship is the topic at hand I m seeing the reversed Seven of Pentacles as putting it on shaky ground long term. She is often a professional sometimes a lawyer or involved in justice. If present with the 5 of Swords Defeat the 5 of Wands Strife or the 7 of Swords Deception a clandestine affair is confirmed. Reversed. The card suggests that the subject nbsp 10 Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright amp Reversed Duration 3 Ten of Ten of Swords Tarot Love Relationship Outcome amp ReversedPlease follow nbsp . You feel trapped or backed into a corner. Oct 06 2011 I used to get the 3 of swords a lot during a really shit long relationship now long gone . Love seems like a prison for you and you feel powerless to escape. Aug 22 2017 The Six of Swords Tarot card interpretations for love and relationships. Average Rating 5 22 votes Rate this comic 10s. When the 10 of Swords is drawn in a reading it may signify that your if you had hoped for a different outcome the takeaway here is that they nbsp 13 Aug 2020 What is the meaning of Page of Swords yes or no Tarot card in the reading Coming from the Ten of Swords this card is surely a step up in terms of positivity. Attention to family matters may be needed. The source of this anguish may well be within you arising from you being too quick to cast a negative light on your actions or abilities. Tarot combinations calculator is cards spread matches finder. The course is smooth and seeing that the freight is light it may be noted that the work is not beyond his strength. Reversed Meaning Imprudence incapacity extravagance. Every card bears some energy irrespective of whether the card is upright or is reversed. Nine of Swords No. This is often a card that appears after a bad break up. These are the Ten of Swords the Knight of Swords and XIX The Sun. Aug 02 2020 The Three of Swords in the reversed position tells a story of triumph. Apr 25 2017 I had a girlfriend who was nice enough but could get very bossy and that is red rag to a bull where I am concerned. Divinatory Meanings Whatsoever is intimated by the design also pain affliction tears sadness desolation. Reversed Meaning Ten Of Swords. In the matters of love the King of Swords represent that your partner does not believe in love at first sight. The Ten of Swords Pinning something down everything out in the open. Indeed for a couple it is a sign of deceit and lies within the context of that relationship with one or the other person not being true and hiding things to the other. 10 of Swords. Peace and prospertiy will be had yet something may still seem missing. However more work may be nbsp Ten of Swords Love and Relationship Outcome The Ten of Swords in a Tarot reading is a sign that the relationship or love affair is doomed to failure and was. Jan 07 2014 Crystal Love associates the Seven of Swords with the third subdivision of Libra natural ruler Venus subruler Jupiter . It s happened and you re just starting to deal with it. What is interesting is that one of the people is moving away for a new job so I kind of interpreted the Six of Swords as representing that This card in essence is very similar to swords because communication is her essence. The season of Autumn Sept 21st . Maybe fear of reliving past mistakes is holding you back or perhaps someone in your life is preventing you from moving forward. The energy of conflict betrayal and unexpected change is still present in the reading. I drew a clarifying card for the Six of Swords and got Two of Cups. It is not an acute situation but something more lying in the background and sometimes on the surface. The devastation of the Ten of Swords is a passing phase and is cycling out of your experience. Ten of Swords Meaning. You can finally move on with hope for the future and renewed strength. it s either there s a new love coming that he s kind of anxious about or the love he has now has became a set back of some sort that s caused him to worry. 2 king of swords clarified by two cards 10 of swords Rx and queen of swords 3 the lovers 4 4 of pentacles Rx clarified by the empress I needed two cards for the king of swords because I just didn t understand it at first. The Hanged Man in Regards to Love Sex and Relationships. T. Page of Swords Upright someone who is inquisitive chatty and full of life. Ten of Swords No not now but soon. Key Dates Timing and Astrology. There are unshapely clouds in the sky and given the way the trees in the background look we can be sure there s a lot Jul 10 2011 The reversed X of Swords advises one not to participate in gossip or backstabbing as there will be ramifications. The reversed Ten of Swords signifies a turning point in your relationship. In a business relationship there are plans being made to undermine what appears to be the primary work force. When the Ten of Swords Tarot card appears reversed it means that you can take a step forward towards the transformation that your psyche so urgently needs. The Seven of Swords in its upright position has to do with being cunning or sneaky. The unresolved issues of the past keep coming up to hinder any progress that you may be attempting to make. Source theworldoftarot. Of course she didn 39 t have access to tri fusion bombs thousands of armed drones and androids to do her bidding or even a gun at the time . The Lord of Truce marks a period where we are able to rest and recover after a difficult time in our lives. When it comes to love and relationships the queens of swords indicates that if you re single you re going to find a partner who matches the person described above strong willed. Knight of Swords Minor Arcana Swords XII. Three of Swords . Misfortune may be coming or passing. Amelie Rose Estrela is an experienced psychic and recently published esteemed lead author for the Psychic Guild since 2003. Jul 10 2011 The reversed X of Swords advises one not to participate in gossip or backstabbing as there will be ramifications. The Ten of Swords reversed indicates that you maybe healing from a past hurt. 7 of cups Aug 01 2020 Reversed the meaning shifts into an opportunity for restructuring your dreams in exciting and revolutionary ways. Libra. Look at cards Five hoped for outcome and Ten actual outcome if nothing changes . Maybe dealing with the pros and cons of a situation represented by the oscillation of the moon . It could be mistaken or irrelevant but today I m thinking it s an uncomfortable idea. A change in outlook that can lead to greater fulfillment. upside down it suggests creative disagreements that can lead to the realization that two heads are better than one. General You may have recently come through a very difficult time when the reversed 10 of Swords appears and indeed the worst may be Ten of Swords Keywords. In short this tarot card tells you to keep away from your In the Reversed Position. Aspects of Your Relationship to Consider Knight of Swords Reversed . 