Comcast dug up my yard

comcast dug up my yard Oct 25 2010 However if the lawn is not maintained Japanese beetles can lay eggs in the lawn that turn into grub larvae. Remember that cottontail rabbits grow up really quickly they leave the nest at about 3 weeks old. After all some dogs are born to dig in which case you should establish a safe digging zone sooner rather than later. Apr 13 2010 50 feet from my back door. If your lawn or yard looks like a buried treasure hunt your dog s digging problem is probably out of control. Jan 16 2017 Price estimates ranged up to 20 000. Putting barriers up around all the little plants is not going to work nor is blocking off all the areas. Comcast Xfinity buries my new cable pretty quickly 7 Sep 2012 Fearful the digging would ruin her meticulously manicured garden Twaddell Instead of burying it in her yard Comcast would move it along her quot What 39 s relevant to me is I don 39 t think they had any right to come onto my property and string their cable along my flower beds Profile Newsletters Sign Out nbsp 21 Jun 2015 I noticed that AT amp T spray painted my grass in orange and planning on digging up my yard to install cables I do not have AT amp T and I should not nbsp Had our home built nothing there but woods one year ago. Aug 06 2020 The home gardener seeking to find out what is digging holes in my yard may have to cast an eye to pets or children. Your local garden center Home Depot or Lowe 39 s will have a grub killer you can use to kill them off. Please help Every morning some squirrels come to dig up my lawn. A local lawn care company wants to spray Sevin on the lawn. Patches of lawn were dug up and scattered around and all of that happened during the night There s no doubt these are some of the signs of a badger visit to your garden. This is because grubs eat the roots of grass. I came home yesterday to my lawn torn up well out of the nbsp 30 Jul 2008 I 39 m in the basement playing video games and my wife calls down to me telling me that there are two guys digging in our front yard. Autoplay. 15 just once will not have grub infestations thus leaving skunks with no reason to dig up the lawn. Title your post quot There is an orange cable in my yard quot or maybe quot Please bury my drop quot . Grubs will spend time near the surface of your lawn eating the grass roots and causing damage to the grass states the Ottawa Carlton Wildlife Centre. Oct 17 2013 Turkey digging up yard. Place them around the perimeter of your yard every 3 or so. Keep doing this until your dog goes to the digging area on his or her own. Jul 06 2020 How to Stop a Dog from Digging. You 39 re probably thinking quot surely there must be a sure fire way of getting rid of lawn moles isn t there quot The photo shows a mole the cats dragged up Or rather than digging UP food some animals may be digging to store food. Skunks tend to make shallow holes with loosened soil while raccoons can actually use their front paws to pull up chunks of sod and flip them over to find Forum discussion Can Comcast come and dig up my yard without prior notification This is not a new hook up and we were not notified that they would be coming out to do any type of service at our Feb 06 2010 Good afternoon. Verizon contractors have been digging up people 39 s yards in South Patrick said workers for Comcast had to come back and re dig a hole nbsp 11 Jul 2011 The problem is my house is about 400 yards from the road. Sep 11 2011 When I got Comcast 1 installer came and hooked up everything in the house and from the spigot at the street to the house but the wire was left on the ground. Aug 14 2012 Dogs dig up the lawn in a heartbeat eager to bury a bone or pursue a gopher leaving gaping holes and piles of dirt. If your dog 39 s urine is causing your grass to die consider this solution. 25 per foot. For this type of grass you 39 ll need to kill the plant before you remove it. Sep 18 2017 We had a similar problem. If there is a garden skunks may also tear it up to eat the fruits or vegetables that are close to the ground. How to Treat amp Repair a Mole Damaged Lawn. holes in the turf it s most likely bird related damage. Hang a squirrel feeder with some squirrel logs in your yard. Plant Improvements J. Fill gallon jugs with water. Predator Pee knows how to stop skunks from digging up your lawn with a simple solution. They were going to dig a trench and run a cable 300 feet through the yards of 5 or 6 houses and stick Comcast with a big fat inflated bill. With a squirrel infestation you may notice things going missing from around your home yard and garden. In general birds don t taste like mammals. Once you have a better sense of what areas of the lawn the armadillo tends to spend most of its time in you ll be much more likely to find ways of getting rid of them. You spread this material on the lawn and you water it Comcast says the caller will pretend to be a Comcast agent and ask for account information or state your IP address is compromised. I 39 ve been told that 6 is definitely middle aged for a cat she had a litter at age 2 and still has the belly to show for it e. Photo by Shutterstock Mar 09 2012 Comcast does not claim the cable beyond the demarc. Original Ankle Socks 2 Pairs. If you left your pregnant pooch alone to find the perfect nest for her pups she would dig up your entire yard. The best way to discourage squirrels from targeting your yard is to convince them that your yard is hostile. However soon after the stump has been removed you re left with a hole full of wood chips. 26 Aug 2019 It probably means that a neighbor is about to do some digging or that a utility operator is What are these flags in my backyard assets and anybody planning to excavate must check out their property for matches. I 39 m basing this on my recent experience with Time Warner. Then she rips to the other side and does it again What 39 s everyone doing to I have dug these things up and they are all in my yard scattered about irises lamb 39 s ear balloon flowers cone flowers lily of the valley bee balm mint black eyed susans some ferns. 5. In my case it was flocks of crows tearing up the lawn looking for grubs. In spite of your best efforts otherwise your dog may persist in digging. On 7 21 20 I discovered a flooded area in my front yard Jul 10 2020 They may leave behind multiple divots in a yard and mounds of dirt from their digging. There can be any number of reasons why you might need to dig trenches or holes in your yard. While Pushing the pulled up turf back into place can be a lesson in futility as the raccoons or skunks will come back again and again until the food source is exhausted and your lawn damage is extensive. to put temporary lines in place in order to get service up and running for nbsp 18 Aug 2013 I have a utility pole in my backyard and my neighbors homes 39 wires Mary Clifton comcast came out to move my neighbors line that runs over nbsp 11 Jun 2020 But before crews can hook up to that network the company needs to lay the cable. Jul 29 2008 Does dug dirt enter some wormhole and end up at the opposite end of the universe somewhere If so there is enough dirt there just from the holes I have dug to cover a two story building. 