8 of Cups Walking away from burdens and responsabilities. Perhaps a forced change is altering your lifestyle a relationship just ended you nbsp In traditional tarot the Ten of Swords is represented by a man laying dead on a beach with ten FREE GIFT Need guidance and clarity in love relationship career and more The Ten of Swords reversed in your tarot spread is a good thing. So the querent should be feel excited at a new prospect or ambition but doesn 39 t Ace of Wands reversed . Ten of Swords R says examine things from every angle and thoroughly pin down all the aspects of your situation. Oct 16 2019 The Hanged Man Reversed in Love and Relationship. When it comes to love and relationships the Ten of Swords tarot tells that your life is in chaos. Outcome Magician Present Life 5. She writes quot The harmonious nature of Libra coupled with the expansive and beneficent Jupiter promises a happy and successful outcome to ventures a generous well balanced and creative mind a happy and successful marriage Jan 23 2020 I did celtic cross i got page of pentacles 8 of wands two of cups 8 of cups 9 of swords knight of cups 8 of pentacles 3 of wands 6 kf wands and reversed devil as outcome. Sublime The querent will be living the good life This is the sort of outcome a reader yearns to reveal Congratulations Reversed Meaning Too Little of the Card s Energy Dec 05 2006 9 My worst trait that I bring to the relationship King of Swords 10 His worst trait that he brings to the relationship Queen of Swords 11 My hopes fears for the relationship Empress 12 His hopes fears for the relationship Heirophant 13 The most possible outcome Page of Pentacles Sep 08 2006 The Knight of Swords one of the purest assholes you 39 ll ever meet. The 10 of Swords reversed tells of an advantage or gain in personal power and profit but you are to be aware that this state will be temporary. Jul 20 2019 The Five of Swords Tarot Card in the Reversed Position When the Five of Swords Tarot card appears reversed its negative influence does not disappear completely. Just wait. 10 of Swords Reversed as a Relationship Outcome Hey Still new to tarot here so having a bit of difficulty interpreting things here. So the situation is the 6 of Swords. It is possible that he is crossing critical boundaries and can depict controlling behavior when taken to extreme. Remember the future is not predetermined. Ten of Swords tarot card reversed signifies holding on to pain often inflicted by others. Like the Page of Swords she keeps herself isolated with a sharp tongue and her appearance warns against speaking harshly or without tact. Five of Swords in the Present. Immoral deeds or those that go against common sense but highly gratifying for their rarity and the temptation of the forbidden. In part Aries is also in tune with the ACE of SWORDS. Maybe you must make important decision or choose path in near future. Cody allan September 12 2018 at 12 19 pm. The King of Swords Wisdom of experience applied to fair Reversed emotional defeat a definite ending of a relationship prior to an upturn in matters of love and new associations. This card is placed on the top of the pillar to the right of the mini cross right above the hopes and fears position. Please use filter to find your card 39 s combination. Dec 07 2018 The Two of Swords tarot also represents a stalemate and calling a truce to establish some sort of peace. Beware of using this relationship as an escape route. Swallow your sorrow and pride and say quot I 39 m so sorry quot . Reversed Imprisonment suspicion doubt reasonable fear shame. It 39 s where your interests connect you with your people. Your Partner 39 s Needs Ten of Swords . Perhaps you were betrayed by someone close a Judas in your circle if you will and everyone knows because of the public display. Revisit your childhood influences either figuratively by delving into your memories or literally by reconnecting with old friends and places. Ace of Swords. I don 39 t mean to make light of misfortunes because of course there are many real tragedies in the world. Because this means that you are being attacked and in a cruel manner to boot. If quot 8 of Cups quot or quot 10 of Swords quot appears in a future position concerning a new What might the Five of Swords mean as a relationship outcome positive and the Fool reversed the Hierophant Judgment reversed and the Six of Swords The Ten of Swords only presents itself in a love reading when you have been When you have received the Ten of Swords in the reversed position then you nbsp The Ten of Swords is the tenth tarot card in the suit of Swords. Meaning. May 13 2020 Love and Relationships. The ten of swords reversed often means after a series of trials you ve reached or are about to hit rock bottom. Six of Swords Reversed In the Final Outcome position Along with the next card this card represents the final outcome or potential future events or influences. General You may have recently come through a very difficult time when the reversed 10 of Swords appears and indeed the worst may be The Queen of Swords is a woman with a sharp intellect both seeking the truth and truthful. 6 of Swords A ferryman carrying passengers in his punt to the further shore. 3. 8 of swords reversed as outcome. The Queen of Swords reversed reminds us that we need other people. Now you are moving on to acquire some success and profit. In the context of love of the eighth he describes situations in which we want to make clear and loudly pronounce all that is in our minds. If you turn a card and see The High Priestess The Emperor The Hierophant The Hermit The Justice The Hanged Man Four of Cups Seven of Cups Two of Swords Four of Swords Six of Swords Queen of Swords King of Swords Two of Pentacles or Seven of Pentacles you ll get Introduction The reversed 10 of Swords indicates that you may finally have reached a clear and balanced perspective about your life and its immediate circumstances. A forceful man a cold and efficient man whose depth of emotion manifests itself only in the sexual embrace a man who conquers the sexual objects of his choice also sexual skill bravery in the face of opposition great orgasmic capacity passion sexual determination fearless commission dedicated libertinism. When the Two of Swords is reversed i. The Ten of Cups in a Tarot reading is a sign that it 39 s a time of blessings it is time for the fulfillment one richly deserves and that it will come. For a general overview on how I read Position 10 of the Celtic Cross spread follow the link. Energetic and inquisitive as well he at times acts like an idealist. In this spread we ve drawn a reversed Ace of Cups. The problems that have haunted you are about to end. Ten of Swords Tarot Card Combinations In simple lines the Ten is easiest to read in the central position as the first card shows what is coming to an end and the card following to show how matters move forward afterwards. your other cards 10 of cups wheel of fortune the hermit temperance and the death card as outcome. This person may be male or female but they will possess a feminine energy. Tarot cards are used throughout much of Europe to In the reversed state the card indicates a troubling situation that will continue for a significant amount of time. Introduction The reversed 10 of Swords indicates that you may finally have reached a clear and balanced perspective about your life and its immediate circumstances. Forgive others for their transgressions. Five of Swords Minor Arcana Swords V The Five of Swords can have multiple meanings as there are three people in the card with each one experiencing the same situation from a different angle. Reversed Advantage profit success favor but none of these are permanent also power and authority. Start over with a new set of values. With the Ten of Swords either is possible but doing a good turn for someone else is more satisfying without the strings. The precedent being set now is questionable at best counter productive at worst. This card symbolizes the future result or likely outcome. In the reversed position the Queen of Swords card is telling you that you re not living up to your potential. Ace of Swords Reversed Meaning In an inverted position the ACE SWORDS card draws its energy onto itself symbolizing destruction. Relationships thrive on mutual trust and fixing yours means reassuring one another. The appearance of the reversed Six of Swords is a sign of spiritual transformation in Tarot. The 5 of Swords reversed indicates a severing of ties. If you normally use nbsp Reversed the Ten of Swords shows that you are overwhelmed by a series of The Ten of Swords in a relationship reading may apply to non romantic alliances. 6 of Swords. The meaning of each tarot card is open to interpretation depending on which deck you use and the feeling you get from each card as you progress through a reading. The rough waters mean you are not balanced. The Current State of Your Relationship Ten of Coins Riches either made or inherited may be yours. With 9 the querent feels the need to go back and reflect reevaluate and release that which they no longer need. Satisfaction from misbehavior. The Seven of Swords reversed is also an assurance of business success and brighter prospects. Relief can be found from talking about a Ten of Cups Tarot Card Upright Reversed amp Love Meanings Ten of Cups Card Meaning. It is not time for termination and closure yet. Swords cut sometimes the cut is painful sometimes it s salvation. If this is the case you probably are not focused on your goals and relationships right now. Ten of Swords Love Tarot Meaning. The Ten of Swords shows a sudden ending or a negative outcome in some endeavour in your life. You may have many scars from past romantic wounds but the reversed 10 of Swords tarot love meaning can suggest that you may be on your way towards healing. That wasn 39 t a fluke thought. UPRIGHT Painful endings deep wounds betrayal loss crisis REVERSED Recovery regeneration resisting an inevitable end Ten of Swords Description. Knight of Swords Youth and bravado. There are many positive qualities to the Ace of Swords. Keywords for the 10 of Swords Ruin a sudden ending feeling totally broken grief a negative outcome depression feeling crushed the result of wrong choices surgery falling just before the finishing line hardship a bad omen projects failing being stabbed in the back. Best guidance and nbsp 21 May 2019 Have you ever had a moment in your relationship when your gut made you your partner 39 s loyalty Banicki says the reversed Seven of Swords is a major red flag. Possibly self destructive. Dec 03 2008 Ten of Swords may hint about relationship ending or phase loss. 3 of Swords. Now we re moving on to the last position in the Celtic Cross the outcome. Sep 10 2020 Besides Tarot cards giving yes or no answers we d like to present you several cards providing maybe answer. The embrace of negative relationships driven by the desperate fear of being alone. They may give you good ideas but in the end you re still responsible for your own decisions. The reversed King of Wands is a difficult character. Unsolvability of problems. Feb 05 2011 I did a reading on what the future holds for a recently broken up couple whether they will reconcile. All you have to do is decide for yourself if the reversed tarot card in front of you is positive or negative or as above use the card s meaning to help Free Relationship Legacy Tarot readings with the Relationship. Jan 06 2019 Card 7 The Final Outcome . The reversed Hanged Man rx appearing before the Sun card means a new freedom. The meaning of The World card is that you are reaching a point in your day or situation where all things are truly coming full circle. Six of Cups Upright a rite of passage rekindling of memories. com Mar 25 2017 Tarot Love Meaning Reversed 9 of Swords You may be ready now to be honest and face the truth with the reversed 9 of Swords tarot love meaning. 2 of Swords. Relationship 2 of Swords 8. Four of swords reversed sometimes shows up when people have injuries that prevent them from getting comfortable or the seeker needs constant stimulation to feel at peace. Lovers family relationships bonding Star joy positive feelings blessings World happiness emotional fulfillment Six of Cups feeling blessed happy joyful DESCRIPTION. my senses are learning towards the first option i just don t feel like he s in a relationship right now. He is immature callow and rife with vices. A reversal of the Ten of Swords is a reversal of your ill fortunes. Mann David Thornton associates the Two of Swords with the placement of the planet Venus planet of love and appreciation in the Seventh House House of Marriage and Partnership . Like the Major Arcana card the Devil the Three of Swords has a more positive meaning when flipped upside down. The Knight of Swords Rushing ahead entering the discussion. Nov 11 2011 Astrological Association Mercury in Taurus In the Thoth tarot the 5 of Pentacles is titled Worry. 5 of Swords. It Possible Outcome You might be done with living alone and are the verge of getting involved with others or looking for a new relationship. Know the possible meanings of reversed tarot cards in this AstrologyBay article. You give direction with firm leadership. Additional meanings An ecclesiastic a priest generally a card of bad omen. Plans are in jeopardy. This doesn t mean that all is going to hell. You put emotions to the side. It may also arise from paranoia. Nov 17 2007 ACE of SWORDS. Example An end to a situation approaches that won t be missed. Empress Tarot Card Celtic Cross Meaning in Position 10 The Outcome. I interpret these based on my go to 3 card spread What You Need To Know Advice an PAGE OF SWORDS. Two of Swords Tarot and Love. Traditionally 6 of Swords Reversed means an inability to find a way out of a situation. 10 of Swords Time to move on from your old ways into a new territory. The Queen of Swords Calm but swift action decisiveness. One look at the top of that mountain and she realizes that she has to do something about her heavy load. Hierophant is the fifth card of the Major Arcana that depicts a religious figure positioned in a sacred place like a church. A lack of creativity. Creative Tarot It is important however not to freak out if the final outcome card looks tough like the Tower or the Ten of Swords something that would seem to indicate failure. The Two of Swords Knight of Pentacles Eight of Swords Ten of Swords Reversed. The Ten of Swords Tarot Card s True Meaning Love Health and Money The 10th Minor Arcana card in the suit of Swords the Ten of Swords is a shocking draw depicting death loss and renewal. You are blocking reality seeing only what you want to see. Look to the surrounding cards to shed more light on the matter. 2. In a love relationship this card can reversed indicate that there is now space to get to know each other better if that wasn t possible before. Eight of Swords love Upright. The Ten of Swords is the Tarot card of completed struggles and battles that have come to a conclusion in our lives. The Three of Swords reversed represents a recent heartbreak which you are recovering from. If you ve been feeling stuck it s a reminder that you have all the tools necessary to make the best choices you can for yourself. Ten of Swords reversed 6. Temperance Reversed RX The Temperance card reversed often indicates extremism and a lack of harmony. On the Ten of Cups we see a loving couple with their carefree children. 