16 Aug 2015 I dug up the old cable and followed it into the yard Comcast came out and put in a new line removed the old line and stuck the plastic cover on. 08 12 32 PM EDT By Meg Marco meghann cable utilities comcast update lawns happy endings easements May 05 2020 Once you ve installed your barrier or fence along the perimeter of your yard check up on it regularly to ensure that no critters have successfully dug underneath it. Signs of a grub problem on your lawn include small patches of dead brown grass dotted around your lawn. Mole hills and tunnels can do significant damage to your lawn creating tripping hazards and leaving grass roots exposed which can kill the grass. com support and clicking on to be installed he or she may have some basic questions about your yard. It also depends on your soil type. Any holes dug after the inspector left were completely off. THEN come to rudely find out that due to the new home being built across the street from me the gas utility will have to run a line from the house UNDER the street and 10 feet into my yard. What are birds digging for in your lawn The phenomenon of birds digging holes in lawns has an easy explanation food. Published August 10 2007 07 53 GMT 00 53 PDT Caption by Larry Dignan Armadillos have no teeth and poor eyesight but a strong sense of smell. Jul 25 2016 My first thought was leatherjackets crane fly larvae. The 30 39 line is a building setback. Comcast Cable will locate its underground cable to the structure. best of the best. I spread grub killer on my yard every spring and the problem goes away until the next spring. g. If groundhogs are eating up your garden it 39 s critical to learn the best ways to rid your yard of these pests. If they removed cable after that I suspect you really pissed somebody off since generally they disconnect the feed at the pole and leave the service drop in place at least in my area unless specifically asked to remove more than that. Neighbors were wondering what was going on all day and at the end of day still had no TV or internet. The crew finished the holes and my husband went out to verify before the fence got started. A HUGE steel pole where no pole had been before. Observe your dog to find out the underlying cause of nonstop digging and maybe you won If existing utilities are underground on your property we usually bury the fiber cable underground by digging a trench through your yard from our existing network to the NIU. Privacy Policy middot Terms Of Use middot Covers Do Not Sell My Personal Information. There is a chance that your Goldendoodle is sensing the movement of creatures underground. I would suspect the armadillo also. Mole burrows may cause damage in your yard disfiguring your lawn destroying your flowerbeds and tearing up the roots of your grass. They re like underground caterpillars and could look like a small ball of dirt when curled up and they re big enough to make a crunchy snack for a dog. I suspect the boars are digging up the lawn in search of food if you can eradicate their food source they should go elsewhere try to find a local gardener or gardening service who maintain lawn areas. I called Comcast and reported a Jan 07 2014 Comcast cable company working in the neighborhood. The eastern picklypear cactus Opuntia humifusa is native to most of the U. Property owners who leave garbage bags or open trash containers outside may attract hungry I 39 m not sure it would cost the homeowner anything to have Comcast fix the broken cable. Comcast tore up my yard but they brought in new patches of grass to replace the grass they removed. On the other hand the grubs can 39 t be good either. Once I mentioned that I was calling to find out why they dug in my front yard when they didn 39 t have permission this idiot of a woman Kathryn Medley continues with her quot F 39 d up quot attitude screaming quot construction terms quot and then hung up I have never heard someone act SO ridiculously on the phone with a customer Digging and preparing a new garden bed is best done as a fall chore since it will loosen the soil and many of the weeds will die off during the winter. Comcast Xfinity moved tried to change my service getting sales pitches inflated prices lied to and hung up on just want to go back to internet service only mid December I called Comcast to move my service I bought a house and moved Jan 1 2020. My internet connection went down and after doing all the tests myself on the modem computer and such I called them. Removing a tree stump from your backyard can improve the appearance of your yard. To create a digging zone set aside an unobtrusive area of the yard for your dog s exclusive use. Learn why they may be digging and ways to channel your dog 39 s digging instincts. I am only digging in a small area and don 39 t want my entire yard marked. There are some holes dug but mostly it looks like they 39 ve just scrapped the grass away and exposed the soil underneath. Sep 12 2020 The city already took 10 39 of easement two years ago to widen the road which I was very agreeable about despite a little angst about losing 10 39 of my nice deep front yard at that time. If you prefer natural ways to keep dogs out of your garden then homemade dog repellent is for you. Just topdressed and overseeded my front lawn this fall to where next season she would be lookin good. And the worst part is we haven t seen a PG amp E guy for almost a week now. Our contact center takes your information on the work you are planning to do and after identifying which utilities have lines Apr 20 2013 I have a lovely spread of moss in my shady front lawn and it is a great substitute for grass which will not grow due to the shade. Look for tracks near the area that has been dug up. Once they are done digging you can start the repair process. Apr 20 2009 There should be a pedestal near your house or your neighbor 39 s house. Listed below are 6 steps you you should take after stump removal. ultrasound adjustable units Yard Guard not effective squirrels can tolerate them well no mat To make your lawn less inviting to voles keep your yard tidy weeded and mowed. And of course another 20 20 hindsight your contract should have made clear whose responsibility it was to get locates it should always contractually be the Contractor 39 s responsibility since he is the one controlling schedule and actually doing the digging but you should make sure it was done before excavation starts. Latest Podcast Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify TuneIn Android Deezer by Email RSS Pulling weeds is nobody 39 s idea of a good time but if you 39 re going to invest the time to beautify your lawn and get rid of dandelions it 39 s better to do it the right way so they don 39 t grow back. Dec 15 2018 How to Diagnose Holes in the Yard. 23 Apr 2020 Plugged my son 39 s computer directly into the router to see if it was a wifi They installed a temporary booster and then later dug up our yard to nbsp 31 May 2016 When your company has been bought out and you are not exactly sure how that will Ponders the Failed Comcast Time Warner Cable Merger When I first moved into this house the cable was across my yard for 2 months. We have foxes in the neighborhood in a huge pile of logs stacked in a neighbor 39 s backyard which has been there for 7 months with no sawing activity. If they need to run new lines thet may cost more due to the trench that will need to be dug. Some people have ready access to extra dirt on their property. Fugly celebrity fashion disasters red carpet round ups royals and TV recaps. 800 934 6489 is a Comcast spoof call posing as the Comcast Jul 12 2016 Water leaks in your yard can cause damage to your home and cost thousands of dollars in repairs. 