13s. You may have many scars from past romantic wounds but the reversed 10 of Swords tarot love nbsp Hi I am trying to figure out this card as in someones reaction. In love this card means that an engagement or new beginning is not possible but inevitable. The 10 of Wands looks up at the last mountain she has to cross and she winces. These two together may hint something about your relationships changes must been made to avoid loss and trouble. Nine of Swords 39 s Meaning. Page of Swords. Mar 15 2017 The outcome position. The Queen of Swords Reversed. outcome page of wands reversed. Love amp Relationships Reversed In a love Tarot reading if you are in a relationship the Knight of Swords reversed can indicate that you are in a relationship with someone who embodies the qualities outlined in the above section or you are displaying some of those characteristics yourself in your love life. These can be relationships patterns habits memories etc. TEN. Not just is there no support there might even be deliberate sabotage. Interpretation of The Seven of Swords reversed The Seven of Swords takes on a different meaning when it appears upside down although it still relates to the universe of thought and intelligence. Your Needs Page of Cups Reversed . The Ten of Swords is a shocking draw depicting death loss and renewal but them but try not to give them too much control over the outcome of important projects. Six of swords reversed love. Initially a terrible thing to expect there will likely be a period of catharsis and then recovery. The reversed Ten often applies to a group rather than and individual. The Outcome Judgement Reversed SWORDS. Jul 05 2011 The 3 of Swords often points to extramarital affairs due to a love triangle as signified by the number 3. Learn the meaning of the Six of Swords for love relationships futures romance outcomes exes feelings intentions reconciliations as a yes or no marriage pregnancies positives negatives and more. Sorrow may be felt deeply. Tower and Ten of Pentacles a. The Six of Swords in a Tarot love reading is an indication that things are getting better. Fearing that everything is going to come tumbling down around you. A deep sense of loss will be experienced. She may be single and scarred by personal loss but has good knowledge of the world as a result. The sword is lowered into it causing the olive and palm branches to grow upward. However many tarot decks are based on the Latin Tarot also called the Tarot de Marseilles such as the Rider Waite Smith deck and they have specific meanings based on the card 39 s symbolism suit numerology and position in a spread. Eyes and ears double open Jul 07 2018 The suspects taken into custody were the 4 of Swords by Bobby Bogunovic 6 of Swords by Tina Moore 7 of Swords by crystalartsandhealth 8 of Swords the detective has not completed their assignment 9 of Swords by Cosmic Tarot 10 of swords by Unlocking Words part 1 and part 2 Page of Swords the sleuth has not completed their case and Beneath this we get the seven of swords reversed. No one wants to hear that but it s true. The Page of Swords Watch and wait spying the land before action. Not sure about that Sheela. May 20 2019 You have been struggling with sadness and pain but the Ten of Swords reversed is a sign of better days ahead. J. Nine of Cups Meaning In A Tarot Reading. Ten of Swords Upright someone feeling betrayed beaten abandoned that they ve lost and their relationship is over. 10 OF WANDS OVERVIEW. Even the most powerful people do not ascend to great heights all by themselves. Some psychic readers do like to read reversed tarot cards. Things are changing the wheel of fortune is turning. The spiritual self leads to great loves friendships and success. The guy in question was keeping in touch regularly yet hadn 39 t organised a next date however in person he seems rather loving and interested. 4 of Swords. When the Ace of Swords tarot card is reversed the crown becomes a vessel. Try to slow down and discover why your previous relationship with someone didn t work out. However since it connects with the fire this is an active talk. In the Reversed Position The Death card reversed suggests that you might long for the cord to be cut but unfortunately you have to persist and endure without the relief of an ending. Material abundance and security is certainly suggested by this card after all those golden pentacles are very visible in this picture and so are spiritual attainment relationship goals and other personal Jul 01 2020 The Reversed. As David explains quot Each of the minor cards is attributed to a decanate a 10 degree division of the zodiac. But it 39 s worth looking for clues about how you might be able to lessen the impact. The Ten of Swords in Love The Ten of Swords only presents itself in a love reading when you have been completely obliterated by a love situation. Do you have self defeating beliefs If so it s time to make a change. III. gt Nine of Pentacles A positive reversal from financial loss. You 39 ll know you 39 ve had a run in with him when you find a brand new orifice has just been deftly sliced open in your nether regions. If your words fall on cloth ears you may have to walk away. Page of Swords Reversed Expect the unexpected. Listen to it. 9 of Swords. As the suit of swords represents the personality thoughts and behaviors of the querant this symbolic death represents a profound change. so i was worried about a blood clot in my leg because of my family history amp before i went to the hospital i pulled the 10 of swords as the outcome for if i didn t go. Jun 24 2019 RELATED The 10 Best amp Worst Zodiac Personality Traits Of Virgo Their Perfect Love Match LIBRA The Magician 3 of Swords Libra two cards jumped out for you this week. Instead of love and compatibility it indicates towards will power to drive a romantic alliance towards satisfaction. In time and space this is a moment where you are growing because you want to grow for yourself. At this stage neither you or others are willing yet to face the disappointment that this endangers. This spread gives no strict outcome yet provides a lot of info. For example if position Five turned up the Queen of Swords and Position 10 was Three of Swords I d be thinking that some nasty relationship connected gossip was on the way. All you need to do is select your spread cards and you will get result of matches you got there. Loneliness and desolation when ground is cleared for something else. He keeps people in a constant state of nervousness with his tendency to uncontrollable rage. 8 of Swords. Tongue lasher extraordinaire you probably don 39 t want to tangle with him when he 39 s all fired up. Reversed Good ground for suspicion against a doubtful person. The Path You Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow Oct 01 2017 The Queen of Swords reversed sees herself as a loner. See full list on keen. Oct 06 2014 Nine represents the end of a cycle in traditional numerology and is considered one before the end in the Tarot with the 10 representing completion. Divorce will be probable. Ten of Pentacles Reversed. When reading a Tarot spread the Ten stands for a love affair reaching its conclusion in a happy marriage probably accompanied by the setting up of a home and starting a family and reversed shows disputes and friction in love matters. If things aren t working out there is a new approach needed. Some don t. The card can arise to signal the end of a phase at work the end of an era for group of colleagues or the disintegration of a social group. You also had the 10 of wands excessive burdens. 21 Jan 2014 There are no good cards and bad cards they all have a spectrum of meaning. It can mean finding an ingenious way of solving a problem or feeling cheated or uneasy about something you have done. 16 May 2013 That 39 s the difference the 10 of Swords allows you to change to release yourself from Note in the Rider Waite 10 of Swords the figure appears to be giving the sign of benediction or blessing. He can be aggressive constantly irritable rude insensitive and insufferably arrogant. Reversed immaturity refusal to heed wise counsel foolish vices running away from reality. See more ideas about Tarot card meanings Tarot Tarot cards. Reversed Two of Pentacles Prediction for Love In a love reading the reversed card indicates that you may be over investing in other areas of your life like your career and having little time for relationships. Ten of Swords Yes perhaps this is what you need to move on with your life. Temperance is also a quot test quot a test is coming. Present Ace of Swords Course of Action Page of Cups Outcome Six of Swords. He is domineering rather than encouraging. If the Lovers is reversed in the Tarot reading it means deceit in love and sex on the part of the lover. It can be a card signifying a lull in a relationship or a suspension of one due to outside events. so i pulled some clarifiers as to why i got the 10 of swords in the first place amp i got the 5 of swords reversed 5 What my partner wants out of the relationship Queen of swords reversed 6 True or Spiritual cause of the distance 2 of cups upright 7 Positives or benefits to the distance Temperance reversed 8 Negatives to the distance The hermit upright 9 Advice 9 of wands reversed 10 Most likely outcome Seven of pentacles upright The Three of Swords Reversed. If you are in a relationship and the Eight of Swords appeared in your love Tarot reading this is a bad sign. The Five of Swords in the Present position of a 3 card spread can indicate that we are currently engaged in a battle or conflict. Put the past behind you now. Six of Swords Card Love Meaning. It is nice to look nostalgically in the past and recall old times and carefree smells of childhood but not the way you are currently doing it. This emphasizes the martyr aspect of this card. You do feel now the time is to give up quot come what may. Her back is sore her boots are killing her and she has been carrying her stack of wands alone for days. An intimacy issue will be overcome. If you ve been suffering quietly being honest with your partner can be give you the release you need. Mar 06 2020 Eight of Swords No. When the 10 of swords tarot card shows up in your business tarot reading you might be worrying too much or things aren t working out the way you would. The chariot is a sign of carrying on with a relationship even when it does not click. is YES two cards reversed represent a NO and a YES for 2 cards upright. Running the gamut from stresses about health and finance to ruminations about work and our relationships this card predicts a time when we are so consumed with fears about the future that we find it difficult to function in our day to day activities. 20 May 2019 The Ten of Swords reversed tarot card signifies the ending of things amp beginning This ending could be a happy resolution or a difficult conclusion. I cannot count The positions are Situation The Challenge Advice Likely Outcome. It can imply that you have come to a stalemate in a relationship. It is the state of being of inner happiness and it is the exact moment when that special person arrives because you are at that place where you can truly Ten of Swords Reversed . You remain objective in all situations and seek out only the facts. Can anyone help I was thinking mabe nbsp The Ten of Swords reversed has a much more positive meaning than the upright card. not great. 10 of Swords 1. So what does this mean in a reading It likely means that the querent should be feeling a stirring of that ace but isn 39 t. When Douchebag was attacking Acantha 19 October 2012 Knight of Swords someone Lynn cares about she let him have it. Reversed means that the cycle of change has ended. Ace of Swords Reversed Pyrrhic victories. Financial opportunities suddenly arise and must be taken. 11s. 7 of Swords. Listen to your intuition and act accordingly. If you 39 re single then don 39 t expect to get into a relationship if you 39 re looking and if you do don 39 t The ten of swords reversed often means after a series of trials you 39 ve reached nbsp The X of Swords may be telling of the conclusion of something that has caused a Whether it be in a relationship or business situation the 10 of Swords implies that Appearing reversed in a reading the Ten of Swords issues a warning or nbsp Probable Outcome You might be experiencing the difficult ending of a situation. Whatever the case may be you re stagnant. This Seeker might not be able to let go of what other people have inflicted and is feeling no support. In the Secret Tarot the 10 of Swords image looks like Jesus on the Holy Cross so basically a crucifixion scene with the 10 swords around the victim. This could be impossibility of reaching an agreement in a family an unfavorable outcome of a trial or simply the fact that problems are not solved but postponed. com See full list on teachmetarot. Aug 25 2009 Swords typically refer to intellect mental challenges and or conflict. Ten of Swords Reversed. Overcoming financial insecurity that led to limitations. You are ready to heal and even though it will be a long process it is something that you are willing to undertake. Okay the Moon brings illusions and delusions and the 10 of Swords shatters them. Gemini. Decide what you want to take with you and what is best to leave behind. When the Five of Swords appears reversed in a spread it can tell of fears of failure and or defeat low self esteem and degradation. The Outcome. THE CHARIOT TAROT LOVE MEANING. Then again you might not be able to channel the energies of the Two of Sword 39 s into your life. Dec 07 2018 Ten of Swords Tarot and Love. Inane behavior may hamper you. Four of swords tarot card meanings reversed. The positive of this card is that things can be laid to rest and everyone can move on. It will appear after trauma the breakdown of a relationship a troublesome and worrying time financially an operation or major illness. The Four of Swords. Forbidden attraction toward another person. Relationship Spread 12 Spreads 9 Seven of Swords 7 Wheel of Fortune 7 Ace of Swords 6 Eight of Cups 6 Five of Swords 6 Four of Pentacles 6 King of Swords 6 Page of Wands 6 Seven of Pentacles 6 The Moon 6 weekly draw 6 Ace of Cups 5 Ace of Wands 5 Death 5 Seven of Cups 5 Temperance 5 Ten of Pentacles 5 Ten Jan 04 2013 When reversed the card warns against precarious business affairs that may result in loss unless speedy precautions are taken. Upright 2 of Swords Thoth card. If you are in an abusive relationship the Ten of Swords reversed can suggest that you will escape the relationship be aware that this card can 2 king of swords clarified by two cards 10 of swords Rx and queen of swords 3 the lovers 4 4 of pentacles Rx clarified by the empress I needed two cards for the king of swords because I just didn t understand it at first. If you are in a relationship then you think that you are on the verge of nbsp What is your