6. Sep 30 2020 DEAR JOAN I just returned from throwing a baseball at a squirrel voraciously digging deep into my once beautiful lawn. May 15 2020 If you re digging in a small area and don t need your whole yard marked you can outline the area of your project with white paint or flags. You spread this material on the lawn and you water it To keep squirrels out of your yard and away from your garden you need to make those spaces unattractive to them. CCU LLC subcontracted employees to lay down fiber optic cable infrastructure on behalf of Comcast in Towngate Pembroke Pines FL XXXXX. 350 E Congress Pkwy Crystal Lake IL 60014 Map amp Directions 800 266 2278. First let the crows and raccoons do their job. Comcast entering yard without permission. Let s get down to business. Avoid planting dense groundcovers. e. You can either 1. When they were installing FiOS in my neighborhood they trenched my property three times as they were connecting other neighbors on my side of the street to the main box on the other side of my neighbor 39 s property when they ordered FiOS the neighbot had it done four times since they had to dig for my connection as well . The most obvious and common digging animal in gardens is the dog and if your yard has a fence the culprit for the holes is likely your dog which may be chasing the mole digging tunnels throughout the garden. If your cable company ripped out grass or landscaping they need to replace it. Review Add photo Own this business Unlock this page They have absolutely NO respect for anyones yard. A mole s den may consist of many chambers connected with runways. I run up nbsp You can also check up on our progress by visiting xfinity. Jun 01 2020 The lawn is made up of layers for simplicity lets say the soil roots thatch and the blades. At first my dog was blamed but it is happening whils we all sleep save me from staying up all night on Aug 28 2013 The holes are about 2 inches deep and about the size of my big thumb and usually at the bottom there 39 s a nut or a seed but as this started happening in June I think it 39 s unlikely to be squirrels. Are squirrels digging holes in your lawn Squirrels bury food not only to prepare for winter when food is harder to find but also to ensure that they are the sole proprietor of any abundant food source. Liked it so much I bought 3 additional for my son in laws. If it s sandy and easy to dig save money by digging deep you won t need to use metal conduit . Try and determine the cause of the digging then work to eliminate that source. Keep in mind that the usual motivation for digging up yards comes down to two things food and lodging. You need to check your lawn for areas where grass pulls away easily or looks like its drying out. 1. ten91. If it s rocky or clay keep your digging to a minimum. quot A. May 01 2020 If you d like to submit a question you can record it as a voice memo on your smartphone and send it to oustidein nhpr. Make your lawn undesirable to I 39 m sure Comcast knows but would dig you up anyway. This may seem obvious but if you have a roving pooch in the neighborhood it might be a digger. Sep 14 2018 Change up your landscaping. even the gravel down the path is being dug up. Skunks forage with almost surgical precision digging up grass and making cones of soil where they find their meals. the shock of seeing a 13 foot long hole in To minimize squirrels digging holes in your lawn during the colder parts of the year when they are searching for the food they buried in the Fall give them an alternative food source. How to prevent squirrels from digging up the lawn We ve learned so far that squirrels dig holes in search for food and in order to store food. I ve got a tried and true remedy for dogs using your lawn as their personal privy. Up next. A local master gardener thinks we have an infestation of chafer beetles and that birds and or raccoons are digging up the lawn to get the grubs. Easy to use just place your foot in the stirrup and step down firmly pull straight up. Dec 18 2019 There are times when dog problems get the best of your time like dog flea issues and dogs digging through the garbage or worse digging up your precious garden . So both Comcast and Centurylink have entered my back yard without my permission this past month. If your dog digs elsewhere tell him or her quot No quot and move your dog to the digging area. To keep squirrels out of your yard and away from your garden you need to make those spaces unattractive to them. quot I 39 ve got an irrigation system in my lawn quot I told nbsp So as long as the new if you have it pvc pipe lasts no more digging ever. There are several animals that are common yard visitors. You can repair by re Bulldozing your yard may just be your dog s way of expending his energy. Squirrels are enthusiastic foragers so pick up fallen nuts fruits and seeds. I have discovered it was skunks digging up june bug larvae. Oct 25 2019 Digging is a common problem behavior in dogs that many owners experience. I. So if craters in the front yard aren 39 t your thing read on to Moles have big appetites and can eat 70 to 80 percent of their body weight every day. Thatch is the area just above the soil that protects the roots. Jul 03 2020 These instincts are so strong that your dog still has them today. We apparently have a cable box that is used by the neighbors and they need access to it. For this reason bad tasting agents won t deter them. Sep 13 2019 If this has happened to you you probably immediately wondered what is digging up your lawn at night. I keep digging them up but can 39 t seem to get rid of them. Very recently they took my favorite channel WETA UK and moved it to a higher level that is more Jan 31 2019 By digging up molehills atop your lawn and creating tunnels it can cause excessive damage to the roots of your plants or give way to other rodents. I have just met you and I love you. By default our unit sends out ultra sound. Remove grubs from your lawn. My 12 week old is developed a new hobbyshe is digging up my yard. Sep 05 2019 The most perfectly landscaped yard does not sit still. Then she rips to the other side and does it again What 39 s everyone doing to Aug 19 2020 And when a digging animal finds a good food source it s sure to come back for more. They finally dug a trench in the late 1980s threw the cable a few feet down and nbsp Comcast delivers the best in Internet TV Voice Mobile Home Management and Business When this network connection is complete you will be able to sign up for service and you will While this plan does involve digging and will result in our technicians conducting Q Why is there a telecom pedestal in my yard 28 Feb 2008 I didn 39 t give them permission to walk on my lawn and spray paint my yard he said. It is not surprising that not one but many garden backyards fall under the territory coverage of badgers and may eventually be visited. We have everything from kid friendly and easy smiling carved faces to gorgeous carved pumpkin monograms for your front entryway. If they can repair the damage it won 39 t be too bad. net Our systems install in your basement so we are able to fix your water problems promptly in any season. They can dig up to 15 feet down in search of insects ants spiders larvae frogs and other invertebrates that make up their diet. They are provided for informational purposes only. Moles voles gophers rats and mice could be enticing your dog to excavate the yard. E. There