interpretation of quot 10 of Swords quot as the final outcome of a Celtic What might the Five of Swords mean as a relationship outcome positive and Reversed I read this card as a positive move to overcome serious past misfortune. relationship hurts the people involved. Happiness and satisfaction can be had. Ace of Cups gt Ten of Swords over almost before it s had time to begin. Nines generally have a lot of power which is cultivated through the previous 8 cards. The True Meanings of Reversed Tarot Card That You Did Not Know. Relationships. Loss and infertility are likley. The Hermit Reversed . The King of Swords Wisdom of experience applied to fair The Reversed Six of the Cups is a warning that you must live in the present not in the past. The Path Your Partner Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow Four of Wands Reversed . Sep 13 2019 Reversed 10 Ten of Swords Tarot Card. You will get no more from this relationship and you must start over. Here we have a time card. 10s. Keywords The end of a cycle. He imposes his will over others. Having difficulty deciding something and cannot make choices. Is this new You can use reversed tarot cards to help you decide the yes no outcome. You can use reversed tarot cards to help you decide the yes no outcome. In love and relationship Hanged Man reversed is an indication that you are not learning from your past mistakes and rushing from one bad relationship to another. Interpret this card in the context of the entire reading and as an indicator of the path you are currently on but not bound to. If this card describes a partner as a steel woman the relationship will become a war. It is time to stop fighting Detailed Tarot Card Readings complete insight into your love career and health. The Knight of Swords rushes in with events without thinking and his sword is often double edged. Nov 30 2010 Ten of Pentacles reversed Upright the Ten of Pentacles reflects an established relationship possibly a long term marriage along with an extended family network. Hello Diana I was wondering if you may help me of interpreting the 10 of swords which was the 10th position of a celtic cross spread and with the tower card at the bottom of the deck when I turned it over. Here are some thoughts about positive aspects of the Ten of nbsp 27 Feb 2013 A lost love a long departed ex an old flame from high school . Start fresh. Page of Swords Yes but be prepared for it to be fiery and feisty. 9 of swords See full list on psychic revelation. Thoughts and beliefs interrupt the person from recuperating. While there 39 s no denying that people find tarot cards intriguing they however are not very easy to construe. 10 of Swords Reversed The Page of Swords is a free thinker who craves for love and freedom without any attachment. At some point and slowly the. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship You can lay the cards out however you wish. A prostrate figure pierced by all the swords belonging to the card. . Perhaps you already started a relationship and are not looking back anymore. It 39 s ended and the matter is dead if not the person who was on the other side of the discussion. This Ace is all about courage and strength of mind. Wealth Meaning Ten of Swords Reversed. Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Combinations gt Five of Swords Watch for theft of material possessions gt Nine of Swords money worries. The King of Swords Minor Arcana represents the symbol of true authority. Queen of Swords. The questions asked were due to some confusion regarding the relationship situation. on how they will react to a situation. Like a rite of passage the card will then make the seeker face intellectual challenges that they still have trouble accepting. Did nbsp Tarot card meaning for the Ten of Swords including upright and reversed card For example a relationship may come to an abrupt end your job may be cut nbsp . The top left card represents the first possible outcome. For the majority of love readings the Ten of Swords is a very negative outcome especially if it appears in the future. Try our Love Horoscopes Libra and Pisces. If you are in an abusive relationship the Ten of Swords reversed can suggest that you will escape the relationship be aware that this card can Aug 22 2017 If the Ten of Swords lands in an outcome or future position of a Tarot spread additional cards should be pulled to show you how you can begin to rebuild your life. Obstacles and bad news. Diseases destruction in all kinds of manifestations. The Hanged Man often implies a sacrifice to be made in love. The Ten of Swords tarot can be one of the most troubling cards to get. Here the chariot symbolizes two people going in different direction still held together by trust and loyalty. Possible deceit. Comic 1209 Five of Swords Reversed 24th Jun 2015 12 00 AM. For instance the querent knows that the relationship is over and is ready to move on. Seven of Swords. Remember that a new future cannot exist along with thoughts of the past. Reversed Card. External Forces represents the influence of others in your life as well as trends in your relationships with others. Jan 26 2008 Lover Hanged Man 3. REVERSED MEANINGS positive meanings When reversed or balanced by a positive spread the Devil mostly speaks of material things. It represents failure loss and often appears to those who are ending a relationship or those who have recently experienced a difficult break up. As a result your family or partner may end up feeling disconnected and alone. The 10 swords shows a new beginning. 14s. namjoonie love reading cards 7 of cups ace of swords reversed 9 of swords. third card is potential outcome 4th unconscious 5th recent past 6th near future. When this tarot card arrives it almost indicates an affair of some sort in a romantic relationship. There is a need for a better attitude. Mar 30 2017 Tarot Love Meaning Reversed 10 of Swords. You might feel stuck and unable to move forward. Cunning may be called for. King of Swords Reversed Meaning Ruin. If there is a person in your life who loves to be dramatic but finds it difficult to fit in every situation then it could be him. The Ten of Swords Reversed. It signifies intelligence prudence power fairness and caring. Upright. All that 39 s been said all that 39 s been thought all that 39 s been argued is over. Deception. Reversed key points Bitter outcome forced hand lack of options conflict paradox temporary truce mediation brutal honesty Relationship meaning The 2 of Swords represents a time when your emotions are blocked but decisions needs to be made this could be a choice concerning the future course of the relationship. 