are exceptions of course for agriculture silviculture and wildlife habitat improvement activities. . Oct 08 2019 There are treatments that can be sprayed on the yard that will help with this. This is where you helpful people come in Digging up the ground extensivly enough to get rid of all the weeds there 39 s a lot of the stuff would be a rather tyring thing to do manually. E Information Rules Rates amp Regulations middot Pay My Bill middot Public No one from J. On 7 21 20 I discovered a flooded area in my front yard Jun 04 2020 Know the signs of ground digger wasps infesting your lawn or garden space. net Bait Wait Celebrate When you contact Texas811 to have your underground utilities marked you are initiating a process that includes our contact center utility locators and utility companies working together to prepare you for safe digging. This company Jnet is a joke. So even though the construction equipment will be blocking my driveway all day they won t be digging up the expensive stone path and landscaping lighting that I installed last year. Our neighborhood is currently getting comcast put in 15 years after the development started. The presence of birds digging into the turf is indicating that there is something wrong with the lawn which as a result is attracting the birds and promoting their behaviour. TruXter hours Dani Mae To answer you suggestion about a manager I believe that is not possible since only technician process that. It is totally irrelevant but quite You do not have my authorization to place cables in my yard you do not have my authorization to dig up my yard If you trespass on my property I will call the police immediately and ask your employees to leave. At the base of the mound of granular dirt will be a finger sized hole with a quot path quot of dirt leading out from it. When you ve determined that it s definitely a mole causing issues to your lawn McGrath advises purchasing a product such as Mole Scram. Learn about underground wiring and cable installation and replacement. Oct 02 2020 Animal this was in my yard stop your dog from digging up yard wildlife moves into your yard when do baby rabbits leave the nest woodchuck pest control Why Do Rabbits Dig Holes Then Fill Them In PetsialHow To Stop Rabbits From Digging Holes On Your Property Pest Pointers For At Home ControlWhy Do Rabbits Aug 06 2020 If your dog digs up your yard it can get pretty frustrating for you. Posted Mon Jun 26 2017 4 42 pm but when I dug up my yard to reseed Jun 01 2020 Here s how to stop skunks amp raccoons from digging up your lawn Make it hard for them to dig apply nematodes use aeration keep the soil wet use cayenne pepper amp unroll chicken wire over the area along with these 12 tips. If you have a dog odds are your canine friend has dug his share of holes in your yard. Ammonia I ve literally seen raccoons pee and poop in ammonia filled bowls that were scattered to protect the grapes at the owner s vineyard. What I didn 39 t notice at the time but did this morning was that I have a cable running across my backyard not buried. Just inches below the surface he 39 s dug up glass spark plugs even the hood to an old truck. Oct 19 2017 Why are squirrels digging up my lawn Belmont man bothered by bunches of bunnies nibbling his yard Raccoons partying hard in my backyard Try using beneficial nematodes which should be available Dec 01 2019 1 Comment on How to prevent squirrels from digging up my lawn A lovely lawn is the pride of the homeowner especially when it is personally taken care of by the homeowner. Komar Project 900 747 views May 14 2012 Now two full weeks later we have a giant trench running from one side of our yard to the other with snow fencing to keep us from going into our yard. It 39 s not easy to get rid of burrowing animals like moles groundhogs voles gophers groundhogs hamsters porcupines etc. After researching the area I discovered that my house is on top of a defensive line from the Oct 19 2017 Some animal is digging the grass off my lawn. Stray and neighbor dogs dig holes anywhere occasionally in your yard. Forum discussion My wife just called me to say that she had arrived home to find that Comcast were digging up our yard to lay a new cable to a shopping center behind our house. But sound can and we have a SOUND REPELLER that works great for this job. TruXter The cable box is in my neighbor s yard. Instead it gets kicked out behind them so you can t just put it back. Raccoons and skunks are two common grub eating nocturnal culprits for digging in yards. Comcast. Find a checklist for your installation and answers to your questions about your installation here. Aug 21 2018 1. If not you ll need to buy it. Grubs live in the rich Moles make their dens in areas under trees buildings and sidewalks. Here s a whole yard plan for keeping squirrels away. There is no recorded easement but there are power lines going over the house so I assume I have no real way to dispute their right to bring power over the property. blood meal and fox urine effective but after rain or watering the lawn stop being effective at all 2. Jan 14 2016 Use soil or sand to create a special digging approved area and place toys and bones there. I 39 m out there with her but she 39 ll rip over to one side of the yard and start digging as fast as she can until I get there to deter her. But squirrels have been pretty busy digging in my potted plants and other places this time of year. Preventing Grubs Lawns treated with imidacloprid anytime between April 1 and Aug. This work must be completed before we can start digging as it helps ensure that If you still have questions regarding the status of the installation of your new nbsp 7 Dec 2006 quot Oh we 39 re gunna run it right up yer yard there quot said one pointing to the hill in front of my house. We moved in got Comcast there was no att because we called them and they said nbsp 1 May 2019 Homeowners call it the backyard eyesore that just won 39 t go away Centennial homeowners fight to have Comcast cables buried in back yards into the store where eventually one member slid out a back door with a Shih Tzu. Comcast tore up my yard but they brought in new patches of grass nbsp 8 Jul 2011 June 16 2010 Comcast lays cable through neighbor 39 s front lawn and then does a terrible job of repairing the damage done to the yard. From my experience they will keep returning for about a week or so. The time of the year makes a difference in the frequency of digging. A skunk is known for digging up a person s lawn in their attempt to find larvae. Holt Landscape Co. Wide areas of ripped apart grass indicate a raccoon has been raking your lawn in search of bugs. less Show more. Jan 11 2019 7 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Stop Your Dog From Digging There are lots of ideas out there about how to stop your dog digging up your yard but some of them are not only unhelpful they are downright dangerous to your dog Never use a toxic chemical spray on any area of your yard to deter your dog from digging. How to Stop Rabbits from Digging Holes in Your Lawn. Are you tired of looking for a way to rid your lawn of moles Call or E mail us today 1 800 61MOLES nomoles comcast. They tore up my yard with equipment and then replanted the part they tore up which had been beautiful mature established nice grass with something that Oct 03 2020 Original review Sept. The channels Comcast provide in basic cable are mostly junk i. Anyone who plans to dig should call 811 or go to their state 811 center s website a few business days before digging to request that the approximate location of buried utilities be marked with paint or flags so that you don t unintentionally dig into an underground utility line. Digging holes in your yard is one way he keeps himself busy. Occasionally there is a mix up and Comcast forgets to bury the drop. They were ripping Comcast off. The only problem is that every few weeks my lovely moss gets these little dug up areas . However it is possible that the sewer may have to be dug up and replaced. backyard to complete service part of a larger fiber optic expansion project O 39 Connor who says he is merely standing up for his own private property safety and welfare and don 39 t want Comcast anywhere near my property he said. You 39 ll know you 39 ve got ground digger wasp nests when you see small granular mounds of dirt piled up anywhere from two to five inches in height. Can Comcast run Answered by a verified Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The wood chips will eventually rot but the hole should be filled with soil to even out the lawn. Comcast has to have this in order to have access to rights of way through the city on city property and next to and a few feet within people amp 039 s prope Aug 22 2017 Establish a Safe Digging Zone. Shallow holes about 8 10cm in diameter about 2 3cm deep are appearing on my lawn mostly where moss is growing. If you are only planning to dig in a small portion of your yard outline the area in white paint or white flags available at home improvement stores. Some gardeners make what 39 s known as compost tea with finished compost. maybe 2 to 3 inches across. Aug 10 2007 In my neighborhood all power and phone lines are buried so laying the line required some digging. This may not be great news if you have a beautiful landscaped lawn you 39 re hoping to preserve. Their bite causes dreadful The border did get very dry over the summer we don 39 t have a lot of time for gardening so maybe that was the problem. And unfortunately they do have the right to dig up your yard. How to Prevent Lawn Holes by Animals. Fat white grubs. May 01 2019 When digging a fish pond in my urban backyard I dug up a cannon ball wrote one Reddit user. While one or two short tunnels are hardly noticed multiple tunnels crisscrossing your lawn is too much. You now have the option to repair or entirely replace your underground sewer pipes without tearing up your lawn. Sep 09 2020 Add about 4 to 6 inches of compost to your flower beds and into your pots at the beginning of each planting season. So easy to use. Most typical lawn maintenance activities also do not require a permit as long as they do not harm a burrow or tortoise. Gattina . Why Raccoons Are Digging. However you must know exactly what to clean up and how to put up a fence. 6 feet of cable gets dug up with in just house of the tech s burying it. Cut off their food source and they 39 ll have no reason to lunch on your lawn anymore Here at Lawn and Weed Expert we offer a range of pest control services that will help eradicate the problem quickly. Pocket Gophers. Case in point The 11 horror stories we 39 ve dug up for you are just a few of Look he said I 39 m not trying to take money out of my mother 39 s bank nbsp 19 Oct 2019 Starting in January they have sent out a total of four techs to my condo Meanwhile I have an orange cable sitting in the yard unburied with nbsp . Internet Cable Line Coaxial RG 6 Cable orange color was accidentally nicked during a yard work causing disruption in the Internet service. A. If you notice five paw prints with nail imprints attached to each one on a regular basis you may have a skunk problem. How to Stop Raccoons amp Skunks from Digging up My Lawn The crows raccoons forest nymphs that are tearing it up are doing a solid job of eating an invasive species because there seems to be much less of it for them to get at at least in my yard in a Digging pests can inflict significant lawn damage ruin gardens and plants and even pose serious electrical or plumbing hazards. You may notice things going missing. Jun 21 2008 So instead of just cutting the grass etc we have decided to take the whole lot out and put in a brand new lawn. here and she may be 7 rather than 6 she was a rescue cat so age is approximate . However that does not make it any less frustrating as a homeowner trying to keep your yard nice for entertaining. Actually these guys that do the work are contracted by Comcast. If they have you will probably have to remove these as well as other wildlife that has also used these pathways dug out by their burrowing friends. Can anybody give me any tips to stop it doing it. Now Comcast is back getting ready to dig up my private dirt road because the to put additional cable in to my house while they are digging up the old cable and nbsp 27 Mar 2018 an unburied orange Comcast cable line left across her backyard. Clean holes with little to no dirt piles. Jun 01 2018 Your dog could be digging for any number of reasons to beat the heat to find pests or due to boredom. Cementing in the entire yard is one solution but there are other options. When my neighbor and I called Comcast customer service up on that night someone at Comcast looked at the order and saw something was not right. Understanding why they are digging is the first step in reclaiming your lawn. The average price per foot of sewer line ranges from 50 to 250. Nov 23 2018 However the traditional way of digging up your yard to deal with a damaged or clogged sewer line is so yesterday. Dec 07 2006 Comcast guys dug up my yard a month ago to put in cable for a neighbour of mine. You might want to try some grub killer. Sep 23 2020 You may find that these curious critters are digging up your lawn. Install electric or wire fence Jan 20 2018 They are always digging up the roots of the plants and have killed many of our shrubs flowers roses trees etc. May 28 2013 May 29 2013 Warren Salter 39 s yard had yielded more problems than dandelions. Jul 02 2007 my dad is putting up some fencing in our yard and while the holes for the fence poles where being dug we accidentally cut a cable. If a raccoon is digging in your yard chances are you have grubs. I have tryed some methods 1. Squirrels can also be very destructive to the trees in your yard. A determined skunk could cause significant lawn damage. A second crew came several days later and buried the wire and severed my sprinkler lines in the process . The damage inflicted by wildlife can have long term consequences for the health and safety of your whole yard. These deeply dug runways provide the mole passage from his living area to his hunting grounds as well as provide protection against predators such as foxes coyotes dogs snakes skunks badgers weasels hawks and owls. utility damages it while digging if we would use our pipe locating equipment on the nbsp Our local cable TV company Comcast must use the quot public way quot to hang their They removed the drop about a year ago but put it back up last month the neighbor didn 39 t want the wire over their yard but my yard was OK. Utilities like cable companies need a franchise agreement with a city to operate in that city. I offer these things to YOU. If you have a shed garage or other structure within the right of way you may lose it at your expense. Methods that DO NOT work against raccoons digging up your lawn These methods I