12s. Queen of Cups when reversed The dark essence of water such as a deep and foreboding lake Discomfort with the worlds of mind and matter leading to a retreat to the spiritual. And you will love your new role. In a love Tarot spread if you are in a relationship the Ten of Swords reversed can indicate a relationship coming back from the brink of failure or collapsing completely and being beyond repair. Reversed this marriage may be coming to an end and now you are having to divest family assets and separate your finances as part of the break up. In relationship and sexual matters whenever the Lovers card precede the Temperance card indecision and hesitation are indicated. Aug 25 2020 As a warm up I used an old reliable three card spread focusing on a situation action and outcome. Look to see if they support or oppose each other. Dec 02 2011 Like A. Mar 10 2020 V. Even if it means the loss of an important relationship in our lives. SWORDS. As of now your business is probably recovering and even booming after months of relative stagnation. The Nine of Cups tarot card like all Nines within the Minor Arcana represents a point where we have found our wishes fulfilled and have completed the projects we have worked for in this path. A bully prone to fighting. The reversed Seven of Swords tarot card also cautions against relying on others too much. 10 of Wands rev. This is the time to use your intellectual resources. This Knight is about to deliver a message and it may be an uncomfortable one. In the worst case an ACE of SWORDS can mean an erosion of vitality in principle a fatal outcome. Reversed key points Deflection escape acceptance preparation re build recovery Relationship meaning The 10 swords is not a good sign. Nine of Swords Yes if you can find a solution to the current dilemma. Sometimes a dominating personality but honest and courageous. Most often the 10 of Swords should be interpreted as an unexpected shocking and traumatic upheaval. temperance to me was always PATIENCE. The Ace of Swords can also suggest that a child may be on the way. If you are in a relationship the bonds between you and your lover that seemed permanently severed before may be healing. Gambling reckless spending and an easy come easy go relationship to money. I could also mean the end of something such as an illness or perhaps the end of a pregnancy which can be a good thing leading to a birth . The Seven of Swords is the kind of minor arcana you might prefer not to see drawn in any reading or spread specifically dealing with love or romantic life. It could mean failure ruin or mortality accompanied by depression and feelings of being broken and crushed by the weight of the world. Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed. Apr 13 2013 Hi I keep pulling 10 of swords in future Me and my husband are in a rough patch so I m thinking is something else going to happen or does it mean I m at rock bottom its only get better pulled 6 of cups reversed with it and page of swords reversed Jan 14 2015 Seven of Swords Yes you need to take back what is yours. When the Two of Swords shows up in your spread in the reverse it means that you can be sure you are making the right decisions. In the Waite tarot deck the six of swords reversed means that someone will declare love to you. When reversed it can indicate to allow things to take their own course. Sep 24 2018 Here is some guidance based on the 3 cards that you have received for a Tarot Love Spread . For example a divorce or ending a job. Given to bragging. Ten of Swords Tarot Love Relationship Outcome amp ReversedPlease follow the link we 39 ve just sent you to activate the subscription. Other than that it may be that you had passed through a very difficult emotionally period and now the healing is about to begin if you accepted your suffering and you had allowed yourself to suffer The Two of Swords in Reversed Position. Expectation of outcome influenced by past life experience 5 of Wands Feelings Thoughts 9. quot Dec 25 2017 Find out what the 10 of Swords means as feelings in your love readings Highlighting The 10 Of Swords Within The Minor Arcana With Lady Leeanna Duration 13 39. When drawing tarot cards usually they are put in a vertical setting spread on a timeline of the past present and future. If you find cards like the 9 of Cups or the 8 of Swords then it 39 s probably better to give the dust time to settle before making an assessment. The Two of Swords tarot is a good and positive omen when it comes to love and romantic relationships. From this perspective the Ace of Swords becomes a card of unexpected wealth. One of the more negative card to discover in your spread the IX of Swords foretells or describes a powerful mental anguish. Advantage profit success favour but none of these are permanent also power and authority. com Jul 28 2017 Reversed Ten of Swords. Above this detailing the best possible outcome we have the three of pentacles which is the card of the tradesman. When you have received the Ten of Swords in the reversed position then you are going to be experiencing a time of overthrowing of evil forces. The Three of Cups inverted bears an unfortunate portent more often than not. Lover Knight Wands 7. There is a way forward. Sadly it looks as if Kathy planned to leave home for a bit. 2 of Swords Thoth card in the upright and reverse 1. I love hearing from my readers The ending in its quite physical and obvious form Ten of Swords is the card some Instead of worrying about the outcome that obviously won 39 t be light and easy we It often speaks of a relationship that has ended due to infidelity or difficulties as tables have turned reversed position of the Ten of Swords signifies our nbsp For example the 6 of Wands would be a yes while the 10 of Swords would be a no. Timing The Two of Swords predicts that an important thought will be turned inwards to find mental clarity. This doesn t just mean the loss of a relationship but could mean to loss of a friend or loved one in any sense of the word. Pleasure is likely. General Meaning of Hierophant Upright. If you are in a relationship the reversed Ten of Swords might indicate an nbsp 30 Mar 2017 Tarot Love Meaning Reversed 10 of Swords. Here we have an indicator of what the final resolution to the problem will be. Picture A warrior is defeated with all ten swords in his back. Ace of Pentacles Yes expect a good outcome. The querant will have greater willingness to forgive or let go of the bad times however. Sep 06 2019 Key Meanings of Reversed Hierophant Tarot Card Keywords Freedom challenging tradition reversed roles personal beliefs non conformity unconventional relationships. You King Pentacles 6. This is followed by the nine of swords which is the expected worry and pain felt by her family. Is the Six of Sword See full list on tarot. A person with charisma is attracting you. The clouds are parting and light is returning once nbsp Love You may have already taken steps to improve an existing love relationship when this card appears if so that 39 s a good thing. com Ten of swords tarot card meanings reversed. Unless someone deliberately misleads you your failures are still your own. The reversed Hermit hears the truth but will not listen. How I feel about my lover Queen of swords 10. There is a dead end literally or figuratively. Harsh and negative this card says no. Tarot combinations limited to show 100 objects only. The way the figures are dressed we can infer that there took place a battle between well to do people probably because of greed. In the worst case your relationship is filled with quarrels dramas and negative energy. The six of cups symbolize nostalgia memories from childhood former love and friendship. A battle in which winning seems to be the goal at all costs. You can also apply this as a warning about losing your job if you are employed rather than in business on your own. A bad relationship is coming to an end. However often this is just a diluted love of a relationship that has a rather bland material or pragmatic benefit. Or that your body is just really really tired. The 3 of Swords is also present this is severe distress a heart pierced with 3 Swords. You can try using reason to calm things down but be very careful you do not turn into a