have seen many clients use only having to call me for a better solution. Make sure to let the 811 operator know about your plans so he or she can direct the utility companies to the proper location. They also dig under porches and sheds to sleep or care for their babies. U. The first step to fixing the problem is to find the source of the leak. Learn how to reschedule service appointments online and much more. Of course if they are digging truffles maybe you should dig up your lawn as well. I 39 ve seen hedgehog poo all over my lawn but can 39 t for certain say it 39 s them. the next day Comcast comes to us saying we just cut the cable that connected our neighborhood. The yard on the side of our house has broken concrete and a fence torn out so they could get their big equipment in there. There are two ways that you can get rid of rabbits from your lawn. I don 39 t want them to spray paint and dig up my whole utility box area so I 39 m nbsp 12 Apr 2012 Recently had Xfinity cable installed at my house. Not only do grubs ruin your lawn themselves but animals looking to eat grubs do damage as well. Rob Witherspoon Guelph Turfgrass Institute However it is possible that the sewer may have to be dug up and replaced. as to the neighbors power line over your house I still have to look it up but U believe that is not legal. Any ideas what creatures might be Sep 19 2018 INDIANAPOLIS If you live in the city you likely have wires or cables buried underground somewhere on your property but if the company that puts them there forgets to bury them it can become a hassle to get the mess cleaned up from your yard. Almost. As the roots are damaged by the grubs this grass will pull up easily. Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered Jan 26 2016 . Weeds and Pests Birds will naturally forage in lawns for either bugs or the bulbs of some weed types such as Guildford Grass. They will be out until Tuesday and then I 39 ll be picking everything up to cart away. Dogs are able to hear and smell things that people can t. Jan 03 2019 The trench should be dug so that it protects your yard your basement your crawlspace and so forth like a moat protects a castle. Keep a lid on outdoor trash cans and make sure that any Skunks dig up lawns looking for insect grubs under the soil. so they took out one of our fence poles to reconnect the cable and said the were gonna send us a bill Comcast started marking up my yard to put cable underground through my yard and left a note on my door. May 09 2020 Dogs are hard wired to enjoy digging. How do I keep cactus out of my yard They grow somewhat flat on the ground and have yellow flowers. The Yard Butler Lawn Core Aerator reduces compaction and thatch to let air water and fertilizer down to the root zone. It looks like whatever is digging hits the block wall then Oct 04 2015 If you have moles tunneling in your lawn and or skunks digging up your lawn chances are your lawn is full of Japanese Beetle Grubs. Typically raccoons are digging because they are looking for food underground often grubs. I woke up one morning to find my front lawn in tatters. They should leave the yard in substantially the same condition they found it. 7 Nov 2011 Answers. Fox Urine Yard Cover Shakin Flake Granules are the yard skunk repellent you need for your lawn or garden. Children also find it fun to make tunnels and fort in dirt which often requires excavation. Add photo Comcast. Initially Comcast said it would cost 20 000 to come around the corner with a cable to our house Corman said. This one is a bit bigger but again doesn 39 t go very far. Jun 06 2018 Whatever your stance on the digging of critters almost everyone wants to know who made that hole. 30 Nov 2018 A Lafayette resident 39 s dispute with Comcast has landed incourt. No hole mound two inches high amp wide several in middle of the lawn earthworm. Dec 16 2012 I would say it was my dogs but you don 39 t live near me and they are kept in the fenced yard so all the digging is in my yard . And make no mistake about it the grubs are silently destroying your lawn from the roots up. Apr 03 2008 Rival Comcast meanwhile has drawn complaints while digging up streets and neighborhood yards to replace its antiquated cable network in Santa Rosa. It 39 s almost comical how they rip out a piece of sod and toss it over their shoulder. Having moved to the house 4 years ago and not done anything with the garden we have been told by neighbours that there was an apple tree there that had been removed. Wrap Trees If bark damage from voles is a problem surround the lower trunks of trees and large shrubs with a loose cylinder of 1 4 wire mesh buried a few inches into the ground and reaching above the snow line. com Signed 21 Boat If I Helped To Answer Your Question Please Rate My Answer Dealing With Animals Digging In Your Yard Or Next To The House The image of a perfect lawn and attractive flower beds in the yard or next to your home can be perfect when you imagine them but finding that animals have been digging or burrowing can damage the look of the house. Jun 17 2013 Woke up three days ago to three very rude people digging up my yard two feet away from my front door not in street not on curb in yard they dug up one of the flowers that was to bloom this summer stepped on my impatiens and put my mulch which is dyed black on my driveway and it left a black stain. My name is Dug. For example in the fall squirrels dig to bury acorns and other goodies in preparation for the long cold winter ahead. World leaders diagnosed with COVID 19 and how they 39 ve fared. I presumed at first they were digging for nuts they buried for the winter. Select one of our pest services below to learn more Leatherjacket removal services Sep 10 2019 Garden amp Happy suggests scooping up some of your dog 39 s poop and bury it in a hole near where your dog has been digging. While this behavior maybe instinctual and therefore hard to stop there are things you can do to help curb your There is a fox that keeps digging holes in my lawn. In the process they dug into my irrigation pipes and damaged a pipe really bad. Stratham NH 03885 PH 603 775 7489 HoltLandscape comcast. 00 Posted 13 Sep 2003 10 00 PDT Expires 13 Oct 2003 10 00 PDT Question ID 255433 When your lawn has been torn up into little clumps during the night it s likely the result of a skunk digging for grubs. Mammals digging for insects make large holes or damage entire swaths of lawn. Looks like little feet have kicked up the grass. It is normally about 1 4 1 in height of matted decomposing grass clippings and generally dying old grass plants that fade away as new plants are generated. An actual Comcast employee will give you individual attention and make sure your drop gets buried. A amp A Lawn Care amp Landscaping can beautify your lawn and landscaping using our vast experience in turf grass management. Tracking Down a Scent. One fourth inch diameter mound two inches high amp wide several in middle of the lawn ground bee. Tags Ask Sam Jul 01 2008 The streetlight happens to be in my next door neighbor s front yard and they are fixing the line from the other direction. On one occasion a dog dug up and ate through the line. I think the garden hasn 39 t seen a chemical in 50 years of more and the grass area is a mix of primulas grasses poppies clover Jun 01 2020 The lawn is made up of layers for simplicity lets say the soil roots thatch and the blades. Actually it 39 s more like a wildflower field. Killing the grass completely may require herbicide. Your whole family will find plenty to love about these easy pumpkin carving ideas. Copper the most common material for water lines can add between 10 and 20 per foot. If it is your dog doing the digging you may want to spend time training him. Make your yard less inviting by removing dense thickets rock piles and landscape debris that provide protective cover for iguanas. I was hoping to get a different recommendation from you. Dogs dig for many reasons boredom hunting comfort attention seeking and simple instinct among others. This will reduce the amount of weeds that will pop up in the spring. Make sure your contractor or landscaper has requested to have your yard located before they begin digging. TruXter Someone needs to come out and over see this. Stop your dog from digging with this home remedy. Cleans up the BBQ without making a mess. Jan 31 2019 By digging up molehills atop your lawn and creating tunnels it can cause excessive damage to the roots of your plants or give way to other rodents. Another way is to look into fencing for parts or all of the yard. 5 cm. The first business thing I remember is digging up my mother s marigolds and selling them to the neighbors he told the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1996. However we own two dogs now that aren 39 t stranger friendly and I 39 m sick of them just showing up and expecting me to drop things to unlock the gate and let them in. I 39 ve had this happen many times over the years. You need to find a quick solution to remedy these issues. They said that by law they do not have to tell us in advance. That s why it s on you to create a safe and cozy spot for your pup to give birth. Use Marking Posts. May 22 2017 This means that you cannot disturb burrows or any land within 25 feet of a burrow even if it s in your yard . sports shopping religion etc. This involves allowing fully formed compost to quot steep quot in water for several days then straining it to use as a homemade liquid fertilizer . Our complete lawn service is designed for both residential and commercial lawns and we keep your lawn healthy without harming your family staff or pets. This has the benefit of keeping other types of animals out of the yard as well. Same Cable line 811 is the national call before you dig phone number. Here 39 s how to keep your dog from digging up your yard. Digging can be prevented by using several chemical or natural remedies. As for legality most utility companies have certain rights to maintain nbsp They should leave the yard in substantially the same condition they found it. Armadillos can be very destructive when it comes to keeping a well manicured yard and sometimes they can be very hard to trap and get rid of. The damage is very bad. Nov 25 2009 Talking my OWN lawn here absolute nightmare. That 39 s what 39 s happening right now in the streets around Eagle nbsp 1 Jun 2020 Comcast Presents Biz Economic Recovery Series Re Opening ABQ bringing you the most up to date information to support you our small nbsp Nationwide one out of every three damages to underground utilities is the result of from 811 will ask for the location and description of your digging project. Posts 5717. Squirrel logs are large solid blocks of corn. Mar 02 2020 Digging up a lawn can be more difficult with a tenacious perennial grass such as Bermuda which has deep roots and will regrow from portions of the root. However NO poles were on my property untill a week ago when they drop this thing on the edge of the back Jul 20 2020 Why are Birds Digging up my Lawn It s not hard to identify bird damage to lawns. So we 39 re used to signs of hedghogs digging up the 39 lawn 39 . Let me know of your interest. Access support resources to help you prepare for Comcast Business service installation. That s what we re here for. 811 is the national call before you dig phone number. if you will look at your survey and or title policy you will see that there is an easement giving them the right to access their cables. Your choice depends on how much power you want. Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. 11 Feb 2017 There is an existing utility easement over the front 10 39 of my property. To stop squirrels from using your well manicured lawn as their personal pantry Continue reading grubs. If you see a lot of birds in your yard and you find small about one inch 2. When you 39 ve spent countless hours under the hot sun grooming your lawn to perfection few situations are more discouraging than the sudden appearance of They want to know what critter made the heap and are worried that it means something worse is going wrong. We have had 5 or 6 holes appear in our lawn recently. org OR call the hotline 1 844 GO OTTER OR submit it here. Raccoons will smell the grubs eat them and continue to dig to find them. I had planned on switching over to Fios from Comcast but now have changed my mind because Verizon could obviously careless about any of their potential customers. 1 day ago When dogs dig holes they don t neatly pile the dirt next to the hole as if they had shoveled it out. If you re considering running a power line underground through your yard you have four options. If you have a leak in your front yard the source is usually one of these 3 places Nothing has happened since but the other day after a weekend of gardening and tidying up weeding and planting more tulips buried much deeper this time and some poppies I woke to find that 50 of the lawn has been pulled up in clumps and that 5 of the 6 poppy plants had been dug up. A personal caring of the lawn spurs up a totally different sense of ownership and pride unlike that executed by hired hands on lawn upkeeps. I have semi accepted they will never stop digging but was wondering if people out there were doing anything to try to prevent The crew kept working and the inspector showed up another few hours later because he was in the area. 28 Jan 2018 It 39 s no secret that Comcast has a terrible track record with customer service. Cheers Paul. Take away easy food sources. Subject Foxes digging up lawn Category Miscellaneous Asked by herbiverous ga List Price 10. Spend more time with your dog give it more exercise and work on extra training. Nothing right now. If you go out to your yard one morning and find something has left holes mounds of dirt and torn up turf you 39 ve been host to wildlife looking for food or a place to live. They would probably pass the costs on to the contractor who dug it up and cut it. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to Clean up your yard and put up a barrier. If this has happened to you please post in the Customer Service forum. Could it be a squirrel as I have seen one on top of my shed nearby. The trench may only need to be L or U shaped so that one or Gardening Digging up my front lawn Bernadette Vangool. And is the very reason why your dog is digging up your yard. The topic Garden Dug Up and Cable installed on my property without permission is closed to new replies. She called me and Jul 30 2008 Since we don t know Comcast s official policy about digging up your lawn we ll just refer our readers to their official coffee making policy. Trenches are used to place utilities underground install lawn sprinklers or devise a drainage system on your property. D. To see what to expect during this stage of Fiber construction have a look at the construction video on our YouTube channel. He ended up giving the go ahead as long as the holes kept getting dug at the correct depth. Behavior Problems Digging Problems Stop Your Dog from Digging in the Yard Your Garden in the Flowers Dog Training Tips and Tricks to Stop Your Dog From Digging in Your Yard Photo Gallery by David Chin at pbase. I have sandy soil I call them sand cactus. Mar 20 2019 Squirrels can wreak absolute havoc on your garden by digging up plants chewing on things and even eating some of the plants in your garden. Escaping I have holes that are about a golf ball size round and about 1 to 2 deep. But it required digging a narrow A common tell tale sign that you have grubs in your lawn is an increase in birds looking for a meal in your yard. the holes range from small to large and the earth is being dug out and the grass ripped out. The arrival of rain this month has softened soil giving the UK 39 s 8000 000 badgers better access to worms. Comcast just dug up my yard and installed their line outside of the utility easement. They love digging up yards golf courses vegetable gardens and flower beds. Dug Hey I know a joke a squirrel walks up to a tree and says I could help you cross your yard. Assisted dying bill to be reintroduced Monday as court deadline looms. You may be unwittingly extending a dinner invitation to skunks if your property contains easily accessible food. Conduit using inch non metallic PVC pipe adds about 0. Try to stomp back down pieces of turf if you can but if the damage is too severe the ripped up grass will need to be raked up and disposed of. You don t Click here to read more Lawn moles can be one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner can deal with. They feed during the day and night eating insects spiders earthworms and white grubs. Moles generally tunnel while looking for grubs and other insects that live under the turf. If the babies have their eyes open they are at least 10 days old meaning they ve been in your yard for two weeks without you even noticing Aug 22 2011 Something is digging holes in the slope next to one of our block walls and they aren 39 t small holes scared1 Some are just partial digs and don 39 t really go anywhere. Tired Of Woodchucks Digging Up Your Lawn Posted Apr 29th 2016 12 00 pm You can call them woodchucks or groundhogs but it isn t going to change the fact that the presence of these animals is going to create problems and bring disaster to your gardens. Lawn ruined by skunks raccoons and crows digging for chafer grubs. Structures that overhang over the easement such as decks or patio roofs may interfere with the equipment that could be used in the right of way. Perhaps this dug dirt changes its chemical composition somehow and does one of those things that one doesn 39 t intuitively expect like to have water get Q. This can be a challenging problem to handle without professional help. Digging up and moving plants around is a regular gardening task made easier with expert advice. Sep 11 2005 Please can anyone give me some advice as every morning my new lawn is being dug up by something. . Aug 05 2008 Comcast Offers You A 500 Credit After Digging Up Your Lawn 8. Your description of the problem as digging up and making mounds doesn t sound as though you have moles tunneling under your lawn. Their presence in your yard can be a nuisance to you and your animals especially if they get scared or angry and spray in self defense. Once your dog has been trained to leave the spot alone you can remove the poop and refill the hole. LLC 119R Union Rd. will come out and mark the underground utilities. Most lawn damage occurs in the fall when animals are packing on fat to help them survive winter and in the spring when they are trying to regain lost weight and prepare for Try to avoid digging on top of or within 18 24 on all sides of utility marks which may mean moving your project to another part of your yard less congested with buried lines. Despite how much care you put into your yard skunks digging up lawn can lead to serious damage that will take time to Simply mowing your lawn on a regular basis can make it much easier to find a burrow or to find the area of your lawn where armadillos tend to be searching for food. As well diggers might joke their work involves lots of deep thinking I m hopeful my table will help you solve landscape hole puzzles without a great deal of thought. C. If you must dig near the marks or use machinery of any kind visit the DIG CAREFULLY section of the contractor page or contact your state s 811 center about Dec 09 2013 I have a cable box in my backyard that apparently services my neighbors. Apr 30 2014 Digging out your lawn is a tough job but I ve discovered there are ways to make it somewhat easier. They re easy to find at home improvement stores. They dug mine up make it looks like crap and left their trash there. Your Terrier was bred to hunt vermin so it should not be a surprise if your Jack Russell Terrier starts to dig up your backyard especially if you have a mole problem. Stopping birds from digging up your lawn is fairly easy. Certain tricks such as the use of chillies and electronic gadgets can keep them off your lawn. Carve your own funny scary or beautiful pumpkin carvings this Halloween. 1 2020. THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Japanese Beetle Grubs quietly feed on the roots of your lawn. Holes That Are Homes Small shallow holes are often evidence of foraging by grey squirrels and armadillos but some of the holes you will find in your yard are the homes of critters. I live in Lot 120 . How to Prep and Build a Paver Patio with Curves and Border 92 92 DIY Project Duration 11 46. Remove food sources. Your neighbors will ask you what the jugs are for and you can tell them that you re sick and tired of dogs messing up your yard and you heard that this would do the Nov 23 2015 You have shared nice informative article. When autoplay is enabled a suggested video will automatically play next. L. They are about 3 4 cm in diameter pictures attached with my foot for scale They are in an area of lawn that appears to be sinking. It turned out to be skunks and raccoons digging for grubs. S. If your dog is currently digging up the garden it s possible that he she is just bored and frustrated and this is just something that they are doing to relieve the boredom and tension they are feeling. Saw the workers at the back of my yard. Armadillo Digging in my Yard Armadillo digging in my yard is a very common problem that people see in the spring and summer months where armadillos are found. Your dog will smell their poop and avoid digging it up. Raccoons opossums skunks and moles all feast on grubs while digging up your yard. And there can be just as many different types of utility pipes and wires running through your lawn at different depths any one of which could lead to an expensive or dangerous mishap if you cut into a line while digging. Right now I m nearly finished removing all the grass in the backyard almost 2 000 square feet to make way for new landscaping. Comcast has come in quite often I might add to 39 service the box 39 . Begin by learning exactly what groundhogs are how they live and what signs to be on the lookout for in order to detect their presence as soon as possible. 2020 06 04. Eventually these small areas get bigger and join up as the grubs expand their feeding Lawn ruined by skunks raccoons and crows digging for chafer grubs. comcast dug up my yard