doormat. Knight of Swords. The cards that came out to play were the Ten of Testicles Page of Testicles and Justice Tumblr is a place to express yourself discover yourself and bond over the stuff you love. Sometimes the Ten of Swords indicates a sad event but you know when this is the case. Key dates June 11 to June 20 10 of swords job amp business tarot reading. The Current State of Your Relationship Three of Cups Good luck and success are possible. Stop being a martyr. Reversed someone who is getting better but will worries that it won t go well and there will be an inescapable end. Eight of Swords No you have problems to sort out before the way ahead is clear. determined. Upheaval and loss in love and all other types of relationships is possible. I think sometimes people forget that within every Tarot card is an equally opposite energy which is not always the Reversed meaning either. Take one step at a time and trust yourself. Mar 08 2013 The Ace of Swords is a powerful pure idea it brings the gift of illumination. Jul 05 2011 Relationship wise the Five of Swords reversed is a message that a close relationship will undergoing major changes and may even end. When the Six of Swords is reversed in a Tarot reading it could mean you are pushing back against change and feel that there are things left incomplete. The Ten of Swords shows a man lying face down apparently dead with ten swords in his back. I did a tarot for her and she asked about us and I was honour bound to read the cards with integrity and tell her what they said Aug 31 2020 9 of Swords You 39 ve had a recent sudden realization about your friendship. Ten of Swords Description A prostrate figure pierced by all the swords belonging to the card. my blood pressure kept dropping whilst i was there but i was sent home. Similar correlations of the Queen of Swords Thoth Tarot Three of Swords Keywords of the Three of Swords upright include love triangles betrayals deception adultery misunderstandings heartbreak and a breakdown in relationships. You have the capacity to create synergy or at least provide common ground where argument once prevailed. In some cases this effort may be successful. Swords represent Air Signs and this card is often representing the Air Sign of Gemini. It 39 s that simple. You have got yourself into a situation and you must get out of it. In relationships the reversed King of Swords points to serious arguments and controlling behaviour. A marriage or proposal or brand new step in your journey is here. She has written hundreds of articles for the website on a range of topics covered within the psychic niche including Psychics amp Mediums Tarot amp Angel Cards Astrology amp Horoscopes the topic of her newly released e book Love amp Relationships and Spells amp Magic. it turned out i was fine. If this is how the sword trio appears in your reading you are overcoming what has knocked you down and becoming a better person because of it. The calculator find matches from your selected tarot cards. Knight of Swords Big burdens and you are the only one left to fight them. com Sep 28 2019 Ten of Swords Reversed In the reversed position the Ten of Swords can signify things in your life improving overcoming obstacles and forgiving those who have wronged you in the past. freeing yourself from boundaries being too focused on feeling free being free to see new perspectives let go of old limiting behavior lt lt 7 of swords. Keywords of the Three of Swords reversed include a reassessment healing relationships releasing pain and forgiving a new start or dire emotional stress and Ten of Swords down in the pits feeling victimized REINFORCING CARDS Some Possibilities. Relationship Page of Cups 4. This last card is important because it factors in all of the previous six cards into its answer. When one person refuses to lose or when one person insists on always winning a truce is the only way to go. The same applies in a work or career situation. The Ten of Swords indicates a final end. 2 of Cups Big problems and issues in an intimate relationship. This event may occur in the next hours or days to Dec 13 2012 These are the Ten of Cups and the Page of Cups. Hopes and Fears shows the expectations you have concerning the outcome of your question. Reversed we may have a very uncomfortable illumination or perhaps an idea you would do well to release. 10 The Wheel of Fortune The continual cycle of change is represented by the Wheel of Fortune in which good and evil luck and ruin harmony and discord perpetually wax and wane. Page of Wands Knight of Wands rev Tower Very bad accident. Delays frustrations mixed signals or uncertain outcome is all possible when this card is not upright. These are the cards from 1 to 10. Jan 03 2007 Upright the ten of swords indicates the end of a cycle. If you re experiencing external changes beyond your control just know these circumstances can become a positive catalyst for self improvement in the areas of creativity relationships or possibly career. This already does not look good the upside down ten of swords shows us a power play albeit a temporary power play and the two of pentacles reversed tells us about an inability to agree on something two ideas or situations that Six Of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning When the Six of Swords appears reversed in a reading it urges you to confront your difficulties and sort them out by looking for alternative solutions. It is not especially a card of violent death. Look failure is part of the creative process. See full list on teachmetarot. e. The Three of Swords Reversed. When reversed it can also indicate the person as a villain. It may also be a confusing one. The Ten of Pentacles is the successful happy end to the long and complicated road illustrated by the traditional tarot deck. what is the potential outcome of our working relationship. In a love Tarot spread if you are in a relationship the Ten of Swords reversed can indicate a relationship coming back from the brink of failure or collapsing nbsp 1 Oct 2017 When the Ten of Swords appears reversed the sunlight now appears at the top of the card. 10 of Swords 2 of Wands Strength reversed Ace of Swords reversed. While it may be frightening in a reading remember that endings even unexpected ones bring with them hope and new opportunity. Four of swords tarot card reversed denotes restlessness and burnouts. Ten of Swords is a Minor Arcana tarot card. Aspects of Your Relationship to Consider Ten of Cups . When life gets as bad as they can be the only thing that can happen is that it starts to improve. two of cups interesting because we did have a great sexual connection. Bad companions dangerous companions. If reversed it may bring a reversal of fortunes a narrow escape slowly regaining position or emerging from a loss. In this kind of drawings the Ten of Swords may come up straight as well as reversed. The Path You Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow Ten of Swords Reversed Evil will be defeated. Card Detail Five of Swords Reversed Environment Reveals the environment and other s influences that can affect the outcome of the matter. You might manipulate someone and use your power to be in control of a situation because something was unveiled that you did not like. and confident. Nov 07 2012 All Tarot Card images are taken from the Pictorial Key to the Tarot by W. gt Eight of Cups time to move on and call it a day. 10 of swords reversed relationship outcome